Looking For Ways To Make Money On The Side? We've Got Answers!

Looking For Ways To Make Money On The Side? We’ve Got Answers!

Why would one want to learn ways to make money on the side? The answer is quite apparent. 


It has become common knowledge that a single source of income is no longer enough to thrive in today’s world. 

Long-term financial health requires you to have alternative sources of income that you can use to build your wealth with. 

This is why side hustles, part-time jobs and investments occur in the first place. Just take a look at many social media influencers and micro-influencers. JP Sears, for example, is both a content creator on YouTube and also an author. 

Financial independence will not only help you achieve your present goals but also give you a cushion for your future and take risks.

In this article, we look at how you can start your side business and 10 different ways to make money on the side.

How Can You Get Started With Your Side Business?

1. Manage Your Time Efficiently

This is all that more important when you’re looking for ways to make money on the side. Your 9 to 5 will still take your time. Pick up an app like Google Calendar or Airtable and plan your time accordingly.

2. Contact, Contact Contact!

Text, email, or call friends, family, and any professional connections. Most side gigs (especially the freelance kind) require you to network, constantly. Networking should always be on your mind when you’re thinking about ways to make money on the side.

3. Build A Proof Of Work

This can lead to a sort of chicken and egg situation if you don’t have any experience. However, for your very first project, make a list of all the related work you’ve done personally. You can also acquire your first assignments from friends and family and use that to build your portfolio.

4. Put Yourself Out There

You can know a billion ways to make money on the side, but all that will be moot if you don’t market yourself and your work. Get on social media, put your work online, create your Google My Business Page account.

5. Upskill Yourself

A video editor who can edit quickly on Adobe Premiere is great! However, a video editor who can edit on Premiere and use After Effects will simply provide more value to their client. This applies to just about any type of side gig. The more you learn, the more eligible you become.

6. Choose Something You’re Passionate About

This is less a necessity and more a (really useful) option. You can do just about any side gig and build the skills needed for it, but doing something that you’re passionate about will keep you engaged and prevent burnout and that’s important when you have a 9 to 5 as well.

7. Try Automating As Much As Possible

This applies to both your full-time job and your side hustle. If you can automate invoicing, data entry, phone calls, or any other processes, you’ve won the battle with time. Use that extra time to look for opportunities, or for yourself.

Use these principles to get started with building your second income. If you’re confused about what to do, look no further than inside your own room. You’ll find a thing or two you’re passionate about.

If you’re still unsure, fret no further. We’ve made a list of ten ways to make money on the side, along with links to succeed in those fields.


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What Are Some Ways To Make Money On The Side?

1. Become A Photographer

Just about everyone you know is taking photos. Refresh Instagram and you’ll have new selfies, food shots and portfolios pop up, every minute. If you have an eye for detail and an understanding of cameras and light, photography is for you!

Even if you don’t you can always learn. Photography is lucrative and the pros are always in demand. Check out how you can start a photography business and thrive.


2. Take Up Consulting


Consultants help businesses and solopreneurs thrive during turbulent times. This is both during the small blips and bloops, and during events that cause global lockdowns.

Consultants come in all sorts of forms and for various purposes. If you have experience in a particular industry, use that to your advantage and check out how to start a consulting business!


3. Put Your Spare 10 Bedroom Condo Up On Airbnb


Ok, this may be a bit of a stretch. You may have a spare room, an additional apartment you’re paying a mortgage for, or simply your current home that’s unoccupied while you’re traveling. You can make your property earn for you (literally) with Airbnb.

The best part is that millennials have different travel preferences as compared to their predecessors. This translates very well into the Airbnb model. Check out how you can start an Airbnb business and become an A1 host. 


4. Start A Small Business (On Facebook)


Globalization and the internet have made just about every industry very competitive. Every business is looking to stand out. If you’re good with social media, you can create a Facebook Business Page for your own business.

You don’t even need to have a physical location, just a laptop, and an internet connection. Learn how to create a Facebook page for your small business


5. Moonlight As A Food Truck Vendor


Or daylight (is that even a word?), depending on what your full-time shift is. The key is being unique and making your food stand out. You have to be social, efficient, and quick in your cooking.

If you think you have the right blend of culinary and social skills, this gig may be for you. Learn how to create your unique food truck service and thrive! 


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6. Start A Vending Machine Business


A side gig is especially great if you can fully automate it. Vending machines are a prime example of that. You can either start your vending machine business from scratch or start as a franchisee. Japan has over 5 million (!!!) vending machines, but you can start with one. Learn how to do that here!


7. Help Working Parents With Your Daycare Business


The ‘nuclear family’ is a concept of the past. Households with working parents are becoming increasingly common. This is where daycare businesses come in. Unfortunately, companies don’t have a ‘bring your kids to work day’ every day.

Young children wouldn’t be able to develop properly in a corporate environment, anyway (that comes much later in their lives). So, learn how to start a daycare business and take advantage of this trend!


8. Share Your Music By Starting A Record Label


You don’t have to be the next GOOD Music or OVO Sound to start a record label. The barriers to entry have reduced thanks to the internet and music streaming platforms.

If your passion is music and you have/ want to build connections to the community, you can start your very own record label! Learn how to do that here. Just in case you’re stuck with thinking of a name for your record label, do not fret! The linked article has name suggestions, too.


9. Create A Successful Restaurant 


If you have the capital to spare and a great idea/ theme for a restaurant, go for it! The food service industry has close to USD 900 billion in sales, in the US alone. However, with a high failure rate, starting a restaurant isn’t easy. This is why we’ve listed some important things to watch out for when you start a restaurant. 


10. Create A Modeling Agency


Modeling has a low barrier to entry, thanks to Instagram! This also means that there’s a lot of competition. The competition doesn’t just extend to young humans, now.

There are models who are robots and models who are over 90 years of age! You can be a part of this disruption by creating your very own modeling agency that makes a difference. Learn how to start a modeling agency!


There are numerous ways to make money on the side. All you need to do is to identify a passion, a skill, and work on it till you become good enough to ask for income in return for it.

At the same time, you need to network and build a schedule to make sure you do justice to your full-time job, as well as your side gig.

Learning about ways to make money on the side is also a great way to potentially identify your long-term plans. Maybe your record label does so well that you decide to expand it and give it more of your time. Maybe the same happens for your daycare business.

The opportunities are limitless, as long as you choose to learn and take risks. All the best for your side gig journey!

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