How To Start A Consulting Business On The Side: A Complete Guide

How To Start A Consulting Business On The Side: A Complete Guide

Wondering how to start a consulting business on the side?


The overall market size of the consulting industry seems to have gone down in 2020. However, an intelligent guess would attribute that to the global lockdowns and business closures, during this anomaly of a year. 

We can’t ignore the gospel truth; businesses face surprises, threats, and opportunities on the daily. 2020 is a testament to that.

However, while this year was a megatron of a surprise, there are also the smaller blips and bumps that brands need to deal with. 

That’s where consultants come in.

Consultants, much like the businesses they deal with, come in all shapes and sizes. Brands have all sorts of needs. One brand might want consultancy in managing their social media accounts, another with its organizational structure, and yet another with its product catalog.  

There are some things that are handled better by consultants and that’s why it still makes sense to start a consulting business on the side.

Consultants are expected to be experts at what they do and if you’re one in your industry or niche, maybe it’s time to start a consulting business. 

This article will consult you on how to do that.

How To Start A Consulting Business On The Side?

The answer to this question might seem pretty straightforward.

While you may be an expert at management consulting, limiting your business to that might not bode well in the current market. 

An insight into the industry from Infodesk reveals that clients – businesses, brands, and other entities that need consulting look for value in their consultants.

This simply means that they’d like the consultants to be more well-rounded. If you can solve a problem more for the client as compared to the competition, you’re already a step ahead in the race. 

This can translate into your hiring and training processes when you start a consulting business. Hiring the right mix of talent that can work together to help aid the client. 

Even if the client doesn’t have the need for certain solutions, letting them know that you provide multiple types of consulting services is a great way to get requests in the future. 

If you’re going the independent freelancer route, in the beginning, this can simply mean educating yourself on certain topics that can alleviate most clients’ concerns. 

While it’s highly unlikely for a marketing expert to read a few books and consult on management, learning about developments in your area of expertise and branching out within the same field can widen the kind of consulting services you can purvey. 

To help you start a consulting business, here are five industries consulting is thriving in

  • Accounting 
  • Advertising 
  • Auditioning 
  • Business
  • Business Writing 

How To Start Your Own Consulting Business?

Start a consulting business as a freelancer. According to Rita McGrath, consulting is ripe for the picking when it comes to disruption. And freelancers are big disruptors in the industry. 

The advantage of being a freelancer is that it creates a positive perception around you – that you are more agile, more mobile, and will deliver solutions faster since you aren’t tied down by corporate processes. 

Additionally, there’s never been a better time than now to implement the Internet of Things (IoT) in your business. For starters, you can take your business digital. The most simple way to do that is to get a great business name and build a website

Starting An Online Business? Build It On .Online!


With the internet, you’re no longer limited by the geography in which you can operate. You can offer remote consulting and solutions either as your primary service or as a ‘tier’ option.

Coincidentally, this is the year in which most corporates have gotten to fully accepting, and using, video calls for work.

It is also an excellent idea to learn about how IoT is affecting your area of expertise. By learning about trends, developments, and predictions related to IoT, you can offer that as a service to businesses looking to get on the Internet wave. 

Once you’ve attained enough clients and success as a freelancer, it is a matter of turning your one-man army into a full-fledged organization.

Get your business plan ready, use your network to get interested investors, and start a consulting business.

Wondering How To Start A Consulting Business On The Side? Start with these 100 Business And Domain Name Ideas recherché

Starting An Online Business? Build It On .Online!


How To Start Building Your Network For Your Consulting Business?

Like most service-heavy industries, the most effective way to build your network and to market your business is via word of mouth.

There is simply no replacing the words of a happy client, especially when they come without any solicitation. 

However, successful consultants don’t rely on client referrals. Here are some additional steps you can take to get the word about your business out there: 

1. Create A Blog

Sure, you have a website that acts as a gateway to your business. Still, almost everyone has a website these days.

Successful consultants not only regularly update their consulting work on their website, but they also blog about their area of expertise. 

This not only allows you to flaunt your knowledge but also gives a voice to your business. At the end of the day, consumers buy into people even before making the decision to purchase the product or service. 

Neil Patel is the perfect example of this. His blog acts as a gateway into his knowledge that consumers can tap into his consulting plans.

2. Individually Contact Potential Consumers

Friends, family, previous consumers, and anyone from your professional network are fair game.

As long as you aren’t legally barred from contacting someone, you can let them know that you’re open for business. The best way to create a network, after all, is to network in the first place. 

Even if you know someone who needs consulting, chances are that someone may know someone who in turn may know someone else. So get networking!

3. Partner With Another Consultant/ Firm

This goes back to the earlier point – businesses are looking for well-rounded consultants. Consulting firms may need to partner up with each other in order to secure a contract that requires them to work beyond their niche.

Keeping tabs and keeping in touch with peers from your industry is crucial to being the first name on the list when an offer beyond the scope of their expertise arrives at them.

4. Invest In Online Advertisements

Sometimes the most effective solutions are the simplest ones. Investing in online advertisements can prove to be a game-changer when you start a consulting business and don’t know too many people. 

Effective social media marketing and targeted internet ads can help you find the right audience to get word of your business across. Creating a targeted ad can be as simple as starting a Google Ads account and creating your call to action (CTA). 

This can mean getting visitors to your website’s landing page, receiving calls and requests, or simply getting more followers on your Instagram to build an audience for your consulting business.

You could also consider creating a Google My Business listing to cater to local clients.

5. Become Active On Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach just about anyone. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, just to name a few, can work phenomenally for B2Cs and B2Bs. 

Creating a presence on one or more of these portals can increase your visibility in the market. All you need to do is post regularly and engage with people.

