How To Start A Facebook Page For A Small Business

How To Start A Facebook Page For A Small Business

Are you still thinking about how to start a Facebook page for a small business?


In this uber-competitive world, getting your business noticed is of the utmost importance.

Billboards, traditional television, radio advertisements, and even online banner promotions can get eyes on your business. However, they’re all very expensive and usually not very permanent. 

This is where social media, more specifically, Facebook comes in. When you start a Facebook Business page for small businesses, you give your brand a permanent real estate on the Internet, for the grand sum of $0. 

Not only is it free space on Facebook, but it is also a great way to see how your fans react to your products and content – their comments are directly available to you. 

At the same time, a Facebook Business page for small business gives you access to analytics that can give you a better understanding of your products, customers, and overall brand.

It’s hard not to make a case for such a versatile tool. This is why in this article, we take a look at how you can start a Facebook Business Page for a small business.

Setting Up The Facebook Business Page For A Small Business

To start the process, all you need to do is click here, or head over to Facebook tap or click the ‘+’ icon on the top right of the page, and select ‘Page’.

After this go through the following steps to set your very own Facebook Business Page.

Step 1: Add Business Name And Description

You need your business name and description ready with you. The description is like the logline for a film. In one sentence or less (a phrase can also do) describe what your business is. Some examples are: 

  • Nike: Just Do It.
  • Google: Google’s mission is to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful.

You can also have a longer description and even multiple ones if that’s how your brand, or even industry, communicates.

Real Madrid Club Football, for example, has two descriptions – one ‘About’ and one ‘Long Description’ and both are pretty detailed. 

You can do that too, as long as your description falls under 255 characters.

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Step 2: Choose A Category

There aren’t any major limitations to choosing a category and you can change it over time, as your business evolves. 

From ‘Italian Restaurant’ to ‘Sportswear Store’, Facebook has a category option for just about every kind of business.

When you first start a Facebook business page for a small business, make sure to select a category that describes your business as accurately as possible. 

If your business isn’t a global goliath such as Apple or Sony, these little bits of information can go a long way. 

These are the steps you need to take to create the actual page. However, your work is far from done here. However, you need to add a few things in order to make your Facebook page look as personal as possible.

Step 3: Add Profile And Cover Photo

The simplest choice here is that you choose two logo designs, one as your profile picture and another one with some additional information, such as your vision or mission statement, as your cover photo. 

However, that privilege of vanity only works well with brands that are well known around the world.

If you’re a local business or a company still trying to gain exposure, then it makes sense to use your cover photo to show your products, brand, or talk about your company smartly. 

If you’re a sportswear company, why not create a slideshow cover photo (you can do that) to show off your products? These can even be shots of athletes using your wares while playing. 

Taking these smart steps can help with your brand’s recognizability.

Step 4: Add Your Contact Information

In order for people to be able to reach you, you need to create some form of communication tool for them. This can come in the form of a phone number, and email, or both. 

  • Email: While having a generic email is great, getting a business email can increase the perception of legitimacy for your business. 
  • WhatsApp: Facebook also lets you add a WhatsApp button so that your customers can connect with you directly on the platform. Take advantage of this to begin texting with your customers.
  • Address: If you are a store or a B2C business, adding an address is always a great idea. It gives people a physical location to contact you and to interact with your products and services.

Step 5: Add A Call To Action Button

Adding a call to action (CTA) button can be one of the best things you can do when you start a Facebook Business Page for a small business. This is because adding a CTA button gives your customers/ followers a clear indication of what you want them to do. 

It also gets results. If your goal is for people to call your business more, there’s a button for that. If your goal is for customers to download your app, there’s a button for that. Same with ordering food and a host of other diverse actions. 

You can change your CTA over time, but definitely have one when you start a Facebook Business page.

Step 6: Create An FAQs Section

A smartly written Frequently Asked Questions section can reduce the number of unnecessary conversations and troubleshooting you may have with your customers.

This is especially true when you first start a Facebook business page and your customers may want to know a host of things before buying from you/ hitting the CTA button.

Predicting those questions and answering them can reduce time. Think about your products and services. 

  • What are the usual complaints? 
  • Are there quick fixes to some regularly experienced problems? 
  • Do you have products of different sizes? (Shoe sizes, jars, etc..)
  • Are you open during X and Y days?
  • Any special hours?

These are just a few questions that customers may want to ask. Think of those that are specific to your industry and make an FAQ section. It will serve you well.

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Step 7: Manage The Page’s Overall Structure

Go to your page and head over to ‘Page Settings’ towards the bottom. Once you’re there, go to ‘Templates and Tabs’ to customize what viewers can see when they come across your page. 

You can shift tabs around so that visitors can see the most important elements of your page first. 

Additionally, you can navigate to the ‘Templates’ section and choose from a plethora of templates to see what fits your business best.

Facebook has meticulously described how different templates affect the kind of reaction pages can expect from their visitors. 

There’s a template for just about everyone- from movies to businesses, to even a ‘Standard’ option that lets you take the look of your page into your own hands. 

With these steps, you can personalize your page and make it look both complete and unique.

Maintaining The Facebook Page With Publishing Tools

1. Publishing Tools – The Basics

At the end of the day, content is what visitors come for. And in order for you to make sure the flow of your content is seamless and driven by data, make sure you familiarize yourself with Facebook’s Publishing Tools. 

The Publishing Tools feature is free of cost to all Facebook pages. Once you head over to your page, you can find it on the left-hand side, when browsing from your computers. 


With Publishing Tools you can schedule content, see how your previous posts have performed, and get an overall macro view of how your page has been performing. 

Facebook’s Publishing Tools is a massive platform, in its own right. This is why this article will only cover the ‘Creator Studio’ functionality of the service.

2. Creator’s Studio

The best aspect of Creator’s Studio is its powerful data and insights feature. If your aim is maximum visibility and recognition, when you start a Facebook Business page, then you must visit Creator’s Studio regularly. 

The studio allows you to gather information about the kind of posts that have garnered attention and those that haven’t. You can draw inferences with the data you’ve gathered from Creator’s Studio to make better content that gets greater results. 

Additionally, if your reason to start a Facebook Business page was monetization, then the Creator’s studio will also tell you if you’re eligible or not.

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What Next?

Creating a Facebook Business Page for a small business is just the first step. Maintaining your page, advertising on it, and learning more about the mechanics of Facebook’s business services will make you an ace at running a Business page and getting results from it. 

It becomes a full-time task to create a page that truly stands out, hence it is never a bad idea to work with content creators and social media managers to create a page whose goal is to get maximum followers. 

However, if you’re a small business, then all you need to do is give access to multiple people who can monitor the page in turns so that the work is spread out.

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