950+ Consultancy Businesses To Gain Inspiration From

Sr. Website Company name Description
1 Food Tech QHSE Consultancy & Training. Integrated Pest Management. Pest Control Supplies. QHSE Consultancy & Training. Integrated Pest Management. Pest Control Supplies. Access to wholesome, hygienic and balanced food is an unalienable right of the human race. This has never been so well emphasized as it is today. In planning and bringing into existence Atyab Foodtech R&D Laboratories & Consultancy Services — a world class facility that focuses on assisting existing units as well as new entrants in the food sector –
2 Andrew Nicholls Andrew Nicholls Design provides consultancy services for Learning Space Design, Educational Leadership, and Occupational Health & Safety compliance.
3 Sancarter Enterprise Blue Oak Agro Limited is an indigenous Zambian Agro firm that provide a wide range of business and consultancy services in agricultural inputs.
4 Credible Hr Solutions Credible HR Solutions provides a broad range of tailored consultancy services across all aspects of HR service delivery and transformation.
5 J2 Group Malta – It Solutions IT Solutions and Services based in Malta offering Office & Network Setup, Onsite & Remote Support, IT Consultancy Services, Hardware Support, Computer/Laptop Repairs
6 Assrah Management Services Our consultants and staff assist government agencies and organizations through the provision of training and consultancy services of the highest caliber, which directly address the current needs and demands of both organizations and industry. We provide quality training environments to our clients. We have state-of-the-art training facilities coupled with a dynamic training environment.
7 Diamond Exchange Dallas Dallas Diamond Xchange is a premier diamond consultancy service. South African diamond expert, Roderick Watterson, has over 25 years experience buying, selling, cutting and reconditioning diamonds from all over the world. Based out of our private salon in Dallas, Texas, we provide our clients with the finest diamonds at the lowest insider pricing.
8 Motivon Let us build the infrastructure for your success. With over 20 years in the IT industry, Motivon Inc. By partnering with Motivon Inc. We Implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services which are designed to empower your technical team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Networks and systems security. Database and warehouse technology.
9 Frankham Consultancy Group Frankham Consultancy Group provides a full range of design, engineering and consultancy services to the built environment.
10 Digital One Consulting Digital One Consulting offers a wide range of technology consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. Contact us to learn more. DIGITAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES.
11 It Enabled Change IT Enabled Change was set up by Andy Woods to provide interim management and consultancy services to organisations looking to optimise their investments in information and systems. Andy is a leader in information management and business change and focuses on helping organisations release the value of their investment in information. With over 25 years experience in driving change in project, programme manager and director roles in public sector, life sciences and construction.
12 Rolan Micallef Attard is a Certified Public Accountant and provides audit, accounting, bookkeeping, tax and consultancy services to a wide range of entities. We also specialise in co-operative societies.
13 Stonesong Creative Stonesong Creative provides Design Consultancy service to the Film, Television, Themed Entertainment and Marketing Industries. While providing conceptual design, illustration, graphics or web development. Stonesong strives to make every project a showpiece, meeting and exceeding our clients needs.Through our network of creatives we offer a collaborative approach which enables us to tackle a wide variety of challenging projects.
14 Rcs RCS provides technical assistance to Construction and Oil & Gas Industries. RCS provides independent third party inspection & certification services, helping commercial and industrial customers across the region to meet their statutory obligations and protect their staff, plant and assets. RCS provides Consultancy Services to various industries and organizations for System Management, Project Management, Health & Safety Management, Environment Management and Fire Safety Management.
15 Zada Technology Pictured left some of the members of our fast expanding team. He has a wealth of experience in IP and Analogue CCTV systems as has had a positive impact in our service and maintenance. In 2010 Zada Technology celebrated 10 years of trading in the electronic security industry. Starting as a consultancy service, Zada was soon commissioned to design and configure a number of control and digital recording systems for both the UK and overseas clients.
16 Blue Sky Engines A leading Aircraft engine consultancy service, aircraft leasing and engine solutions to the Aviation industry – Blue Sky Engines.
17 Affinity Consultancy Affinity Consultancy, psychometric testing, consultancy services
18 Perito Systems Perito Systems provide strategic guidance via our IT consultancy services. We provide end-to-end IT Services and Solutions.
19 Michele D Moore Connecting Jamaica and the diaspora with real estate consultancy services. Home and Away Jamaica
20 Information Commissioners Office Consultancy service for business continuity and resilience
21 Wall 2 Wall Design & Consultancy Pvt WALL 2 WALL Designing & Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. is a designing and consultancy service founded by Sumeeta Das based in Kolkata.
22 Netcare North America Netcare Business Solutions GmbH is a medium-sized consultancy services company which was founded in 2003 in Germany by Thorsten Sifferlien. The company headquarters remain in Neustetten, which is in southwest Germany near Stuttgart. Originally founded as a team of two, netcare continues to grow. Netcare specializes in the provision of IT consultancy services and product or software development, alongside certified project management and process optimization within the automotive industry.
23 Ouzel Consultancy It’s an IT jungle out there, navigating requires real IT professionals. It’s an IT jungle out there, navigating requires real IT professionals. It’s an IT jungle out there, navigating requires real IT professionals. It’s an IT jungle out there, navigating requires real IT professionals. Let us build Cloud services for your success. Ouzel Consultancy Ltd provides IT Consultancy services to clients in United Kingdom.
24 Btm Consultancy Services Digital and Mobile. Business Technology and Management Consulting Services. Welcome to BTM Consultancy Services – your source for information technology solutions, consulting and recruitment services. We are focused on consulting services and successful recruitment of business, technical and management experts in every area of information technology. BTM’s management team has extensive experience across various vertical industries that enables us to have a better understanding of our client’s needs and ther
25 Greenova Solutions for the Marine Industry. Solutions for the Marine Industry. Greenova provides engineering, technical support, project management, and consultancy services for the worldwide marine industry. AUTOMATION AND CONTROLS SYSTEMS. Automation System efficiently manages the control, monitoring and alarms of the entire ship’s marine systems. Bay Bridge Boat Show | April 12-14.
26 Wanecorp AfriQueNet™ independently, discreetly and efficiently provides specialized services, advisory & consultancy services to major global corporations, African governments, private investors, and high net worth individuals by creating financial operative investment venues, increasing and diversifying their investment portfolio through various investment vehicles.
27 Nirmanbid Construction & Consultancy Services Mission, Vision & Our Values. Message from CEO. Nirmanbid Construction & Consultancy. Nirmanbid Construction & Consultancy Services is a registered construction company in Bangladesh which offers renowned planners, engineers, architects and skilled work-force to its clients as well as to contribute towards the development of cities and rural areas of Bangladesh.
28 IT and SAP Professional Talent Delivered for. Full Time Direct Hire and Contract Staffing. Universal Consulting LLC provides Training and consultancy services to serve the growing needs of the Information Technology Industry. By creating strategic technical partnerships, Universe Consulting is ideally positioned to cater for the large demand in IT Professional Services.
29 Prv Audi FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). Click to see more. The firm was founded by Vassilis Varnavas (FCCA) who has been providing services to local and international Companies for over 25 years. We specialize in the following services. Audit and Assurance. Tax Advisory Services. Management Consultancy Services. We serve all companies foreign and local as well as individuals.
30 Tak Marine Create new account. TAK Marine Ltd was established in 2011 to provide the shipping industry with specialist marine consultancy services. Eleven of these have been ashore in ship management dealing with all aspects of marine operations, risk, safety, quality and vetting matters for the managed fleet. Though not limited to, the services being offered are as listed on our website.
31 Secant Software Technology is now becoming one of the critical success factors and driving forces of more and more growing organizations in today’s digital economy. Secant Software Solutions is dedicated to provide you with high quality IT consultancy services and solutions to meet your unique business needs. We endeavor to constantly innovate our solutions and services through teamwork, processes and high quality output that add value to our clients.
32 Automatic Find The Best Loan For You! Get Free Expert Singapore Home Loan Activity Today ! 1.03% Lowest Floating Rate 1.35% Lowest Fixed Rate Get Free Home Loan Advice Now ! New Home Loans Refinancing Approval In Principal Overseas Home Loans About US Home Mortgage SG is a  mortgage consultancy service based in Singapore.  We help…
33 Smart Solutions Group Usa Some of Our References. Smart Solutions provides Consultancy Services in the following areas: Human Resources Management Consultancy Indoor and Outdoor Trainings Talent Management Organizational Development and Change Management Executive and Career Coaching Boot Camps & Accelarator Programs at Silicon Valley The main characteristics of our approach to service can be listed as follows: Specific Measurable Attainable Result-oriented Time-bound.
34 Aec Aspect Electrical Consulting Offers a wide range of electrical engineering services including electric circuit design, drafting and electrical consultancy services. Professionals working at AEC are experienced and competent to support with their electrical skills and services throughout the drafting, designing, construction and operation phases. We cover all aspects of an electrical project, from inception to completion in Commercial, Industrial, Construction and Residential Sectors.
35 Codecia We evolved to the. From codeCIA to Startup Venture Builder. Since 2011 our dynamic creative agency provided comprehensive solutions to structure companies and projects, from start-ups to corporate. We provided consultancy services in marketing project and business development. And our development practices of always being black and white, following simple steps that work, helped us identify and address customer needs to make it happen.
36 Design Your vision, Our Solution. Delivering expert IT Consultancy services. Let HLN Solutions empower your business. Whether the chosen platform is Android or iOS, Our consultants at HLN Solutions can bring your APP idea to life. We have a proven track record of developing apps. Contact us for further details. Cloud offerings are expanding fast and disrupting traditional technical architecture.
37 Oracom Kenya Web Solutions Providing a world class Safety, Health and Environmental consultancy servicethe assists clients to achieve international SHE best practice and as per the applicable legislative requirements
38 Sheconsults (pvt) Our Vision is to provide professional financial consultancy services of the highest standard through customised, practical solutions. Since commencing operations in September 2012, our fresh perspectives and proactive approach has allowed us to support a variety of organisations, ranging from the country’s largest corporates to growing small and medium enterprises and non-governmental organisations.
39 Chanakya Consultancy Services for NGO Registration, NGO Funding, Fund Raising, NGO Projects, Documentation. To whom we support. To whom we do not provide consultancy. Services with Expertise and Experience. How to Start NGO and How to Register NGO. Non Profit Company. NGO Name Dispute. Permanent Account Number – PAN Card. Terms of service and Privacy Policy. NGO Registration Form.
40 Celebioglu & Co. Chartered Accountants Let us be your guide for efficient tax planning. Let us be your guide for efficient tax planning. Chartered Accountants are a ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) Member Professional Service Firm in North Cyprus – Nicosia. We offer clients the most effective solutions by providing company formation, tax planning,  business consultancy services both locally and internationally.
41 Berkshire Consultants Marketing & Sales Strategy. Accounting & Book Keeping. Web Design & Development. Social Media Management. Graphics & Branding Designs. Looking for a First-Class Business Consultant. We are passionate about business, so if you are looking for help from a dynamic group of business consultants then you are in the right place. Each year our expert business consultancy services drive increases in sales, market share & efficiency.
42 Umbarank Consult We provide specialist consultancy services to the Oil & Gas, Energy, and Chemical Process industries. Umbarank Consult Ltd.
43 Vertec Consulting Our Talented Members. We at Vertec understand the business processes of our clients and provide consultancy services to improve their business. If you are initiating a new project or trying to improve the performance of the existing projects, you need to work on the various processes and design the right systems in order to achieve that. Our expertise in the field of information technology provides us the capabilities to help you in such a situation.
44 Grn Consulting Java Architecture, Design, Development, Training and Support. Architecture and Design Services that specialise in the core java frameworks used to create multi-tier enterprise class solutions. Upskill your development team, or, source a team from GRN Consulting to tackle your project for you. Project Support / Health. Consultancy Services specialised in reviewing your practices / designs and implementations to help keep you on track.
45 Sg Systems ABOUT SG SYSTEMS. SG Systems is an innovative IT solutions and consultancy services company with onshore and offshore development centers located in New Jersey and New Delhi, India. We have chosen a strategic global model combining the best of offshore and onshore development centers to deliver premium quality products and services to our clients at significant cost savings.
46 Laysia Info Consult We offer consultancy services in the areas of Records Management and Archives Administration.  Workshops, Training, Records Restructuring etc.
47 Ask Consultancy Services I Pvt. Ltd – India ASK Consultancy Services (I) Pvt. Private sector airlines industry. Sweet crude refinery project. Ambattur municipality augmentation       of water supply. Industrial waste water management. Commercial complex and Markets.
48 Measurement What After Measurement offers. We also provide integration consultancy services where we can design and implement the integration of the data from your analytical instruments with your internal information or process control systems. We understand that each data environment is unique, and thus we provide personalized service to ensure that you receive the optimal solution.
49 Greenovator Consultancy Services. Agricultural Research and Development Services. Agricultural Publication Services. Translation Services. Agricultural Advertising Services. Agricultural Training Service.
50 Simon Sparrow Design SSD provides Commercial Interior Design and workplace consultancy services   direct to clients, Commercial Property Consultants and Landlords. Our   services encompass Commercial Interior Design, Workplace Consultancy & CAD   Drawing Services. Our CAD Drawing Services comprises of all elements from   Measured Survey, Lease Plans & Detailed Design Drawing.
51 Gulf Orbits Providing consultancy services to Telecom Governmental Entities, Broadcasters and Satellite operators in Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Strategic plan, Business plan, Marketing plan, Sales plan, Space Capacity Resellers, Representation, Corporate finance, Restructuring, and Feasibility Studies. Leading in providing consultancy services in Satellite Business.
52 Archstar Technologies About Our Company. Sharepoint Site Design. Cooperative manager of choice. Welcome to Archstar Technologies. Archstar Technologies is a registered Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company in Nigeria with professionally certified staff dedicated to meeting the ICT needs of its customers. We offer a wide range of solutions, namely: tailor-made software development, intranet implementation with Sharepoint, network design, Web application development, training and consultancy services.
53 Netprofits Internet Consulting BISS is expanding its options to include Online educational options. BISS will include English Language Schools. What does BISS do. BISS helps Universities, Vocational & Technical Institutes (VoTechs) connect directly to potential students like never before. BISS Consultancy service is launching soon. BISS provides consultancy services to Students, Counselors, Schools, Universities, and Institutions.
54 Endeavor Composites Nonwoven Carbon Fiber manufacturer and composite prototyping. Endeavor Composites, Inc. offers consultancy services for the composite industry.
55 Baxter Healthcare Consulting Baxter HealthCare Consulting provides Medical Affairs and medical Strategy consultancy services, short contract and interim services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our consultants have decades of international experience in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries and provide services ranging from Medical Affairs consulting to interim management up to C-Suite level.
56 Greenland Organic Farm Pvt National Coffee Academy (NCA) is the resource center for specialty coffee farmer, processor, roaster, café and professional. NCA provides consultancy service and innovative tools for coffee cultivation, cupping lab, certified training, research and OJT.
57 Computer Pride For over 28 years in business delivering latest technology and business solutions, Computer Pride Ltd is one of the leading computer firms that have a centre that is specialized in providing training services on Information Technology.   The company has also singled out itself as providers of up to date and thorough Total IT Solution. It is comprised of over sixty young professionals who are experts in their field and provide high quality training and consultancy services.   The Company is situated in the c
58 Dobler Consulting Dobler Consulting is a Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle database managed services company. Our database consultants provide a variety of db consultancy services.
59 Redpoll Group Redpoll Group are based in Scoltand but offer programme management consultancy services accross the UK. Redpoll will lead and deliver projects in the public sector.
60 Samarth Infraengg Technocrats Private HIGHWAY PLANNING AND DESIGN. ENGINEERING DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT. TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORTATION STUDIES. ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL STUDIES. WATER RESOURCES AND IRRIGATION. RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING. Mon – Mon – Sat 09. SAMARTH provides consultancy services for the Highway Design, Structural Design, Pavement Design, Pavement Management and Maintenance,Material Engineering.
61 Lafbart Innovationsconsulting Lafbart , we have the vision to be the best indigenous  company in providing innovative solutions and consultancy services in Auto-mobile Industry in Nigeria and beyond. This is further evident in our mission statement. Tricycle Assembly and Manufacturing. Vehicle Diagnostics and Repair. This is very innovative and impressive. We are very happy with them.
62 Farm Reap We process and distribute highly nutritive, quality yoghurt that is affordable in central Uganda. We also provide agribusiness management consultancy services working mainly with NGOs, Government and development organizations to support farming communities.
63 World Consultan Study in Australia. Study in Canada. Study in Malaysia. Study in Turkey. Study in North Cyprus. Study in Hungary. Study in Cyprus. Study in Czech Republic. STUDY IN BULGARIA. UNITED KINGDOM (TIER-1). We Enable students & professionals to seek best for their future by offering broad spectrum consultancy services for Studies Abroad & Immigration. Established in October 2002 in Islamabad, Pakistan as a consulting firm assisting students who wish to study abroad from pre-university, Diploma, graduate and postgr
64 Black Card Events Black Card Events is a premier events company that produces a catalogue of high-end events and offers consultancy services for corporate events, private celebrations and special occasions. Black Card Events Inc. Our events are designed to entertain, educate, help cultivate real relationships and facilitate socializing amongst our preferred clientele. Partner with a brand that prides itself in hosting high end, unique, original and exclusive events.
65 Berthot Consulting We offer both hands-on project management and consultancy services, with expertise in traditional, agile, and hybrid PM frameworks. We guide your organization in making that difficult paradigm shift from waterfall to agile and improving your team productivity. Berthot Consulting delivers custom courses designed to meet your organization’s needs. We have demonstrated success in both corporate and academic settings.
66 Eltham Natural Healing Centre Eltham Natural Healing Centre offers a large range of natural healing modalities, remedies and beautiful facilities with consultancy services of the highest standards ensuring the best natural care for our clients.  Our approach is holistic with the empha
67 Mesned Pharma Consult Center We are the first specialized center licensed by Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) for Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services. We are proud of our dedicated full time expert team and specialist consultants, working to serve our clients across all key healthcare sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, consumer healthcare, medical devices and generics.
68 Asia Corporate Jet Asia Corporate Jet Pte., Ltd. provides independent aviation consultancy services to prospective owners and existing operators of corporate aircraft and airlines throughout South East Asia.
69 Eurekahealth Experience in the field: Since 2010. We are here to deliver high quality and efficient consultancy services. After joining the consultancy sector, we are able to gain reputations and acceptance from our esteemed clients. Our success within a short period of time is a result of well-organized services provided by skilled and experienced professionals. Evaluation Researches: Baseline, Mid-term, and End-line/Final/Terminal evaluations.
70 Global Operator Energy Services The Promise of Expert Consultancy Services. GOES is a worldwide provider of Consultancy Services for the Oil and Gas Industry. We are prepared to meet your most complex onshore challenges with cost-effective and timely solutions, backed by decades of hands-on industry experience. In the Office or in the Field. Whether in the office working on a unique project approach, or on a well site providing consultancy services, we pay strict attention to detail.
71 Ida Engineering iDA Engineering is a dynamic consultancy providing professional and effective client focused consultancy services within egypt and international markets.
72 Abdul Latiff Esa ICT in Malaysia. Solution, Training and Consultancy services.
73 Grassroots Reconciliation Group Board of Directors. Nightmares of war: The psychological impact of conflict trauma and GRG’s role in supporting healing. Our trauma support for war survivors during COVID-19. The communities of northern Uganda have greatly. GRG’s COVID-19 Adaptive Response. While most of Uganda has been on government-ordered lockdown due to COVID-19, GRG has continued. Call for consultancy service in trauma counselling.
74 Globallistix, Ballistic consultancy service, and specialist technical services covering the implementation commisioning of measuring equipment, as well as the analysis of the measured data. This covers all the ballistic domains i.e. internal, intermediate, external, terminal as well as weapon kinetics or launch dynamics. Includes spesialist knowledge of weapon technology (mainly tube weapons). Also includes the training of ballistic test technicians.
75 Advisory Amwal Advisory Corporation was established in March 2006 with the purpose of providing business consultancy services and expertise to corporate and private clients in the MENA region.
76 Halocline Coaching Consultancy An independent specialist in research integrity and ethics, with a background in Higher Education management, I offer a bespoke coaching and consultancy service for corporate and private clients. I draw on expertise acquired through academic, professional, and creative contexts to provide executive and personal leadership coaching and ethics consultancy. And I collaborate with individuals and organisations to support the development…
77 Suncraft Energy SunCraft Energy handles turnkey solutions, Renewable(Solar) Energy system design, supply, installation and maintenance, including consultancy services.
78 Khatif Risk Managment Service. Regulatory Compliance & Reporting. Other Consultancy Service. Risk Managment Service. Regulatory Compliance & Reporting. Other Consultancy Service. Risk Managment Service. With offices across 4 countries, Khatif-Epsilon Consulting is a global risk management consulting firm that combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in risk management, risk analytics and change management.
79 Retirement & Insurance Financial Service Our Mission Statement. Markets at a Glance. Disability Income Insurance. Retirement & Insurance Financial Services, Inc. Our firm is a full- service financial firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. We provide insurance, financial, and consultancy services. We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners.
80 Guf Orientados a la calidad del Servicio. GUF Consultancy Services es una empresa de tecnologías de la información cuyo principal objetivo es ofrecer servicios de consultoría de la más alta calidad en el área de desarrollo y mantenimiento de software. Nuestras oficinas se encuentran en Montevideo, Uruguay, y actualmente proveemos nuestros servicios a varias empresas nacionales y extranjeras.
81 Axafina Axafina is a Global Strategy, Business and Technology Consulting Firm that provides businesses and organizations with result-oriented consultancy services.
82 Baikal Group About Lake Baikal. Since being founded in 2000, Baikal Group, LLC has had one mission: to help companies get to where they want to be. Partners at Baikal Group are not bankers, they are business people like yourself, well-versed in the complex challenges of owning and running a business from the ground-up. Baikal Group seeks to ease those burdens, providing companies with M&A Advisory Services and Management Consultancy Services: objective and practical perspectives to create lasting value and positively af
83 Tas Intermediate Size Machines, with a generous printer. Sellers of new and used silkscreen machinery to the U. We have great customer service and terrific sales reps that will help you with any need and worry that you may have. Our guarantee is your satisfaction. Our mission is to bring the greatest Machinery to the silkscreen industry in the USA. TAS commenced in 1968 as an engineering design and development consultancy service, by Otto Eppinger, engaged in tooling and special purpose machine design, and move
84 Stats2info Consultancy services in producing, analyzing and using statistics. We specialize in improving the production and use of official statistics. We help organizations to:. Thematic Theme Framework.
85 Omr Solutions Bangladesh Data Processing and Result Generation. OMR Form Design. OMR forms Printing. Result Declaration and Statistical Analysis. Sekonic 1800 OMR Machine. SEKONIC SR-3500 OMR SCANNER. VERIFICARE OMR Software. TestAnyTime OMR Software. OMR Solutions Bangladesh (A Brand of  AXIS IT )  is a Dedicated OMR Service Provider in Bangladesh provide various types of Document consultancy services in Bangladesh and abroad also.
86 Lgs & Associates Strategic counsel to grow your business. We work with you to address your business priorities. Our mission is to provide bespoke consultancy services to a range of businesses including those operating in the financial services space in the BVI as well as internationally. The services include strategic counsel related to growth and development through careful research and knowledge of international best practice.
87 Industrial Thinking Industrial Thinking Limited – proud to offer a wide range of consultancy services and products, providing emergency and day to day support of your AspenTech Infoplus.21 (IP21), Honeywell PHD, OSI PI or other OPC Historian / System
88 Inovitech Inovitech assists legal professionals in consultancy services and E-Discovery legal project management with IS-A-TASK, a cloud-computing solution.
89 Fbs Software Domain & Web Hosting. FBS Software Limited. FBS Software Limited provides time-tested solutions in Service Management: Training: Project Management, Software development & Consultancy services. As a Service Management company, we are dedicated to expanding and enhancing our business by offering superior products and services with levels of quality and support unmatched in our chosen area of the I.
90 3crisk Heath Farm, Kings Hill. Did you know we also provide Project Management and Cost Consultancy Services. CMC, part of the 3cRisk family, successfully delivers new build, refurbishment and fit‐out projects specialising in hotels, leisure and education. CMC’s portfolio also includes high end residential and retail schemes delivered by our Construction Management team.
91 Triton Logistics Triton Group operates through 8 reputable subsidiaries registered in Malta and active in the Mediterranean and other jurisdictions in several sectors comprising of engineering, logistics, advertising, aviation, catering, film production, commercial real estate development and consultancy services. One of the Triton’s Group principal characteristics is its symbiosis with an international network of commercial entities, primarily in the engineering and logistics sectors ranging from Europe to South America.
92 G L Peterson Radio Providing technical consultancy services, including: radio consulting, FCC license preparation, municipal technical advisory services, employment consulting, employment screening, radio programming and radio repair services.
93 Cci Realty CCI Realty is a full service real estate consultancy company which provides high quality and diverse real estate consultancy services, located in Weston South Florida
94 Ddl Studio CONSTRUCTION DISPUTE RESOLUTION. DRONE SURVEYING AND ROV. CONSTRUCTION DISPUTE RESOLUTION. DRONE SURVEYING AND ROV. DDL Studio is a multi-disciplinary consultancy. DDL has over 20 years’ experience in providing consultancy services in the Caribbean. The practice has expertise in residential, commercial, hospitality, health care, and industrial projects. DDL’s staff are professionally qualified and have extensive knowledge in their respective expertise, gained over time.
95 Exagenica Gytpol Validator: endpoint protection on another level. Providing enterprises with a long-overdue solution to endpoint incursions. Providing the direction that enables transformation. Our consultancy services realise a platform for technological advancement. Enabling enterprises to maintain their focus. Find out how our managed technology services allow you to concentrate.
96 Sid Safety Scaffolding Inspection, Design, Planning, Estimating, Contract Management & Consultancy Services.
97 Lotus Marketing Consultancy marketing consultancy services
98 R E Consultancy Services on Broad Range of Management Systems, Technical and Accreditation’s Standards. ISO Standards Certification Support, ESMA Certification Support (HALAL CERTIFICATION, EMIRATES CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT SCHEME etc. ISO Trainings, Food Safety Trainings, Risk Assessment Trainings, Health & Safety Trainings, Professional Tranings, Corporate Trainings.
99 82brands 82brands is an IT solutions consultancy, specialized in empowering businesses, through IT enabled business process improvement.        We engage in business and IT consulting assignments for clients in Africa and new entrants to the continent.        We provide IT tools, consultancy services and outsourced IT services, that free you to focus on your core business activities.
100 Qualea Remotely systems and database supervision . Our best consultancy services at your disposal. Satisfaction is guaranteed as quickly as possible . Régiment d’Aviation 69500 Bron. Copyright © 2015 Qualea.
101 Palta Tech Who is Palta Tech. Designs products and provides consultancy services using state of art technologies, with main focus on power electronics, IoT, digital signal processing and energy storage. Smart Lighting | Road Safety | Synchronic road studs. High quality smart led road studs, using world’s best LEDs, wireless communication, we can make synchronic programmable effects with customized effects upon request.
102 Patrícia Pires De Lima Art Consultant And Projects Art consultancy services for national and international art markets. Art projects. Buy Art Online
103 Richardell Business Services – United States Richardell Business Services offers Global Business Consultancy Services, Business Seminars and USA Company formations
104 Sea Oceanic IP Telephony Solutions. Network Management Systems. LAN Switching and Routing. Laser Beam Communications. Unified Communication Solutions. Access Control CCTV systems. Maintenance and Support services. IT Consultancy Services. Structured Cabling Systems. We specialize in LAN & WAN Networking, Communications & Telecommunications Engineering, Sales of Computers & Accessories.
105 Bimphem We realized that our Nation needs to improve on our system of agricultural services and sustaining its profitability to actualize our fathers’ vision. We are prepared to provide first class agricultural consultancy services in realizing the objectives if considered as your consultant.
106 Stapletex We source, oversee production and deliver goods around the world. We source, oversee production and deliver goods around the world. We source, oversee production and deliver goods around the world. We source, oversee production and deliver goods around the world. StapleTEX is a textile sourcing company established in Pakistan to provided sourcing & consultancy services to the buyers in textile & hosiery.
107 Delta Engineering Group Delta Engineering Group LLC. DELTA ENGINEERING GROUP LLC. Consultancy services and expertise covering all project phases:. Copyright © All rights reserved.
108 Amachonempire Human Capital Development. Systems, to ERP’s etc. We help clients in estalishing a roburst digital Marketing campaign and executing it with intesive ROI. We offer Consultancy services in the area of ICT, Digital Marketing, Financial Transactions etc. We provide graphic design services ranging from logo creation, design and printing of promotional flyers, banners etc.
109 De La Parra Consulting Group De La Parra Consulting Group | | Business Management Consulting Services and Community Supportive Consultancy Services in Los Angeles, California. Para Nuestra Gente Latina En De La Parra Consulting Group Les Hablamos En Español.
110 Business Beam Pvt Business Beam is a global Consultancy & Training firm. We offer internationally accredited training and consultancy services.
111 Shrishti ABOUT US CONTACT INFORMATION Mailing address: shrishti Consultancy Services 9973159269 Bata more , Tekari Road, Gaya India Contact Email:
112 Aeromilitech Aeromilitech provides customized technical solutions, parts distribution, repair management, supply chain management and consultancy services for military and commercial customers, minimizing their cost to serve and maximizing their operational readiness. Together we work to exceed customer expectations.
113 Alsdur Engineering Design and Consultancy services entail determination and/or specification of technical and commercial parameters of a project with a view to establishing budget estimates and implementation schedules. Review of engineering data, charts, graphs and drawings using international codes and standards and advisory services to project promoters / clients on technological alternatives.
114 Catherine Etchell Associates Landscape Architecture Consultancy. Established in 1997, Catherine Etchell Associates is based in the Brecon Beacons National Park. As well as providing regular consultancy services to a variety of clients, we design and run landscape contracts for a diverse range of landscape projects from inception through to realisation.
115 Enessa Multivariate Consult Enessa Multivariate Consult: incorporated under Ghanaian Law in December 2013: is a Learning, Training and Development Consultancy. It is based in Madina Firestone, Accra Ghana.    We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to deliver cutting-edge consultancy services to the ICT and Project Management sectors of our global village.
116 Afi Ventour & Co. Attorneys At Law We are a full service law firm that offers a wide range of legal and   consultancy services to all our clients. Located in the heart of the City   of St. George´s in the Spice Island of Grenada, West Indies. Agents within   the CBI Program in Grenada and as Agents for Trademark & Patent.
117 Uganda Planning a visit to Uganda. Want to invest in Uganda. Watch More Videos. The company is a key provider of multi-media consultancy services to our clients like Somalia. The company is a key provider of multi-media consultancy services to our clients like Somalia. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER. Like Us On Facebook.
118 Pension Management Interactive Consultancy services include collaborating with clients to develop and establish a customized employee. Management services include the provision of overall supervision to all aspects of a pension plan. Administration services include the execution and compliance of day-to-day activities with the Trust Deed. Your House of Retirement. Many people spend more than a quarter of their life in retirement, which may be longer than their working life.
119 Trust Insurance Solutions At Trust Insurance Solutions, Insurance Brokers, we aspire to provide our clients with more than just exceptional reinsurance brokerage and consultancy services, Trust delivers intelligent, comprehensive reinsurance, risk management, and consultancy services to esteemed clients across the globe – insurance companies in jordan
120 Mbinu Solutions looking for Seo in Kenya ? Mbinu SEO Company Kenya provides the best Seo Consultancy Services in Kenya and internet marketing using ethical seo methods.
121 Morris Marine Services MORRIS MARINE SERVICES is to be the preferred choice for Marine Surveying and Consultancy Services for the Shipping, Cargo and Offshore Industries west of the International Dateline by utilising the experience, resources and integrity of its staff, and location, in delivering timely and professional response to customer’s requests.
122 Its T technical support and consultancy services. What it actually means is that ITS will come to you and get your computers up and running the way they should be and doing the things you want them to be doing. There, that sounds much more straightforward doesn’t it. Hit the button below to find out more or just call the boss on his cellphone, he loves a chat.
123 Pacific Solutions & Services Communications & Management Consultancy needs. Consultancy Services Of Supreme Excellence in West Africa. Stakeholders Of Our Business. CORE VALUES OF PSS. University of Madrid in Paris, France. SOME SPECIALIST AREAS OF COMMUNICATIONS. F : (+233) 0302-264428. Please complete the details below for updates. All Rights Reserved.
124 London Food Therapy BANT registered, fully qualified Nutritional Therapy and Brand Consultancy services in London
125 Accounting Education And Research Services Accounting Education and Research Services (ACCERS) is a professional accounting and tax consulting firm that offers wide range of accounting and tax consultancy services, education, research, and public awareness programme to diverse organizations and individuals. We provide business development strategy for organizations including governments, and technical services to SMEs in order to grow their businesses.
126 Wallpost Software itialuS is a global company registered in Luxembourg and has its headquartered in London-UK. itialuS Specializes in providing Financial services, Human Resource Management solutions, VAT/Tax Recovery, Compliance and Consultancy Services. itialuS is headquartered in London-UK with over 9 Offices in US, Uruguay, Croatia, Jordan, Nigeria, India, Qatar, Egypt and Philippines.
127 Indie Consortium We provide software development services. We provide full-cycle software development services designed to help you grow your business, meet your goals, and put you miles ahead of the competition. Our App developers will help you create a mobile experience that lingers in memory and leverages the latest technologies. We provide first-class consultancy services, which ensures improved business efficiency, increased cost-effectiveness & risk mitigation.
128 Olof Haag The Asia Consulting Bureau Pvt Ltd is a company registered in Sri Lanka under the Board of Investment regulations. We provide consultancy services within any field of profession, although we are specilized within telecom. Our business model is to utilize a
129 Aspire Consulting Offering superior organization development consultancy services to organizations, groups and individuals navigating through change.
130 Systems Engineering Since 1984 SEE Is the Pioneer in the Egyptian Market in the design, implement and support Data Communication Infrastructure solutions. SEE provides consultancy services regards end to end Data Communication solutions that meet customers’ current and future needs. Systems Engineering Of Egypt (SEE) is an Egyptian pioneering company that was established in 1984 with the primary target of operating in the two highly sophisticated areas of Computer Data Network and Furnishing.
131 Simply Learning Tuition Agency A leading provider of access to private tuition and educational consultancy services in London and online tuition internationally.
132 Mec Global MEC Global is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Financing, and Management (EPCFM) consulting company that provides consultancy services to clients.
133 Pollux Consultancy Services Pollux Consultancy Services offers IT Consultancy and Human Resources for Florida USA.
135 Ashbelya Consulting Engineers Ashbelya Consulting Engineers (ACE) a multi-disciplinary company providing integrated Architecture and Engineering Design.. We can offer a complete range of consultancy services. Our headquarter in Riyadh, and we have regional offices across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
136 Risc Miami Specialized (re)insurance consultancy services for Engineering and Property. RISC’s partners have over 25 years experience in the field of engineering underwriting. An inherent part of underwriting is the risk inspection, where targeted recommendations reduce the probability of a loss. Following up on climate conditions, the analysis of nat cat exposure and a professional PML estimation are paramount for an adequate accumulation control.
137 Magpie And Robin GIS for Beginners. We Provide Geospatial (GIS), Information Technology (IT), Quantitative & Qualitative Survey Consultancy Services in Strict Adherence to the Highest Ethical and Technical Standards. We provide professional IT enabled Geospatial (GIS), Information Technology (IT), Quantitative and qualitative surveying consultancy & services in strict adherence to the highest ethical and technical standards.
138 Vinyl Buying and supplying flexible PVC in all forms – resins, compounds, pulverized and scrap- providing consultancy services and recycling.
139 Bam Brands Usa Bringing to market beauty products with little to no brand awareness in the United States is what we do best. We also offer consultancy services for new brands looking to build awareness and grow in the U. Baltimore, Maryland 21203.
140 Mojo Solutions MACRO UMTS & LTE Sites RF Design PRO. DAS UMTS & LTE Sites RF Design PRO. RF UMTS, LTE and DAS Optimization. We also provide consultancy service in IT. Mojo Solutions is a leading radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization service provider, which offers consulting, engineering and training services to the Telecommunication industry. Our planning services cover multiple technologies ( UMTS, LTE) and specific areas of interest such as Small Cell design, Wi-Fi offload and In-building planning.
141 Fusionelle Consult The Best Business Information. We’re In The Business Of Helping You Start Your Business. We are an IT Infrastructure and Software development company that provides consultancy services and solutions implementation for our customers. WEBSITE & WEB APP DEVELOPMENT. We specialize in responsive websites designing and mobile web designing. We use frameworks like bootstrap, zurb – foundation etc to give your website a crisp, clean and beautiful look and feel.
142 Lifeline Integrated Solutions Lifeline Integrated Solutions is a Real Estate Company that helps clients by providing expert solutions to their real estate needs and business consultancy services
143 Axiaplus Mission, Vision and Core Values. Risk Management & Internal Control. AML/CFT Compliance Manual. Fixed Assets Verification. Certificate of Addition of Fixed Assets (CAFA). Ledger Clean Up. General Consultancy Services. Android Mobile App. AxiaPlus is a company that provides the services of Risk Management & Internal Control , Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit Outsourcing, AML/CFT Compliance, AML/CFT Training, Independent Testing, AML/CFTCompliance Manual, Accounting system, Fixed Assets Verification
144 Testing One The Total Rubber Consultancy Services
145 Tripleplay Technology Bd Tripleplay Technology BD provides Digital Cable TV, IPTV, OTT, VOD, CAS / DVR, SMS, Middleware, STB Solution in Bangladesh. It also provides consultancy services related to the mentioned business.
146 Wine Spirit Education Trust Wset Wineschool3 offers the best wine & bar certification courses, tasting classes, staff training, and consultancy services across the Caribbean and Central America.
147 Digital Business Project and Construction Consultancy. Project Financial Consultancy. Acuitas is a group of companies providing a wide range of specialist consultancy services throughout the Caribbean region. Established in 2003 and ISO 9001 certified since 2011, Acuitas’ foundation is built on the combined efforts of dedicated professionals whose core competencies include:.
148 Global Trash Solutions Global Trash Solutions offers waste management solutions for businesses including waste audit and consultancy services, waste reduction, and commercial trash products.
149 Designtech Designtech Consultants provide consultancy services in designing, value analysis, value engineering, project management, third part inspection, design verification, energy conservation, energy audit, illumination engineering and much more.
150 Sage Advice Sage Advice is a higher education consultancy company. Our consultancy services are based on a personal customized approach of profound advice and guidance. Consult with Sage Advice and get responsible sound advice from hours of personal attention and research that will give you invaluable insight into your strengths and capabilities and allow you to achieve your utmost education potential.
151 Quantum 7 Quantum 7 provide IT consultancy services to businesses of all sizes. If you are a company trying to focus on your core business objectives and don
152 Steven Chew At Propagate Interactive Technologies, we embrace the philosophy that the deeper the understanding, the simpler everything becomes. Our work sees us constantly thin-slicing complexities while developing Sleek+Elegant systems, building cool cloud computing web products, and dabbling in creative Design+Branding. We also provide in-depth analytics + consultancy services, and host + optimise websites. Propagate Interactive Technolgies, Services, IT Consultancy and Analysis, System Enhancements, Design and Brand
153 Sriram Business Solutions SBS,Inc is a global software development company providing software development, Analsys, web development, IT outsourcing services along with IT consultancy services for your mission-critical business challenges. We are dedicated to delivering superior quality services and to creating cost-effective, complete business solutions for our clients. As a Technology solution provider, SBS offers our customers comprehensive solutions that enable their enterprise infrastructure by utilizing our Software Professiona
154 S-knight Asia S-Knight Asia provide business consultancy service with scalable Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, WORKFLOW, integration and RFID solution to streamline the company process. We aim to improve efficiency, data accuracy and transparency of procurement, sales and marketing, inventory, financial management and manufacturing.   Better decision making could be achieved by make use of business intelligent report.
155 Gill Consult License and Registrations. Fedha Plaza, Westlands, Nairobi. One Riverside Drive Apartments, Westlands. Park Inn, Westlands, Nairobi. Kenya Institute of Education Educational Resource Centre, Nairobi. Gill Consult, Consulting Engineers, was established in 1996 and provides consultancy services in building services engineering. We have a team that is dedicated and fully.
156 Singclass International To provide cost-efficient and cost-effective marine services to the shipping community. To provide quality professional maritime consultancy services at affordable prices. To grow into a reputable and recognized international survey organization. To enhance the status of Singapore as an International Maritime Centre. Its business arm provides the following services:.
157 Capeval Pharma CapEval Pharma was founded in 2010 by Dr. Olivier Loget, DVM, ERT and provides pharmaceutical consultancy services from early pre-clinical to clinical development, specifically in the sectors of Safety, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Ophthalmology, ADME/PK, analytical development, QA, CMC-Regulatory Affairs and Compliance. In addition, CapEval provides expert assessment for due diligence, veterinary drugs, cosmetics, agrochemicals and chemicals as well as staff training.
158 Vriksha Ability to work together – focus on client objectives. Meeting today’s business challenges requires a practical approach that delivers measurable results. Vriksha offers project management, and software consultancy services to help maximize your operational performance. Innovation is the engine of growth. We have developed proven concepts to enhance the probability of success in realizing innovation-driven growth.
159 Panacea Engineering Products & Services. Engineering Solutions & Services. PANACEA is an Engineering company established in 2014, which work with a motto to resolve technical issues of its client throughout the year in all seasons. We provides consultancy services in designing and manufactureing specialized Industrial Machinery and Plant Installation & Equipment. We manufacture Industrial product through Press , Machining & Molding works.
160 Teclyn Teclyn was founded in 2004 in order to provide consultancy services in the variable data printing industry. The main focus has always been to  define product development strategies for our customers based around innovative solutions and creative problem solving.
161 Access Partner We have been offering professional valuation and advisory services to corporates coming from numerous industries all over the world. Real Estate and Land Valuation. Plant and Machinery Valuation. Valuation for Purchase Price Allocation. Biological Asset Valuation and Technical Consultancy Service. Mining Valuation and Technical Consultancy Service. Oil & Gas Valuation and Technical Consultancy Service.
162 Memesco Ideal Solution Affordable, Low Cost IT Solutions… With 30-Days Money Back Guarantee – At Memesco Ideal Solutions, we uses sophisticated technology and human cognitive intellisence to perform wide range of services such as Web design, web administration, web and software development, web hosting, mobile application development, SEO, Web and Software Consultancy Services…
163 Afaaq Educational Services More than 10,000 students benefited from our services. We Have 20 years of Experience in Education and training consulting. We Supported 2,000 Universities around the World with the best Services and best Communications. Best consultancy services related to English language courses abroad & Recommended proper English language courses and the proper English learning center.
164 Onwukwe Services IT Consultancy Services. Trusted Cloud Computing and Cyber Security Services at your service. Our services are famous all across the world, and our clients are delighted with our services. We have helped both of the small-scale industries and large-scale industries and helped them in achieving their desires related to cloud computing and IT Services. The Best Secure IT Support and IT Services Provider.
165 Adventus Care Solutions professional consultancy service created to aid business development in the emerging health, social care, housing and charitable sector
166 Alliance Star We are a private and government sector consulting company. We are a private and government sector consulting company. Alliance Star LLC is a veteran owned small business run by professionals with industry experience from fortune 500 companies. We have over 30 years combined industry based experience ready to either provide custom consultancy service to your company or provide you with a trained full time professional employee.
167 Multiply Research & Consultancy Studies And Publication. Multiply Research & Consultancy is a team of seasoned multi-disciplinary market researchers, economists, policy analysts, and business specialists who collaborate to provide you with accurate and actionable economic research and consultancy services – helping you effectively navigate the ever-changing socio-economic and political landscapes.
168 Holoptica We have global experience. We are based in the U. We use our patented technology. We work with governments and commerce and we are an authorized vendor to customs in 183 countries. We design and develop process with our clients that are cost efficient and will support compliance and intellectual property management. We can provide a consultancy service to assess requirements or we will work on brief based on Scope of Works provided.
169 Tendor Tendor LTD (Tendor company limited) provides managerial, advisory, marketing and management consultancy services to companies, partnerships and other entities. Contact us for more information. We create seamlessly integratable solutions for partners saving time and money. Together with brand management we aim to improve and streamline communication. Together with our clients we assist in developing creative strategies for their products and services.
170 A.t.a. Advisors Pvt Welcome to ATA Advisors. We are a fully integrated professional services firm dedicated to assisting clients with growing, managing, and protecting prosperity. Seminars, conference related to taxation, audit, accounting statutory compliance. Provide consultancy services related to audit, taxation, registration, accounting and statutory compliance. Accounting & Payroll Services.
171 Civil Grape A wine centric venture in Kenya dedicated to providing wine knowledge through digital content creation and wine consultancy services.
172 Aqva Safe Vision We at AQVA Safe Vision are happy to introduce ourselves as one of leading company in the field of water treatment equipment business. AQVA Safe Vision holds a strong commitment to delivering the best value products. AQVA Safe Vision is a certified company that has earned countrywide repute in the field of wastewater treatment. The company provides consultancy services, equipment and executes turnkey projects in the field of water purification and municipal solid waste composting plants.
173 Consult Malta CONSULT is an electrical engineering consulting entity made up of highly qualified, experienced and warranted engineers. We provide engineering consultancy services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.
174 Wilson Nandolo We offer quality livestock and agriculture consultancy services in Malawi and beyond. We also offer data and information services, focusing on utilization of quality livestock and agriculture data and information for appropriate decision making.
175 Enviroquest Welcome to GLOBAL ENVIROQUEST. A joint venture with Bryan & Armstrong each have significant experience in the Health & Safety recruitment industry, providing high quality recruitment, training and consultancy services to clients across a range of industry sectors. Health & Safety Training. We provide expert trainers to deliver a wide range of health & safety courses at highly competitive rates.
176 Financial Markets Consulting FMCR is a leading firm providing clients with tailored trading floor   consultancy services. Our financial markets professionals are   practitioners, armed with in-depth sector knowledge and technical   expertise.
178 Ontarget Resources About Company Explore Our Consultancy Services Finest Consultant Experts Our Mission Statement Business Work Principles Company Carrer Oportunities Finest Consultant Team Our Mission Statement A consultant is usually an expert or an experienced professional in a specific field and has a wide kno …
179 School Of Programming And Software Development School of Programming and Software development is an affiliate of Corporate Health and Consultancy Services Limited. It is an online-based Institution. Founded in 2015, School of Programming and Software Development launched…………….
180 Silver Line International Geo Technical Services. Surface Testing and Analysis. Soil and Material Testing Lab. Oil and Gas Consultancy Services. Civil Engineering Services. Surface Testing and Analysis. We fully realize that our growth and our Business are dependent upon the success of our customers. Our vision is to serve customers by understanding their requirements and endeavoring to meet the same safely, professionally, reliably, timely, economically and consistently.
181 Chilling Rd Local Consolidation Loans -Chillingrd. Urgent Solution to Debt Seekers. It is not always easy to find a loan for those who need money. Those who seek loan lenders to borrow money and those who want to borrow with interest can find money by using the consultancy services of our company. Where can I borrow money, saying those who do not know where to apply, […].
182 Company Incorporation & Related Matters. Financial Advisory Services. Management Consultancy Services. Management Information System Design and related services. To provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the premier quality Accounting and audit, tax planning and business advisory services delivered in a timely, proficient and innovative manner by a highly professional team that clearly enjoys working together to meet their clients’ needs.
183 Sriram Consultancy Services Pvt Sriram Consultancy Services (India) Private Limited. Here at Sriram we experiment the balance between cost and value, risk and benefit. We’re professionals and committed team players, passionate about success – Yours and ours. Are a commercial, innovative and specialist professional. Are always striving to add tangible value to our clients’ businesses. Operate under a rational and personal management style.
184 Polite Design Philadelphia web design graphic design firm, Polite Design Inc, provides full-scale visual communications design, planning and consultancy services for print, web and multimedia.
185 Prosoft Consultancy Services In the constantly changing and evolving world of business, there is a greater demand for quicker and better information than ever before. Therefore, the need for an increase in technological resources is also greater than ever. In this context, Prosoft Consultancy Services, Inc. We have expertise in systems analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of software systems for various industry segments.
186 Waving Cat Productions Waving Cat Productions a SAG/AFTRA and AFofM signatory and business affairs   consultancy service.
187 Higher Europe Visa Expert is one of the leading consultancy services with an AIRC, ICEF & UAN certification. With awinning combination of quality customer service and established networking skills ESC has managed to hold the position of being the market leader in the field of international education. Our team comprises of industry experts and young professionals with long years of international experience making them the best fit to guide you towards your goal of Studying in Europe.
188 Assist to External Auditor. Accounting & Consultancy Services. Receivable  & Payable Management. Monthly Statement (18 & 21). Half yearly TDS statements. FDI & Quarterly return. BIDA & Other Services. Outsourcing Accounts Has Multiple Benefits :. Acquiring high quality services at cost effective price. To make sure that your Financial Data are remained secure & confidential.
189 Vcare Educational Consultancy Vcare Educational Consultancy. Education and Career Consultancy Services. Vcare Educational Consultancy. Joining hands with You. Welcome to Vcare Educational Consultancy. We are dedicated to provide the best and trustworthy admission guidance to choose the  right courses, colleges and universities to achieve your career dreams. Vcare Educational Consultancy is a new startup in the field of career guidance consultancy services, based in Bangalore, India.
190 Innovative Hse Consultancy & Services INNOVATIVE HSE SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS. Real Drag and Drop. Innovative HSE Services and Solutions is a multi-discipline HSE consultancy services company. We are experienced to provide complete HSE consultancy services in diverse and multicultural environments. Under the supervision of highly competent HSE professionals, we are proud to claim the quality of HSE support second to none.
191 Alba Energy Services Dmcc ALBA Energy Services provide consultancy services and oilfield products to the energy sector. We focus on the Middle East and Former Soviet Union. Oil, Gas and Geothermal Industries are our expertise.
192 Dr. Aks Enterprises Dr. AKS Enterprises Provides Keynotes, Consultancy Services, Coaching Programs, Books, Training, Curriculum Design, Copywriting, And Workshops To Faith-Based, Government, Corporate, And Colleges Or Universities.
193 Concept Rules Where Ideas are Transformed to Useful Concepts. Explore the World of Technology with Us. Start a Project with Us Today. How can we help you. Concept Rules Ltd transforms  the world with fascinating concepts from ideas all over the world. We provide the world with the current trend in science and technologies. We provides top-notch ICT/Hi-Tech training, ICT Solutions, and Consultancy Services.
194 24 7 Real Estate Services Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. PROPERTY 40 FOLA OSIBO. PROPERTY 40 FOLA OSIBO. About Voe Real Estate Services. Enwenezi and Company is a firm of Estate Surveyors and Valuers with specialist skill in training and expertise in professional Real Estate Consultancy Services. We are Chartered Estate Surveyors and Valuers duly registered with the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), the Estate Surveyors and Valuers
195 Experts Consultancy Services Experts Consultancy Services provides solutions for Project Management, Contract Management, E-Governance Systems, HR Management, Stock Management and many more.
196 Aime Management Group Welcome to AIME Management Group. We orchestrate individualized plans at acquisition to transition distressed development properties for resell. We deliver an array of consultancy services ranging from property design to financial estimations through the close of the project. Working with an experienced consortium of business partners, we offer a collection of customizations unique to each home.
197 Sunstone Ships Sunstone Marine Advisors Delivers Brand New, Purpose Built, Expedition Vessel to Aurora Expeditions, Australia. Read Full Story. Sunstone Marine Advisors Building New Infinity Class Vessels. Read Full Story. SUNSTONE MARINE ADVISORS LTD. Rodolfo Spinelli and Capt. John Kafouros with the main purpose of providing consultancy services in the area of ocean-going passenger ships, which will be all aspects such as:.
198 Asif Farid &company Asif Farid & Company. Muhammad Farid Khan is Founder and Pioneer of Asif Farid & Company. Farid Khan started consultancy services business under the banner of Asif Farid & Company in January 2001. In addition to higher academic qualifications, he is a registered member as Income Tax Practitioner (ITP) with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) since January 2001.
199 Ascs We can design a complete Supply Chain. We assist the general industry. Design of API, and ASME products and equipments. Our personnel is having more than 50 years of cumulative experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and General Industries. We can offer a very wide source of materials and equipments for these Industries, and also provide consultancy services on Suply Chain Management, Engineering, and QA & QC areas.
200 Automat Kitchens Design and Palnning. This Department is responsible for the execution of the installation and Commisioning and is headed by an Experienced Project Manager assisted by a crew of Qualified Site Engineers and Technicians. Our Experienced Sales Personnel offer a Free Planning & Consultancy Service with a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the Constumer’s requirements in all aspects of Commercial Kitchens.
201 Acadri Passionately developing careers for 9 years. We provide leading-edge development solutions allowing individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential, as well as increase their competitive edge. Our extensive portfolio of world-leading Public Training courses, tailored In-house courses, as well as our world-class Consultancy Services, provide unrivalled lasting improvements to individuals and business performance.
202 Lizdavic Optimize Your Business Today. Don’t Settle For Less. We offer catering and event management services to a wide range of client. We provide highly competent professional consultancy services in the fields of design, build and project management. We determine and help you move your business forward in the best possible and professional way. So happy that we did.
203 Jyotish Ki Duniya Dharma Nand provides Consultancy Services. There is NO GUARANTEE for any definite results for any remedy advised. U), Varanasi, UP, India. He was also associated with Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India. With over 40 years of working experience he is now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. He will take you beyond the daily horoscope to uncover the complexities in the technical and Mathematical Science involved with the science of Astrology.
205 Sss Legal & Consultancy Services SSS Legal & Consultancy Services of Los Angeles, Calabasas, Westlake Village & San Fernando Valley, CA provides sophisticated, simplified solutions
206 Provide IT Solution and Consulting Services. Belden Design is an IT consulting firm that provides software developement and consultancy services. We are Sydney based, and completely Australian owned and operated. We specialise in developing bespoke software solutions, however we also can provide off-the-shelf solutions to meet common business requirements. Some examples of what we can provide include:.
207 M & I Consulting You know your business. Dedicate all your time and energy to develop your product. Let us take care of the rest. M&I Consulting, your most valued partner in business success. Whether you need a consultancy service to optimize your company or project, looking to establish your business in the USA, or considering a business agent, we can guide you in every way.
208 Careeer Development Call Us For Free Consultation. Ticket To work. We are unique firm structured to provide you with superior and cost-effective services, in English and Spanish. Nationally Certified Vocational Counselor Expert. Call us at (714) 385-2815. Email us at info@careersdev. We offer a Broad Range of consultancy Services. Expert Witness Testimony in. Workers Compensation Appeal Board.
209 Witek WITEK is a professional services business that delivers high-quality, value-added, cost-effective and sustainable technology, engineering and social infrastructure consulting solutions. WITEK provides consultancy services for the lifecycle of a project to a broad range of industry sectors. Our reputation continues as one of the most respected and reliable firms today gained through its total and consistent commitment to quality and client service.
210 Shadow Consultancy Services Shadow Consultancy Services. Providing specialised security to businesses worldwide
211 Analyse It Engitech is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services. Our great team of more than 1400 software experts. We’ll help you test bold new ideas while sharing your. Our product design service lets you prototype, test and validate your ideas.
212 Spybey & Company Communications, marketing and PR consultancy services by Andrew Spybey,   based in Guildford, Surrey. Expert freelance, interim or agency support for   your brand.
213 Sup Du Jour Consulting Group WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU REDESIGN THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. TOGETHER WE WILL SHAPE THE STUDENT TO BE FUTURE READY. Our consultancy service provides customized resources based on your individual needs. An expert consultant will be assigned to you based on your strategic goals. We listen carefully to your needs and develop an action plan with you as a patner.
214 Custom Envy Welcome to Syed Corp Ltd. Dreams 2 Reality Corporation has deep expertise in marketing and sales consultancy services for small to mid-size businesses and business professionals in the lottery and gaming industry. We help companies plan and implement successful strategic marketing programs that are on-target, innovative and resonate with their audience. Our professional team holds an exemplary track record of generating high-converting leads and sales from all over the world and we are dedicated to help you
215 Setsco Your One Stop Partner For Testing, Inspection, Calibration, Certification, Training & Consultancy Services.
216 Mimus COBOL Mainframe Consulting. Get Mainframe Support. Apply for a Mainframe Job. Optimize Your Business Today. Get A Free Consultation. Don’t Settle For Less. We are a leading provider of Information Technology services that enable our business partners and clients to meet their strategic business objectives. We also provide consultancy services in the areas of technology, process and project management.
217 Whytech Solution Nig Kaz Trading Enterprises CC (KTE) is a Namibian company geared towards providing quality maritime consultancy services in Namibia and beyond.
218 Benchmark Solutions Benchmark Solutions is a consultancy service provider for Asset Integrity Management.
219 Biskayne Cleaners Fumigation & Pest Control. Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services. Laundry & Drycleaning. Pre/Post Construction Cleaning. Waste Disposal & Management. Training & Consultancy Services. Fumigation & Pest Control. Laundry & Drycleaning. Welcome to BISKAYNE Cleaners Limited. Fumigation plays a valuable role in many pest control operations. With increased public concern over the adverse effects of pesticide chemicals on human health and environment.
220 C3 Media Rayfield Associates is a registered, well-established modern law firm of legal practitioners and consultants that provides clients with comprehensive legal and consultancy services within and outside Nigeria. The firm is staffed with a team of highly experienced and competent lawyers and consultants, some of who have practiced at all levels of the Nigerian court system and with over 30 years of cumulative active practical legal experience.
221 Afriq Solutions International Phone Number:252633882673. A silicon valley startup dedicated to solving Africa’s Technological Challenges. Database Management and Software Installation. Research and Consultancy Services. Information Management Systems designed for Public and Private Partnership. Database Management Services and Research. Maintain software installation on the cloud and on local servers.
222 Out Build 4.9 ★★★★☆ OUT BUILD INTERIOR Is a trusted and reliable Interior Design Company in Bangladesh alone with Dhaka City. As a Bangladeshi interior firm, we provide A To Z design, decoration and architectural consultancy services
223 Kenval Realtors (ea) Hurry and Book Now. Market Research & Feasibility Studies. Lenana house conference centre. Choice Leather Works. Incorporated on 2nd October 2008 with the Head office situated at Hurlingham Nairobi with two other branches one in Kisii town and the other in South Sudan. Kenval Realtors (EA) Ltd that mainly offers real estate consultancy services both to the real estate societies acceptable in various East African Countries and internationally for private, public, social and multi-national requirements.
224 Applied Gis Service Com Welcome to Applied GIS Service (AGS) Team. Our main goal is always to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with our consultancy services. Since we opened our services in Myanmar in Feb 2018, our consulancy service has been great welcoming & promising. We are so glad that you visit our website. Applied GIS Service (AGS) was initially launched since Nov, 2017.
225 Compsolglobal Portfolio 3 Columns. Portfolio 4 Columns. Portfolio No Gap. Single Layout 1. Single Layout 2. Single Layout 3. Portfolio 3 Columns. Portfolio 4 Columns. Portfolio No Gap. Single Layout 1. Single Layout 2. Single Layout 3. Engitech is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.
226 The Lamberhurst The Lamberhurst Corporation Consultancy Network is an integrated network of independent senior executive consultants with hands on business experience in the areas of operations, people and performance. It is a preferred and trusted supplier of practical, proven and cost effective consultancy services to corporate and public sector clients.
227 Black Body Design Our Team is multi-disciplinary allowing us to tackle a wide range of projects and programs. Our expertise includes Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Theatrical Design, Product Design and of course, most of all, Lighting Design . Our Practice offers a wide range of Lighting Consultancy services ranging from the largest scale Architectural Lighting Design to the smallest Lighting Product Design.
228 Maj-chemi Industrial chemical and waste. Maj-Chemie offers consultancy service for those with industrial chemical needs and waste management queries. Maj-chemie through the following products has over the past decade been directly engaged with the farmer in improving quantity and quality of harvested produce. Maj-Chem focuses on developing top quality products with the aim of providing affordable solutions to its customers and stakeholders since 2005.
229 Sabala Agro Products Pvt Sabala Precision agriculture. New Technology Adoption. Welcome to Sabala Agro. We believe innovation is a continuous process. We also provide consultancy services on green house cultivation. Agriculture from one of the reputed institute IARI, New Delhi. Urban Greening and Landscaping. All rights reserved.
230 Exogene Executive Recruitment & Consultancy services for the mining, engineering and construction industries. Executive jobs available now.
231 Beginning Tools Beginning Tools is a Consultancy services provider in Illinois with specializations in Parenting Empowerment, Early Intervention, and Family Counseling.
232 Accuvalent IT Services for the Life Sciences Industry. We provide Information Technology & related consultancy services to our customers in the Life Sciences Industry. Our consulting team has in-depth knowledge of Business Processes, Systems, IT Applications, Vendors and Tools currently used in the Life  Sciences Industry. We help our clients to effectively & efficiently manage technical implementation of IT-R&D Application Systems, manage programs & projects to industry best practices and plan and perform Computer Sy
233 Think First Technologies ThinkFirst Technology is one of the most innovative Nigerian based Information Technology firms that provide enterprise solutions and consultancy services in major challenging areas in the industry.
234 Design-studio35 Interior Design consultancy services
235 The International Safety College We Qualify to Certify. The International Safety College provides professional Health & Safety consultancy services and accredited international qualifications and training services on diverse industries and sectors, irrespective of infrastructure size and corporate liabilities. Our qualifications and training courses are accessible in different countries as a public course or in-company, for individuals or corporates.
236 Cat Computer Graphics The Professional-E For Engineering And Development. We can promise truly global standard capabilities. Efficient and Sustainable Designs. THE BEAUTY OF DESIGN. We add real value to major infrastructure projects. The office is a professional design service provider in architecture, engineering, infrastructure and environmental consultancy services as well as construction supervision and contract administration management services.
237 Pavhurst Pavhurst Associates provide reliable, high quality, professional consultancy services. Design | Surveying | Energy
238 Identitypoint Data Access Governance. Identity & Access Governance. Privileged Account Security. About Your Security. Stay Stress Free Life. Providing IT consultancy services to you and help you in achieving long-term goals. We do it by developing strategies, identifying risks, establishing mitigating techniques, and choosing the appropriate technology. Our goal is to help you in realizing the big picture.
239 Lincoln Rose Law Associates Welcome to LincolnRose Law Associates. Lincoln Rose Law Associates is a law practice located in Accra Ghana. The firm’s primary objective is to provide an efficient and effective legal and consultancy services to both individuals and corporate entities. Our firm’s primary objective is to provide an efficient and effective legal and consultancy services to both individuals and corporate entities.
240 Citadel Insurance Consultancy Services Citadel Insurance Consultancy services offers Unemployment Insurance, Motor vehicle Insurance, Motor vehicle and personal loans as low as 2 percent interest rate per annum. We Provide a lifetime membership card which is more than a credit card. Reliable Customer Service At Its Best. Fast response,Attentive,Reasonable and Provides follow ups in order to provide customer satisfaction.
241 Iroko Consult Iroko Consult is a company registered to provide research, training and other consultancy services in environmental and natural resources management. After running several consultancy works Iroko Consult has amassed competencies in many interrelated fields and keeps evolving in the provision of its services. From research and analysis to system design and implementation, our clients are constantly discovering that we can assist them at any stage and at all levels.
242 Result Focused Professional Services Result Focused Professional Services is a professional accounting and tax consulting firm that offers wide range of Accounting and tax consultancy services, education and public awareness program/trainings to diverse organizations and individuals. Our firm provides cutting edge tax and business solu
243 Cost Consultancy Services EXCELLENCE OF WORK. Cost Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd. Consultants and advisers, to several leading business organizations in Sri Lanka. Our Chairman is the most experienced professional Quantity Surveyor in Sri Lanka who possesses over Forty (40) years experience as a Quantity Surveyor here and abroad. He is a practicing arbitrator and was the Deputy General Manager (Consultancy Services) and the Chief Quantity Surveyor in the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka for several years.
244 Techcity Technologies Techcity Technologies is a software company that provides top information technology and consultancy services that can deliver measurable business results. We specialize in Enterprise Business Solutions, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Solutions, E-Governance Solutions, Middleware Development, ERP, CRM. –
245 Best Sourcing Get The Best with Our Value Addition. Best sourcing implements proven business strategies, which create value for its clients. Your business can easily be enhanced with strategies designed to propel your business forward. Best Sourcing Advisory Service provides consultancy services at an affordable price with measurable results. With over 8 years of successful hands-on business experience, we are specialized in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Business Development.
246 Dosvak Process & Performance Tools. Dosvak UI Toolkit Basic. Process & Performance Tools. Dosvak UI Toolkit Basic. BPM Expert Solutions and Consultancy Services. You have worked hard for your applications, so avail our BPM consultancy to make your life easier and help you deliver excellence. Collection of 36 Custom Advanced Controls and Composite Controls based on BPM UI Toolkit.
247 Griffin Security Defense Griffin Security & Defense offers consultancy services that include designing facility site protection schemes and armored vehicle transportation.
248 Aaazs Enter Prises (smc-private) Scope of Business. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. We are a team of projects management professionals having vast global practical experience with technical and managerial skills. We are committed to render our services according to International standards of quality, health, safety and environment. To globally provide the best consultancy services meeting the customer satisfaction.
249 Sheffield Energy Sheffield Energy Ltd is a privately owned Nigeria.We are a diversified company carrying out consultancy services, engineering design & construction, welding and fabrication, procurement, Logistics, inspection services, facility maintenance & installations, instrumentation and control systems services.
250 Ten Lines Konge, Opposite Konge Apartments off Ggaba Rd. Building Services Design and Supervision Consultants. Ten Lines Ltd was incorporated in 2012 and has since then been building capacity: we are now in position to take on any level of development. We are an Engineering based company currently offering Mechanical and Electrical design consultancy services i. We could contribute to your success with our range of services.
251 Caretower Cyberi provide specialist technical cyber security consultancy services & cyber risk advisory. Our focus is on helping clients manage their cyber risk.
252 Career Clinic See Our Most Popular Choices among Students. Career Clinic is a global education consultancy services specialize in Medical Admission, MBBS and Medical PG. We as name concerned Career Clinic is known for each and every query related to admission in Medical Program diagonally the India & Abroad. We are well known and recognized consultancy since 2007 to provide the best services to every Medical aspirants for getting enrolled in different medical colleges.
253 Stimuluz Technologies The vision of Tersus Ghana is to ensure a sanitised environment in Africa through pragmatic world-class research. Our mission is to provide sustainable and innovative, evidence-based policy recommendations on environmental sanitation management in Africa. Tersus is a private Environmental Sanitation Think-Tank in Ghana with the mandate of providing adequate basic sanitation consultancy services in Ghana.
254 Ssf Business Consulting Transformation and HR Consultancy Services
255 Dream Web ICT Consultancy with a Smile. Count on us to provide world class ICT consultancy services. We build responsive mobile applications. DreamWEB is full-service Software and Web Development company offering an extensive range of ICT services to businesses and organizations around the world. We specialize in Custom Software Development, Web Development, and IT Consulting.
256 Epik Buy this perfect domain to start a tax consultancy services or highly sought blog related to it.
257 Mind Lift MindLift provides advanced technology delivery & management consultancy services to enterprises who are focused on using technology as a business differentiator
258 Applied Development Research Solutions ADRS: a network of global partners providing policy research & consultancy services and a membership suite of web-based macro-micro econometric simulations
259 True Quality Healthcare Advisors Healthcare quality improvement consultancy services for regulatory compliance and program optimization.
260 Cultivaris Green industry, Consultancy services, Idea management, Project management
261 Emyu Computer Consultancy We are an innovative and professional ICT solutions provider in Nigeria. We offer services including Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Graphics, Animation, Network Solutions, Consultancy services, Project management, Android app dev., and much more!
262 Vmas Tax Solutions We help businesses. GOODS & SERVICE TAX. Income Tax Return Filing. Tax Consultancy Services. PF, PT and ESIC consultancy services. Investment Advisory Services. Partnership Firm Deeds. Formation of Companies. Import Export Code Application. Shop & Establishment License Application or Renewal. Business Formation consultancy. Budgeting – Business and Personal.
263 Intuit Advisory We help professional services firms across Australasia grow with tailored business consultancy. Our vision is simple and singular: to grow the value of your business. We do this by providing high end business consultancy services to professional services firms across Australasia. We typically work with our clients for a number of years to ensure that their goals and objectives are achieved.
264 Manthila Group Manthila Group is a Sri Lankan and Malaysian Company Specialized in Consultancy Services in Malaysia. We are Not an Agency.
265 MBC Solar Energy Limited. Clean and Green pollution free solutions. Choose our advanced technology power generating system and produce 24×7 (365days) power on your own. MBC Solar providing engineering and technology consultancy services in manufacturing of solar cell, modules and solar systems. We offer high-technology consultancy services for improving manufacturing yields, efficiencies as well as line balancing to get high throughput levels.
266 Software Consultancy Services Software Consultancy Services LLC
267 Premier Auto Imports Best car deals. Perfect combination of quality and affordability. Variety Car Models. Take a look through our website to see what fits your needs best. Made It Possible. We understand your needs. Explore Our Consultancy Services. Welcome To Premier Auto Imports LLC. At Premier Auto Imports LLC, we understand that finding the perfect combination of quality and affordability can be difficult.
268 Howeedy Consultant Engineering Consultancy Services
269 Oh! Design Studio Full-service branding agency in Mumbai,India.Brand consultancy services & creative graphic design studio to launch new brand,rebrand,marketing communication
270 3d, A Learning Initiative Of Ispahani Ispahani Building, 14-15 Motijheel, Dhaka |. Looking for an ideal venue to conduct your training session. We are conducting Soft skill training/workshop. We identify training needs, and design, develop, implement, and evaluate employee training and development programs. We are providing consultancy services for our valued client also. Already we have worked for some of the renowned banks, FMCG to develop soft skill for the employee from.
271 Price Global About Suzanne Price. Unconscious Bias E-Learning. Managing Overtime Workshop. Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarking and Consulting. Gender Equity and Leadership Development for Women. Supporting businesses and individuals in creating a world where people bring their best self to work and thrive. Who are Price Global. Price Global are a diversity & inclusion training and consultancy service helping businesses and their people achieve their best results by bringing their best selves to work.
272 ADVISORY AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOCUSED ON ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA. DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AND PRODUCTION SUPERVISION. UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE IN KIDS CONTENT AND MEDIA. Since forming an advisory and consultancy business in 2013, Sander has advised film studios, production companies, networks, game developers and publishers and other media companies on all aspects of programming and commercial strategy, business development, creative affairs, production and distribution.
273 Usa Softech job search at Usa Softech.Inc,we are the Staffing and Consultancy Services Company a specialists in the field of providing staffing solutions,  consultancy company and staffing services.
274 Longrange The world of business is evolving at warp speed, unrestricted by distance, time zones, languages or currencies. Technology is erasing past limitations, redefining customer relations and business to business interaction. If the pace of change is relentless, the opportunities are equally unlimited. The only boundaries to growth are those in our minds. LONGRANGE an IT Solutions and Consultancy Services company is your partner in a fast-changing world.
275 Strategic Vision Advisory Board Development. Branding & Positioning. Event Development & Management. Integrated Communication Strategy. Strategic Planning & Implementation. British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commision. Grace Bay Resorts. Meredith, Affluent Media Group. Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts. Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris. Founded in 1998, Strategic Vision is a global marketing communications company offering a range of integrated sales, marketing and consultancy services for organizations in the luxury l
276 Ios Forestry YOUR PARTNER FOR INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES AND GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING. IOS Forestry is an economic development and forest management consulting firm. We provide consultancy services to the public and private sectors. Our goal is to develop forest management strategies that have long lasting environmental, social and financial impacts on the communities that depend on them.
277 Aworks Aworks is founded by Aldert Nijhuis and has its focus on legal consultancy services in the fields of Media, ICT (specifically telecommunications and software), Internet Law (such as privacy policies, hosting, domain names, online IP issues, etc. Aworks has assisted many (start-up) companies with the complete legal framework of their online business. Aworks can help you creating your legal entity (including the necessary trademarks, domain names and other required intellectual property rights), ensuring comp
278 Grove80 Grove80 Ltd is a Training and Consultancy service based Llandudno in North Wales
279 Firetechni Professional Fire Safety consultancy service throughout Northern Ireland.
280 Tcs Tata Consultancy Services is a global leader in IT services, consulting & business solutions with a large network of innovation & delivery centers. Know more!
281 Totalplus Management Uk Contact us for FREE initial discussion at info@totalplusmanagement. Totalplus Consultancy Services offers bespoke solutions tailored to exact requirements. With over 30 years experience in Telecoms, IT, Copywriting and Marketing we can provide consultancy on RFI, RFP and other tender documents as well as Website development, Product Literature and marketing.
282 Keystone Real Estate Through personal experience our policy is to provide a second to none Real Estate and consultancy service specialising in all types of investment property, whether it is a house, beach front property, office space, shops, warehouses and other commercial entities or just land.
283 Learn Sap Bw CONSULTING With the best talent pool and technology understanding, LearnSAPBW  has been successful in providing path breaking customer centric IT Consultancy services to our esteemed customers. We have helped our customers to enhance and accelerate their economic returns by our quality offshore software consultancy services. Consulting Services professionals can assist you in Assessing and defining long-term information IT systems management strategy.
284 Q Associates Q Associates is a chartered quantity surveying, project management and green building consultancy service company
285 Paul Flannery Plans 4 Home Extensions Drawn 4u in the Midlands. Stages 1 and 2. Plans 4u Home Design & Consultancy Service.
286 Global Image Factory Global Image Factory is a global design agency focused on providing consultancy services to deliver digital production in 24hrs turn time.
287 Quattrodesign Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci. Is a leading professional design practice founded in 2003 by Tamer Shaqwara to provide consultancy services in the core disciplines of Design and digital technology. Being a leader in the CG industry in Jordan,  quattro:Design  has used its experience, man power and advanced technology, together with professionals in design, to support different types of clients, all over the world, and helped its clients to impress their target groups.
288 Imbarnes Consult We provide Luxembourg resident directors to boards of regulated and non regulated investment funds, consultancy services, training & conference speaking.
289 Neotribal Design the corporate website for Neo Tribal, graphic design, training and consultancy services. Come join the Tribe!
290 Mowla Mohammad Statutory Audit & Assurance Services. GROUP OF COMPANIES/INDUSTRIES. Statutory Audit & Assurance Services. Payroll Tax Consultancy Services. Corporate Tax Consultancy Services. Personal Tax Consultancy Services. VAT Consultancy Services. Foreign Investment Consulting Services. Personal Tax Management Services. We have Multidimensional strength Category our strength is reflected into the four criterias of Our Experience, Our Clients ,Our Staff and Our Quality of Service .
291 Bre Productions International Storyboards, Digital Illustration, Concept Art, Creative Consultancy Services, Film Pre-Productions, Event Management, Fashion, Vocal & Performing Art Coaching, Pageants, Photography, Entertainment, Talent Showcases,  Performing Arts
292 Microplus Consulting We provide efficient and affordable IT  solutions, digital entrepreneurship training, and other technical and management consultancy services. We have a team of dynamic and highly skilled professionals, who are constantly developing innovative technology based solutions to improve the workflow processes of public and corporate enterprises. Need further information about our product and services.
293 Mahandru Associates US Business Investor Visa Consultant. We are a leading Migration advisory firm that offers US Business Visa & USA Investor Visa consultancy services.
294 Al Waqia Build your business’s success. Build your business’s success. We at Al Waqia investments limited provide business consultancy services to our clients. Our focus is on the business expansion of the clients. We analyse and evaluate the potential of the client and based on their strengths advise them on various areas and markets the client can invest in. For the past 8 years, we have helped businesses create their presence and achieve their goals.
295 Amick Brown Amick Brown is an SAP Services Partner and provides a full range of consultancy services to support all SAP technology implementations.
296 Achievers International ACHIEVERS offers you specialised education and migration consultancy services. Our education counsellors and registered migration agents have extensive experience in providing high quality education and immigration services. We have successfully placed over 4700 students from a number of countries around the globe including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia and Banglades.
297 A Sawyer C MBD Consulting offers world class IT consultancy services
298 Maris Uk Service and support services. Service and support. Radio and Microwave Frequency design and consultancy services. Bespoke, Client Focused, Engineered Solutions resourced from an in-house team and a wide range of partners. Complete turnaround of complex projects including civilian, mechanical, electronic and electrical Engineering.
299 Im Consulting SAP Support Services on Productive Environment Software Factory SAP BI Consultancy  Business Consultancy Services SAP Consultancy Support Services
300 Iporaitech We provide software development and consultancy services based on agile processes and cutting edge technology such as Elixir, Phoenix Framework, JavaScript ES6+, React, GraphQL, Relay JS, Kubernetes, Ruby and others.
301 Ezek Specialists in recruitment for the financial services sector. Providers of consultancy services including leadership development , outplacement and career coaching.
302 Gem Engineering Mechanical Consultancy Services. Electrical Consultancy Services. Offices & Commercial Buildings. Hotels & Hospitality Centers. Hospital & Health. Powerline & Rural Electrification. Master Plan Projects. COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS AND OFFICES. We have worked on so many commercial buildings and offices  such as Kigali Heights Development,Lourdel Office Development and so many others.
303 25 Watts Print & Design We specialise in quality screen printing and graphic design and offer a consultancy service to the industry based on our significant experience. Exclusive distributors of Ryonet Discharge Printing Inks in Australia. ABN 51154991081
304 Premier Tax Accounting We full service accounting and tax firm with accredited and experienced professionals serving the community. We provide Outsourced Accounting, Write up/ Bookkeeping Service, Business Incorporation & Formation, Business and Individual Tax Preparation, Payroll Services, Professional Tax Representation Services, Tax Planning and Business Consultancy Services.
305 Basu Green Solutions Agricultural Consultancy Services. Agricultural Training Services. Agricultural Research Services. Ornamental Landscaping Services. Agricultural Training Services. Basu green solutions is a Nairobi based organization founded in 2013 as a private –sector company to provide agricultural consultancy services to small, medium and large scale farmers in east African Region.
306 Music Rightz Music Rightz offers music consultancy services and music, clip, footage and talent clearances for film, television, advertising, mobile, games, stage and web.
307 Oikodiplomatique Adults affected by conflict and violence will not be able to. Without psycho-social help and healing. Regreening Africa gets a major boost. Rev Dr Samuel Kobia pioneers links between faith and environment and sets the scene for Faith in Regreening Africa. At OIKOdiplomatique we offer hands-on consultancy services through peace envoys and the identified cadres of practitioners who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake missions to places and situations that need peacebuilding, peacemaking an
308 Nelc Xplore Changing Myanmar’s education landscape. We offer a wide range of consultancy services, from contract management to curriculum development. We strive to provide maximum choice and quality with our international certifications. We offer English language programs to suit both individuals and businesses. We are currently involved in a number of community development programs which you can be part of.
309 City Education We Are An Education Consultancy Firm. City Education LLP commenced its business operations in October 2016 in Sylhet, Bangladesh, with a view to providing consultancy services pertaining to overseas higher education with highest of standards and credibility. We have, indeed, taken a gigantic step in accomplishing our objective within a very short span of time given the fact that we have stepped in the market only a couple of years ago and our name has already attained considerable status.
310 Marina Consultancy Services Your Trusted IT Partner. Network Design & Support. Network Setup & Cabling. We always want to hear from you at Marina Consultancy Services. Contact us today to find the customized IT solutions that best fit your needs.
311 Digivolve System Integration Work, Network Architect, Project Execution, System Implementation and Consultancy Service Provider Standard quality at Digivolve
312 Clayton’s Marketing Consultancy Services Clayton`s Marketing Consultancy Services is a registered service-oriented entity which operates mainly in the environs of St. Catherine, Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica. We specialize in the creation of Marketing Plans, Promotional Plans, Business Plans and Sales Plans. We also conduct Marketing Consultations, Marketing Research, Feasibility Studies, Digital Marketing and provides Project Assistance for University Marketing Students.
313 Woodbury Global Advisors Your Complex Product & Software as a Service (SaaS) Technical Sales and Business Development Consultancy. Welcome to Woodbury Global Advisors . Woodbury Global Advisors are strongly positioned to evaluate, define and provide Technical Sales and Business Development consultancy services to a worldwide network of end-customer, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, other Corporate industry partners and niche capability firms for complex gas turbine propulsion
314 Consima Protocol & Finishing School Welcome to our Protocol, Etiquette, Social Graces and Image Making Consultancy Services designed and packaged with just you in mind. A recent survey showed that many people are very competent in their chosen career or profession, but know little or nothing about what is expected of them at official, business or social functions. Our experience at the highest level of government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria confirmed this conclusion.
315 Fine Edge Consulting Terms of Service. Request New Password. Email Piping is now enable for our ticket system. Email and Spam Filtering Migration. Fine Edge consulting is a multi division company with four different divisions. These divisions are Task24-7, Skynetcoding, Fine Edge MSP and Sophisticate. We are offering you the best consultancy services for your recent technology setup and other aspects of high-tech mechanism of your organization.
316 Extreme Middle East Extreme Middle East LLC is a 100% Omani owned Oil and Gas services Company. We offer field services and design and consultancy services for the Oil and Gas sector.
317 Global Immigration Consultancy Services Global Immigration Consultancy Services. Are you looking for Skilled Workers > We have a database of Skilled Workers > Software Developers – Information System Business Analysts – Business Analysts – Engineering Managers (Civil) – Electrical Control Engineers – Project Managers (Information System) – Cooks – Chefs – Machinists – Pipefitters and more allied Skilled workers.
318 Hasnop We are an independent firm of highly experienced professional engineers providing comprehensive range of transportation consultancy services. Our engineers are engaged on a wide variety of traffic management projects involving feasibility studies, detailed design, procurement, construction and operation of traffic control centres, and installation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) for local authorities and the private sector in the UK and worldwide.
319 Abacus Consultancy Services ACS, Abacus Consultancy Service India is the leading & best software development company of designers, and developers, with having 20+ year custom offshore software development.
320 Net Blaze NetBlaze provides the best small business marketing automation tools, management, and consultancy services to outrank local competitors for increased revenue.
321 Jel Technology JEL Technology is a Michigan Web Design and Information Technology consulting company based in Oxford, Michigan providing a full range of consultancy services with a focus on Small to Medium Businesses. Whether you need a new server, wish to establish an Internet presence, or simply need guidance with IT strategy we are here to serve your needs. No job is too big or small so give us a call to discuss your needs.
322 Tc Management T.C. Management, an international sports management firm, has specialized in the sport of track and field for over twenty-five years. The firm represents world class athletes, and provides consultancy services to national and international track and field competitions.
323 Ahad International Fzc Image Slider Tutorial by WOWSlider. AL-AHAD Group members is a service driven energy, general trading, ict/fintech, data communication & fibre-optic cabling company based in UAE, Nigeria, and USA with a commitment to provide clients with state-of-the-art business & consultancy services, ICT cabling solutions and designs to meet the high demands of the multi-vender data equipment environment.
324 Mvp Taxes & Professional Services Welcome to our website!  MVP offers a complete range of accounting, taxes and business consultancy services to meet your individual and business needs. …
325 Dnec DNEC is established with the aim to provide specialist engineering services as well as general civil/structural consultancy services. Share with us your objectives, vision, time table and budget and we will assess the feasibility of your project and come back to you with the most efficient structural design and construction solutions available. DNEC now operates throughout the Middle East and South East Europe through three design centers:.
326 Offshore Vision and Mission. Remote operated vehicles (Rovs). Diving Support Vessel. Anchor and Tug Supply Vessels. Ensuring Quality Service and Improved Performance. Maritime Support and Logistics Services. Offshore and Onshore Marine Operations. Harley Offshore Services Ltd was registered in Nigeria with RC Number 1144304 to serve companies in the offshore industry within West and Central African region in the provision of marine and offshore equipment, brokerage, agency and consultancy services.
327 Careers Whom do we Serve. Update Your CV. Search for a Job. Training & Development Services. HR Consultancy Services. In 1992, the Center of Orientation and Documentation C. In 2001, after 9 years of dedication to enhance Career Development in Lebanon, C.
328 Fes Pakistan FES Higher Education Consultants has been providing excellent educational consultancy services throughout Pakistan with offices in KPK, Punjab and Sindh.
329 Illumina Lifestyle Consulting Illumina Lifestyle Consulting provides nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing consultancy services to organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.
330 Rivelin Consultants This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We hold dear the commitment of all of our current and future clients as the source of our success and growth. Rivelin Consultants Limited has inhouse expertise that span a period well over 30 years. We provide a range of consultancy services within Trinidad and Tobago to the greater Caribbean.
331 Transformation Consulting & Training Fz business consultancy services and training for the banking and financial sector
332 Shreeji Consultancy Services Interview Time Tips. Submit Your CV. Shreeji Consultancy Services (SCS). Seven Oceans Tours n Travels (SOTT). Shreeji Acadedmy (SA). Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Export – Import, Information Technology, Quality, Logistics, Medical and Health Care, Media and Education to name a few. The best investment a company can make is in their Human Resources. After all the success of an organization ultimately depends upon it.
333 Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Gilkey Restaurant Consulting has been providing premiere restaurant consultancy services for decades. From concept to execution, our food and beverage…
334 Hamilton Kilgour Hamilton Kilgour Ltd.  A new regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering and corporate governance consultancy service available soon.
335 Vadyas We will turn your problems into your advantages. Application development, Business process management, Consultancy Services. Expertise, flexibility and transparency, Long-term relationship. HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE, SPORTS , etc. We are here to leverage our rich experience and expertise for your unique IT requirements. Some of our key services include application development and maintenance, mobile application development, business intelligence and analytics, business process management, cloud
336 Flosolve Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Consultancy Services by floSolve.
337 Prop. Pop-up bars, Event Management and Hospitality Consultancy. By creating bars and events that both customers and staff enjoyed, and by offering flexible consultancy services that support and improve businesses, we achieve our objectives and, bit by bit, make the world of discerning beverage consumption, a better place. Prop is flexible, creative, fun, committed, responsible and very hard working.
338 Three Learning Three Learning creates interactive, engaging, and effective e-learning strategies: ranging from Content Development, LMS solutions, to Consultancy Services.
339 Luso Advisors Angola Strategy Services Angola Business Plans Angola Consultancy Services Angola Business Development Services
340 Olatech Ict Solutions A One-stop Information and Communication Technology Enterprise for ICT Training, Internet services, Online Presence Solutions and Consultancy Services. A Step-by-step guide on How to Setup TeamViewer Application and have access to your PC Anywhere. Beginners Step by Step Tutorial on How to create a Blog or Website using WordPress Platform – New Edition. A Step-by-step guide on How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.
341 Quadra Electronics Dwc Quadra is Contractor  for the ADMS , DMS , OMS , SCADA , BMS and related Automation Solution . We have expertise for  the Retrofitting and replacement of the existing system for SCADA , DMS , SCMS. Consultancy Services, field Services, Design Services and
342 Coatingenius Consultancy services for coatings
343 Oralab Excellent / Quality Remote Database / Application Services at fraction of cost of On-Site Technicians and Administrators. Oralab provides affordable Consultancy services for implementation and support of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). We offer Production Support / Issues Resolution Services to Complement and Supplement In-House Teams. We provide Backup / Recovery implementation services including Disaster Recovery Data Guard.
344 Emarat Business Management Consultancy Services People and Values. Social & Public Sector. Linking Loyalty & Growth. Management Tools & Trends. The Management Tip. Top 10 Tools of 2017. Emarat Business Management & Consultancy Services’s (EBMCS) mission is to be a first choice supplier of Business Management & Consultancy services delivering genuine value for money to our clients. To run a successful business you need a diverse range of business management skills.
345 Renee Bleau Organisational Consultancy Service – Psychologist
346 Hotkey Hotkey is a games publisher and consultancy service that is your shortcut   to better games.
347 Cornell University Obtain a Quote. Operated and staffed by Ph. Years of editing experience with internationally recognized journals. Reliable, rapid and confidential. See some of our  Testimonials. A high quality professional manuscript editing and consultancy service for plant scientists by plant scientists. Submit manuscript for free quote. Receive quote and manage payment.
348 Mixed Signal Systems Mixed Signal Systems Limited provides Product Development and Consultancy services to clients in the Technology, Electronics and Semiconductor industries.
349 Prospect The Prospect Analytics & Consulting LLC is an upper New York based start-up providing clients with state-of-the-art advisory and consultancy services in business management via rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our professional team constitutes top tier talents associated with reputated research institutes and industry managements across the continents, possessing profound knowledge on both the academic and practical ends.
350 Dmj DMJ is a premier accounting firm in North Carolina. Find out more about our accounting consultancy services and tax preparation.
351 Wilfred Cheung Sonic Corporate Services Company is a firm of accountancy, secretarial and consultancy services.  We provide professional book-keeping, company secretarial services to both corporate and individual clients.  Our Corporate Department also provide profession
352 Titan Projects Nigeria Titan Projects Nigeria Limited is the first indigenous waste management company in Nigeria to introduce the TDU (Thermal Desorption Unit) waste treatment facility to the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Titan Projects Nigeria Limited was incorporated to do business in environmental waste management and consultancy services in 1995. Titan Projects Nigeria Limited main business areas are the provision of logistics, treatment and effective disposal of hydrocarbon waste streams to regulatory standards.
353 Oximtech OXIMTECH, INC is a leading provider of materials to Oil & Gas related industries. We were established in 2001 in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world. We are global suppliers of oil drilling rigs, equipments, and parts in the Middle East, South America, and Africa. We also provide consultancy services for oil drilling industry. We are devoted to providing the highest quality materials and services to the oil drilling, refinery, and related industries, while ensuring competitive pricing.
354 Privacy Partnership Specialist Data Privacy Consultancy Services. Privacy Partnership consultants have worked with Regulators and major multinationals. Outsourced DPO services and Smart Privacy technology.
355 G Laycock Information Management Consultancy Services from Geoff Laycock. Providing advice and support for all organisations undergoing digital conversion of documents, photographs, books and archive materials. Supporting the library, arts, archive and heritage sectors in making the right decisions about digital workflow.
356 Wyse Accountancy Wyse Accountancy LLP is an accounting practice established in September 2013 to carry out accounting, tax, payroll and consultancy services. It has a practice certificate issued by Institute of Financial Accountants, United Kingdom (IFA), which is a member of The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) Group and International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).
357 Simpet Advisory HR Training and Consultancy Services. My Instagram Feed Demo. My Instagram Feed Demo. My Instagram Feed Demo. My Instagram Feed Demo. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi hendrerit elit turpis, a porttitor tellus sollicitudin at. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
358 Biod Partners Leaders in Cyber-Physical Consultancy. Disruptive Decision-Making & Transformation Tools. Support for Emerging A. Harnessing the Power of Global Initiatives. Powerful Global Network Platform. About BioD Partners, Inc. We help our clients harness the power of disruption using an unprecedented integration of business consultancy services and mutidisciplinary scientific cross-mapping.
359 Redifcard Technologies Variety of chip card readers for your business needs. RFID Solutions for your business needs. In-store Swiping and Scanning solutions. End-to-End Consultancy services by industry experts. REDIFCARD , for all your chip card needs. Chip Cards & Readers, In-Store Scanning Products, RFID Products. Secure Identity Solutions is any mechanism or system that manages access through the authorization or revocation of rights to physical or logical assets within an organization based on the identity of an individual.
360 Agrient Offering consultancy services and our unique range of natural products which effectively relieve the symptoms associated with ectoparasite infestation
361 Sixways Providing Global Consultancy Services. Product and service analysis for technology needs, costs, and development pathways. Front-facing client portal design, implementation, and deployment. Large scale cloud/non-cloud server architecture design, implementation, redundancy, and deployment. Complete system design for automation, virtualization, deployment, etc.
362 Gihan WELCOME TO BLACK BRANCH. Black Branch was created to meet the growing need for professional security advisory in Nigeria, we are built to provide high quality security advice. We focus exclusively on security, providing consultancy services to help clients develop and improve capabilities in border, aviation, transportation and internal securi. Our clients come from a broad range of sectors, including:.
363 Alkasoft Ghana Portfolio 3 Columns. Portfolio 4 Columns. Portfolio No Gap. Single Layout 1. Single Layout 2. Single Layout 3. Portfolio 3 Columns. Portfolio 4 Columns. Portfolio No Gap. Single Layout 1. Single Layout 2. Single Layout 3. Engitech is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.
364 Bakery Catering Equipment We provide consultancy services & an extensive range of products for all catering & baking operations from small family-run patisseries to plants
365 Fluid Hammer Consultancy Services Fluid Hammer Consultancy Services (P) LTD.
366 Olatunde Ashaolu Olatunde Ashaolu & Co. Business Planning & Advice. Corporate Tax Planning. Payroll & Online Filing. VAT Returns & Registration. We believe in Synergy of Service. Olatunde Ashaolu & Co provides professional accountancy and consultancy services for both private and small businesses. Our purpose is to build trust and add value by providing accountancy solutions.
367 Waxtel Solutions Waxtel Solutions is based in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer professional project management, Web hosting and design, Software Development, ICT Consultancy services, Online Marketing, Bulk SMS solutions, ICT Supplies and Network installations & Support Services to businesses throughout Eastern Africa. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team provide professional IT solutions to help businesses improve their image profile, online presence, and any operational software management issues.
368 Summit Legal Search JD steiner effective advocacy. Summit Legal Search, LLC provides advisory & consultancy services to partners and associates worldwide. With a proven track record, we look forward to providing you with a wealth of information and knowledge. Summit Legal Search, LLC is a leading attorney placement firm, placing partners and associates worldwide in firms and corporations.
369 Translynx Nigeria Its Founder  Mr F A O Ani-Mumuney started off  as Sphinx Nigeria in the 90’s specialising in downstream petroleum distribution. Translynx Nigeria Limited was incorporated as a limited company in the year 2002. Its has since added to its portfolio of services construction in the domestic housing sector and provides consultancy services on multimodal logistics.
370 Segeol Medicals Welcome to Segeol Medicals. Our services includes Medical diagnostic centres, Imports, sales, supply and maintenance of electro-medicals equipment and consultancy services. At Segeol Medicals we are know for our professionalism and prompt servies. X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves. X-ray imaging creates pictures of the inside of your body.
371 Tbnc REPRESENTATIONAL PLANNING, ENGINEERING, ENVIRONMENTAL & TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITS. Special Very Rich, Oak Riparian Environmental Enhancement and Management. TBNC was established in 1999 to provide environmental consultancy services,. TBNC is a professional collaborate of more than one hundred firms, agencies and individuals, comprising a broad spectrum of disciplines.
372 Petmarn Ent Nigeria To Formulate & Produce Chemical Solvents. For Industrial/ Domestic Uses. CHEMICAL, SOLVENTS PRODUCTION & CONSULTANCY SERVICES. Our Company vision is to create a business world class for the production of OEM Certified products for use by the Oil and Gas Industry and the Agro – Allied Companies in the Nigeria Environment as approved by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and the standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) in line with the International best standard practices.
373 Agency For Civil Enforcement Quash Service of Process in Florida, Affidavits and Evidence Services | Florida Quash Advisory Services offered by Licensed Process Server and Private Investigator, Jonathan Levy – Expert Florida Quash and Consultancy Service | Return of Service
374 Apttecs Applied Professional Training & Technical Expertise Consultancy Services. Technical Expertise and Consulting. Design & Delivery of Training Programs. Oil & Gas Training and Consulting Services:.
375 Evoke Global Our services are highly dynamic and tailor-made to suit our diverse clientelle. We provide consultancy services to organization’s that seek to create a paradigm shift in their industry by being the disrupters and game changers. Talk of a competitive edge. Evoke Global is passionate about developing leaders within organizations. Our mission is to develop a new wave of world class work force.
376 Whittington Tighe It was done to time, to high quality, with minimum fuss and for good value. We have already commissioned them again for another project, and intend to do so in the future on a range of activities. UK Research and Consultancy Services. We edit and produce high quality research reports, policy papers, marketing and communications materials, and website copy, communicating the desired message or argument in an effective, efficient, and persuasive manner.
377 Cj Training Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Intermediate Training. Management Responsibilities in Adult Safeguarding. Initial Investigations in Adult Safeguarding. Supporting Victims of Abuse. Domestic Abuse Awareness Training. Professional Development Programmes and Consultancy Services. Please note that all courses are now under development to ensure compliancy with The Care Act 2014.
378 Jpfirst Software company in Tanzania with software for human resources management, payroll processing and strategic planning. Also offers consultancy services in soil survey, land evaluation, business planning and website designing
379 Real World Technology Training & Solutions Welcome to our site. Real World Technology Training and Solutions is an ICT company specializing in Computer Training and IT Consultancy Services. We have the capability to show our customers and potential customers how to make the most out of their IT investment so they can see real return on their investment. We serve the corporate community in both the public and private sectors.
380 Susan Charles About Susan Charles Prints. Print Management Services. Scientific Fulfillment Strategies and Services. Charles Dennis Photography. Project Management and Consultancy Services. A thoughtful, creative and fastidious partner for all aspects of materials production and management. Unequaled print production and graphic design capabilities. Production strategies from prototype to roll out.
381 Tc-consult & Associates TC-Consult & Associates offers professional consultancy services with the support of licensed strategic partners.
382 Mighty Visa Consultancy Centre Success is our pride…. Success is our pride…. Success is our pride…. Mighty Visa Consultancy Centre. As in the 21st Century as a result of the Educational development nowadays there is a greater movement of citizens throughout the world to settle or study in other countries. As a result being the migration consultants we provide professional consultancy services for travelers, students and migrant so that they reach their destination in a legal and professional manner.
383 Ashwani Kant Free Astrolgy Consultancy Service. *No Charges. Birth Chart Reading.Daily Horoscope,Panchang and Kundli Calculator. At AstroMBM.
384 Bentech Systems Office & Phone. Welcome to Bentech Systems. With today’s World becoming increasingly prone to crime incidents, you need a security partner that you can rely on when these threaten. Also, with the corporate environment becoming increasingly competitive, cases of espionage and compromise of trade secrets are on the rise. At Bentech Systems, we provide a full array of security threat prevention and handling that include products and consultancy services.
385 Dexter Dexter Field Services provides industrial clients with air quality consultancy services ranging from leak detection and repair (LDAR) to air permitting.
386 Pandya Consulting Pandya Consulting is a leading professional Accounting services provider includes Tax Service, Payroll Services and Other Consultancy Services in various Industries.
387 Jt Web Development I’ve been a PHP developer since 2002. Here’s some current facts about me:. Zend Certified PHP Engineer. Technical Steering Committee (previously Zend Framework/Expressive). Backward Compatibility Check , and more. Browser Capabilities Project. PHP user group for six years. Roy, a book from Manning Publications. As a professional PHP consultant with many years of experience, I can offer many consultancy services to clients, including:.
388 The Energy Group The Energy Group offers exceptional consultancy services to energy and power generation plants. We work as consultants to owners and investors involved in the operation and asset management of energy facilities and power plants. We serve clients across the globe. Contact us today.
389 Jmv Qs Services JMV QS Services is a long established firm of Quantity Surveyors. Based in Nicosia, Cyprus, we provide a professional consultancy service to the construction industry for commercial, retail, private and public offices, industrial and large residential projects.
390 Patron Network We Offers Broadcasting and consultancy services to different companies and organizations. We specialize in Broadcasting ,Creative Work, IT Services , Live Streaming, Telecomunication and network administration. Patron Network provides bespoke, client-centered solutions across the full variety of various media platforms. We offer low cost and unique solutions for media broadcast via Satellite, VPN, Internet or UDP/IP, Audio & Video live Streaming,.
391 Value Afrika Value Afrika, cheap domain registration, cheap domain renewals, cheap website hosting, cheap email hosting, value website and email consultancy services.
392 Specialized Medical Solutions Specialized Medical Solutions | Healthcare Technology, Clinical Management & Consultancy Services, Call Center Service, Healthcare Marketing in Doha, Qatar.
393 International Educational Consultants Role is to provide educational institutions with Consultancy services related to their Business development in the….
394 You Property Consultants Just For You Property Consultants is a registered real estate consultancy firm in Trinidad and Tobago. We offer properties for rent, sale, lease, mortgage advice, and real estate consultancy services.
395 Cyberma Nigeria largest single-source provider of ICT Training, Telecom and Business Training, Technical Training, Consultancy Services and HR Management
396 Opal Systems Complete Business Solution. Complete Business Solution. Opal seeks success for your company. Here at Opal systems head office we work hard to help companies reach their true potential by connecting them with other companies and government sector for business opportunities. Opal systems llc is based in Houston Texas, We have designed our services to help companies reach their true potential, we serve marketing as well as consultancy services.
397 Gamres Welcome to Gamres. We provide research and consultancy services to design, implement and evaluate responsible gambling (RG) strategy. We also offer a number of innovative tools to optimise RG strategy and to promote positive play. We bring evidence-based research into play. Our deep understanding of the pyschology of gaming behaviour means we always balance our clients need to offer responsible games, in well designed environments, with the goal of offering customers an exciting and enjoyable gaming experie
398 Multiship International Mission & Vision. Specialized Port Service. Heavy Lifts and Vehicles. Steel and Paper Products. Multiship International Ltd. Multship International Ltd is a lSO 9001:2008 certified shipping Company specialized in provision of Specialized Port Service,Bulk Commodities Handling, Containers, Break Bulk Service, Weigh Bridge Serices, Consultancy Services, Steel and Paper Products handling, Heavy Lifts and Vehicles handling among other servicies.
399 Elegant Technology We work with the world’s most ambitious brands and retailers to help them scale their online businesses. We provide technology, marketing and eCommerce advisory services, with a focus on international markets. Elegant Technology is a London-based eCommerce Consultancy, working exclusively with retail brands to support and drive growth online. Our team provide a host of eCommerce consultancy services, ranging from technology selection to marketing strategy, auditing and workshops.
400 Trade Icon Group Our clients and Partners. We Are Trade Icon Group International. Trade Icon Ltd is a private consultancy firm incorporated in Uganda, with partnerships allover the world. We provide a full range of business and trade related consultancy services for applied trade policy and business research and training services to strengthen international trade development institutions in the fields of trade policies.
401 Euro Value Snacks International trade consultants. FOOD SUPPLEMENTS AND SNACK FOODS CATEGORIES. EVS provides consultancy services and matchmaking opportunities to assess companies between the most promising European food supplements suppliers and a solid network of international leading distribution agents. We offer a wide range of services to develop strategies in the pharmaceutical and food supplements retail, aimed at connecting the leading innovations with the most expert operators.
402 Travel 2 Jordan With Us Sweifeh – Galleria Mall, Amman, Jordan. Welcome to Safana Travel & Tourism Company,. Safana Travel Tourism Company is one of Visa World Translation Group, Established in 2009 with a vision to offer customized travel solutions for both independent and corporate travelers, Safana Travel Tourism Company has fast established a name for itself within Jordan. With a complete range of world-class products and consultancy services that support businesses and individuals alike, Safana Travel Tourism Company reflects
403 Bast At BAST we help our clients advance their drug development programs by providing mathematical modelling and data analysis solutions. By supplying fit-for-purpose quantitative consultancy services we enable our clients to make informed decisions and mitigate risks. The BAST team works transparently with its clients, in line with regulatory guidances and internal quality assurance guidelines, leaving…
404 Wiseadvice – Strategy Consultants WISEADVICE Strategy Consultants – Consultancy Services
405 Stratasolve Biostratigraphic Consultancy Services. StrataSolve Ltd provides high quality biostratigraphic consultancy services to the oil and gas industry. Its directors are Dr Paul Dodsworth FGS, a geologist who is established in the field of Cretaceous and Cenozoic palynology, and his wife Liz, a lawyer. The office is based in Warrington, Cheshire, U. Since 2008, StrataSolve Ltd has been providing offshore biostratigraphic services (mainly acid-free palynology) to three oil companies operating in the UK sector.
406 Salah Aljuma I.T. Consultancy Service. One-To-One. Contact Us for help in your I.T. Solution and Services.
407 Orgsavers Skip to primary navigation. Skip to main content. Skip to footer. Skip to footer navigation. See What We Can Do For You. Improve Your Organization: Achieve 20:1 ROI. OrgSavers specializes in providing a unique approach to Managerial and Technical Organizational Improvement consultancy services that result in measurable gains. Specializing in providing a unique approach to Managerial and Technical Organizational Improvement consultancy services that result in rapid measurable gains with as high as 20:1 ratio
408 Owen Stephens Consulting Owen Stephens Consulting. Writings and Presentations. Owen Stephens Consulting. I provide consultancy services to the library sector, specialising in:. Effective use of IT in libraries. Helping libraries design and implement efficient workflows and processes. Procuring, implementing and exploiting library systems. Integrating Library resources and services into learning environments.
409 Sellers Technology Solutions for Small Businesses. Sellers Corp is a Sales and Delivery interface between small businesses based in USA and service providers based in India. In addition to providing Engineering and Technical consultancy services & IT Staffing Services, Sellers Corp helps small businesses to outsource their non-core operations through Sellers’ Managed BPO services.
410 Ksn Technologies information technology consultancy services
411 Axis Bangladesh AXIS is a Consultancy service based organization in Bangladesh for various field.
412 340b Technologies Industry Leading Services and Solutions. Our mission is simple: to make technology an asset for your organization. It is Nuvem’s mission to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by providing industry leading technology solutions and advanced consultancy services through our product divisions. We continually communicate with, and learn, from our clients in order to improve our products and services.
413 Ivy Solutions We are Happy to serve you Agriculture Products at your door step. Please join with us. Products manufacturing & technical consultancy services company since 2013. Commercial counselling for setting up new industrial projects and industry. Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities etc. SUJAAN AGRO is actively involve in agricultural services.
414 Pse Strategic Consultants The broadest rangeof business and consultancy services
415 Datseasy Consulting Datseasy Consulting is a firm that provides quality and professional accounting, payroll and consultancy services to small and medium enterprises
416 Infosphere Systems Infosphere Systems Limited is a professional services company that was incorporated in 2012 and is a market leader in providing diversified technical and professional consultancy services and solutions in the field of ICT. It comprises of IT Consultants who are specialized in their own capacities within key areas of technology and service in the broader ICT technoscape.
417 Future Focus Forensics Future Focus Forensics. Forensic Consultancy Services for Law Enforcement and Attorneys, Training for forensic professionals, crime scene investigators, law enforcment, and forensic and crime scene students, Educational Podcast, and Newsletter.
418 Contact Marketing Services Please Call Us Now. Our Promotional Specialism. Market Research and Consultancy services. Project Full Width. Contact Marketing NG Sliders. Our processes are tailored towards offering our clients a 360° comprehensive, strategic and operational sales and. We undertake continuous tracking. Contact Marketing Services remains one of the Agencies in Nigeria with dedicated national network of offices.
419 Myooou Cyber Solutions Saint Andrew and Jude Travels. Saint Andrew and Jude Travels is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) Accredited Travel Agent established in 2005 and located at No. With a complete range of world-class product and consultancy services that support businesses and individuals alike. We reflect the perfect blend of global expertise and local knowledge.
420 Cyberspace Protect what you love. Keep yourself and your customers safe with authoritative and pragmatic security advice ideally suited whatever your business and budget. Mature your business and ensure customer confidence by adopting and implementing standards and frameworks suitable for you. Gain a secure web presence and monitor your social media success with our web presence consultancy services that will boost your business.
421 Crystal Valuers Crystal Valuers Limited is a real estate firm of registered consulting Valuers, Property Managers and Estate Agents in Kenya. We offer professional services in Property Valuation, Property Management, Selling and Letting of properties and Real Estate Consultancy services in matters properties in Kenya. Located in Nair
422 Summer Region ICT Design Consultancy Services. Design and Implement WIFI Hotspot Solution. Multi development technology platform. Contact us to learn more about our services. Copyright 2006-2016 © SummerRegion.
423 Tim Wood Lexicalscope Ltd is a software engineering consultancy, specialising in architecting and building cloud hosted products for large enterprise customers. We offer consultancy services and training at a daily rate. You can contact us using the form below. Talk to us about: Distributed system design, OO software design, engineering leadership, formal methods, software engineering methods, estimation and prioritisation, requirements analysis, development process and team management, code review and programming s
424 Seomind SEO Social Media and Beyond. SEOMind is an internet marketing consultancy service. We currently hold thousands of top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other top search engines. Our clients range from small, single owner websites to large networks of sites targeting the most competitive industries on the internet. Our MINDS are tuned in with current algo and internet trends and our specialty is in our ability to rapidly adapt to changes and to stay on the cutting edge.
425 Sarangsoft SARANGSoft: High quality software products and services for Windows & Web | web based products and services | consultancy services company
426 Jonathan Jonathan king Ltd is a firm of Immigrations and Travel Consultancy Services. The main duties of the company are to, advice, assist, inform and guide prospective immigrants to find and use current and correct information concerning legal immigration to all countries of the world. The company also strives to identify the travels and immigration needs of each individual with a view to giving: fulfillment dignity and comfort.
427 Monk Dogz Urban Art Monkdogz Urban Art Inc. The company was founded in 2001 and was an early proponent of online social networking, supporting over 2,500 artists from around the world. It also provided consultancy services for art galleries and individual artists. In 2006 it opened its first gallery in Chelsea, New York. MZ continues to represent select US and international contemporary artists.
428 Promansol-tt Promansol employs a unique consortium of Professionals who adapt to meet the specific needs of its Clients, and can be positioned to function as Project Manager, Prime Contractor or Executive Consultant on Projects. Promansol provides a wide array of services in the fields of: Project / Construction Management: Mechanical / Electrical Engineering: Utility Design / Installation / Commissioning: Asset Maintenance Management: Architectural / Structural Design: ICT Consultancy Services: Oil and Gas Exploration
429 Springforth Capital Best venture capitalists and private equity investment firms in Hyderabad and Bangalore, Supporting in business startup and financial consultancy services
430 Sanad Insurance Brokers Established in the year 2011, SANAD is one of the region’s most energetic and innovative insurance service firms. Harnessing the expertise of an enthusiastic team, the company brings almost 45 years of quality-based insurance, reinsurance, and consultancy services to the markets it operates within. SANAD is a market leader and key player in the insurance service field.
431 Cbull Enterprises CBull Enterprises provides management and consultancy services to sports individuals interested in real estate investment and business ownership. Individualized client solutions for successful results.
432 Tcpc Technical center for petroleum consultation. We are a local establishment specializing in focused Oil & Gas industry upstream services. We provide consultancy services for operators and contractors. Often performance is less than ideal, we realign the interests in order to attain the max achievable targets. We are also into training of personal, whether it is technical, on hand or even on management level subjects.
433 Gray’s Cars Servicing, Repairs & Tyres. Buying, Selling & Sourcing. Here at Gray’s Cars we are committed to give you the best service possible. We will take you through our simple process to find the perfect car for you. If we don’t have the car your looking for we can help you find your perfect car with our consultancy service. You tell us what you are looking for and we will find you a selection of cars you may be interested in.
434 Contractor Infrastructure Integration Solutions. IT Consultancy Services. SOC & NOC (Command Center). Infrastructure Integration Solutions. IT Consultancy Services. SOC & NOC (Command Center). Looking for a First-Class Business Consultant. Number of different arrangements executed at clients’ offices is fairly extensive today. Frequently the subsystems of apparently bound together IT scene are either inexactly associated with each other or the connection between them is guaranteed by document and information exchange
435 Syssoft Consultants Turnkey Software Solutions. Insurance Online Solution. System Software Design & Development. IT Consultancy Services. Non Life Application. Turnkey Software Solutions. Insurance Online Solution. System Software Design & Development. IT Consultancy Services. Non Life Application. Our major principle is comparative advantage. We provide professional consultancy services to assist you make crucial decisions on Information Technology as a driver for business growth.
436 Triple-point Engineering We offer m&e consultancy service in energy sustainability, building services, mission critical facilities and standards & compliances
437 Peman Consultants PEMAN CONSULTANTS LTD, a reputable firm of Registered and Practicing Urban and Regional Planners (Physical planning), Environmental Impact Assessment/Audit Experts providing a wide range of consultancy services in Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits.
438 Greenconflict To become an internationally recognized institution equipped with the necessary tools and methodologies to provide consultancy services to companies, governments, nongovernmental and international organizations with the aim of promoting a culture of dialogue, and the responsible and sustainable use of the environment. Promote better and informed decision making among societies through rigorous research, capacity development and technical assistance in the different areas of our work.
439 Sqa Service Professional software quality assurance and process consultancy services. We provide quality testing services for your software or help you optimize your business processes.
440 Highland Design Speak With Us Today. Why Choose JGL Property Management. JGL focuses primarily on multi-family commercial properties which include apartment buildings and condominium associations ranging from 4 to 300 units. Our residential department based in Fairfax, VA focuses primarily on single family homes within a 25-mile radius. JGL offers consultancy services for distressed property turnarounds by developing a plan and setting the property on the right track.
441 Geb Impact Technology Geb Impact Technology is a HK based technology company specialized in microalgae related production and consultancy services.
442 [email protected] HSE TRAINING, HSE POLICY DEVELOPMENT AND HSE CONSULTANCY SERVICES.  Best Edge International aspires to set the standard in occupational Health and Safety including managing business risk around the global.
443 Mess Middle East Smart Solutions MESS is a cybersecurity MSSP, providing SOC as a service, in addition to Digital forensic services, cybersecurity consultancy services, and cybersecurity training.
444 Stable Resources For over a decade, Stable Resources have been providing specialist recruitment and technical consultancy services across the Cyber, Defence, Security industry sectors.
445 Turnstyle Welcome to Turnstyle Marketing, Inc. TURNSTYLE MARKETING CREATES special projects AND PROVIDES destination management, PUBLIC RELATIONS, marketing, sales, and consultancy services. Turnstyle Marketing, Inc, a boutique Marketing & PR agency headed by a dynamic and highly driven team of professionals has been working passionately in the hospitality industry for over 30 years.
446 Nbteng Node Beam Technology for Engineering & Consultancy services. Node Beam Technology for Engineering & Consultancy services. Nbteng’s team of consultants provides carriers with the technical expertise to maximize efficiency. Nbteng’s team of consulting experts can help the carrier’s fine tune their network, reduce cost by improving efficiencies and maximize the profitability.
447 Task Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. – India Brand “TASK” originated in 1996, and now known as Task Initiatives Pvt. Ltd, with an idea of providing consultancy services to the Corporates in the areas of Recruitment, Training and Research, through a single window. TASK Staffing Solutions Pvt. Executive Search, Selection services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Copyright © Task Initiatives Pvt.
448 Wissen Group (the Knowledge Window) Request a quote. Request a Free Quote. IT SERVICES @ iTEES. Information System Support. Software Engineering Consultancy. Information System Audits. HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT (HRD) Services @ ConTra. Educational Services @ ECATION. ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY SERVICES @ eX2T. Please fill in the form below to request a free quote and one of our experts will contact you to arrange a meeting.
449 Neteffect Caribbean Satisfaction lies with us. See how we make success easy. Looking to go mobile. Is this your disaster recovery plan. Don’t let anything keep you down. Can’t find the right resources. Choose us and end the search. Hardware and Software Sales. Discover how your business can improve and how you can benefit from our consultancy services. Find your way of business development with us.
450 Bricon Global Consult Our Key Personel. ADVISORY AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES. PREVENTIVE HEALTH PROGRAMMES. HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS (Local & International). INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES. Finding the most appropriate healthcare solution is a key challenge for most organizations, we assist businesses make the right choice. We maintain a team of qualified medical personnel who provide medical support for short and long term projects.
451 Aayutek Best-in-Class SAP Consultancy Services for Diverse Industries. We Do Quality Driven and Customized Application Development. We trust Data powers everything that We Do. Our mission is to aim at providing the highest quality of service in every phase of Client Relationship, from initial contact to follow up support. Understanding a client’s unique needs and exceeding their expectations is the motto of us to sets us apart from the rest.
452 P2 Consultancy Services Copyrights P2 Consultancy Services Inc.
453 Brent Wellis And Associates News and Media. Organizational Philosophy and Culture (Vision, Mission, Core Values). Brent Wellis and Associates (BW) is a management consultancy company established in 2010 under the laws of Kenya. To provide quality development and management solutions through innovation and responsiveness to client expectati. Our Vision statement is To be a leading provider of integrated management consultancy services in Eastern Africa.
454 Gaitlinbyrd Cement New House Painting | Protective Apoxy Coating Systems | Repaints | Skirting Boards | Line Marking | High Pressure Water Cleaning | Maintenance | Special Finishes Colour Consultancy Service | Texture Coating Air / Airless Spray Painting | Roof & driveway Painting
455 Synthesis Medical The information presented on this website describes Paul Mitchell’s portfolio of work in chronic disease management, including osteoporosis and fragility fracture care. Paul Mitchell is Managing Director of Synthesis Medical NZ Limited. Synthesis Medical NZ Limited provides consultancy services to health policymakers, healthcare professionals, patient organisations and private sector companies throughout the world.
456 Qvist Pharma Consulting Qvist Pharma Consulting. Qvist Pharma Consulting offers marketing consultancy service to pharmaceutical and other health care companies with focus on meeting clients’ needs with high quality services and on time delivery. We are committed to investing in the time and expertise needed helping you deliver your project with maximum impact. Working with us you can always expect high engagement and commitment from start to end of the project.
457 Whiskerstay Whiskerstay provides naval architecture and engineering consultancy services for the marine industry including small vessel assessment and modifcaiton, yacht design, vessel reft and repair, marine renewable energy and subsea specific tasks
458 Integrity Offshore Welcome to Integrity Offshore. Integrity Offshore was formed by a group of marine professionals with extensive experience in the offshore drilling industry with a goal of providing comprehensive assistance with the rig moving requirements of self-elevating mobile offshore drilling units. While Integrity Offshore provides a range of consultancy services related to planning, technical evaluation, research and reporting and training, our core business is the provision of rig movers and marine rep’s for rig mov
459 Good Pharmaceutical Good Pharma is a pharmaceutical sales an marketing firm with an advisory and consultancy services arm.
460 Deltalift Resources Nigeria LETTER FROM THE CEO. PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACTING. MANUFACTURING AND VALUE ADDED SERVICES. LETTER FROM THE CEO. PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACTING. MANUFACTURING AND VALUE ADDED SERVICES. DELTALIFT RESOURCES NIGERIA LIMITED is an indigenous Nigerian Engineering and Project Services company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with points of presence in Port Harcourt is focused on delivering world class engineering, support and enterprise consultancy services to businesses, primarily in the energy sector, operating in th
461 Saturn Energy Consulting Saturn Energy Consulting Company. Saturn Energy Consulting is an Energy consulting company with well proven track record offering a wide range of Oil & Gas,with sustainable energy management, Consultancy services. In Energy Consulting Services Saturn Energy is not just another energy service company. Do you want a first class energy solution and consulting service in your business.
462 Prudence Welcome to Prudence, We are here to help you. Value added insurance. Courtesy risk management advisory services. Cargo insurance & risk management services. Claims consultancy services. Personal Lines Insurance Services. News / Insights. Partnering with world-class financially solid international and local insurance and reinsurance companies, we bring you state-of-the-art insurance solutions best protecting your business and family.
464 Reliable International A Leading Foreign Education and Visa Consultancy Service of Bangladesh
465 Amplity Learn more about Amplity Health for global healthcare transformational solutions through clinical and medical outsourcing, consultancy services, and more.
466 Easydata For over 15 years, we have supported our clients to achieve their highest potential in developing strong innovation ecosystems. Promoting Sustainable Leadership. We provide tools and methods for achieving corporate mission and goals across multiple industry sectors by aligning leadership and teams to accelerate organizational performance. Our bespoke, innovative management consultancy services help you to quickly respond to external influences that have a significant impact on your industry.
467 Engineering Construction & Management Consulting Engineering & Construction Management. Building Surveying & Property Valuation. SME Business Advisory Consulting. What We Have Done. Our unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities allows us to provide consultancy services in engineering, construction management, and building surveying. ECMC also has specialist strengths in real property valuation and SME business advisory services.
468 Easy Dial Research It’s a statistical firm that specializes in computerized data analysis and Research Consultancy. Easy Dial Research is composed of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers whose sole mission is to revolutionalize research consultancy in Kenya and help our clients prepare and plan for the future. Easy Dial Research provides the following services:  . Management consultancy services such as Customer & Employee Satisfaction Surveys and work environment, Media monitoring, advertising and branding, perception surveys, opinion
469 Cedcons Collaborative Engineering Design Consultancy Services. Collaborative Engineering Design Consultancy Services. Collaborative Engineering Design Consultancy Services. Collaborative Engineering Design Consultancy Services. We are a Mumbai (India) based Industrial project Design Engineering firm. We have an in-house knowledge and experienced CORE team with more than 20 years of experience in the EPCM industry.
470 Osprey Investments Driving development in Nigeria and Africa with investments and world-class consultancy services. Osprey and its partners work with Government, the private sector and individuals to tackle challenges and opportunities requiring world class specialist technical knowledge and skills which contribute to the economic growth and development of Nigeria and Africa.
471 Fractal River We help growth startups scale faster. Accelerating Growth Companies Since  2012. Fractal River partners with exceptional growth startups to help them scale faster. We combine a robust methodology with business & IT consultancy services that build the strategic and operational infrastructure you need. Our proven, holistic approach enhances multiple levers of growth including marketing, sales, product and customer operations.
472 Michael Foster Marine Surveys, Consultancy and Valuations based in Kent, South East England. UK based Professional Surveying and consultancy service for a wide range of leisure craft, including Power boat and Yacht surveyor services.
473 Ets. Wadih S. Moujaes Wayfinding & Signage Consultancy. Mission & Vision. High quality standards of electromechanical fixing systems & solutions. European & American brands. A product range that guarantees enhanced performance. Anchoring systems, pipe support systems, bolts, nuts, hand tools, drilling & precision tools…. Looking for added value consultancy services. We offer first-class wayfinding schemes and signage designs.
474 Paraverse Technologies Paraverse Technologies Ltd. providing superior IT Consultancy services Trinidad. Security Cameras Reseller Pricing.
475 Indus Marketing Consultancy Services L INDUS Marketing and Consultancy Services, LLC offers the opportunity for U. We focus on serving small to midsize companies in the U. SERVICES & SUPPORT.
476 B Architects 4B Architects is an Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning firm focused on innovative design and integrated consultancy services founded in 1967 in Lebanon.
477 Primero Outsourcing Office No: 11 Near Old Airport Doha – Qatar PO. Welcome to Primero Outsourcing W. Our firm offering accounting, finance , audit , admin , tax (including VAT) and consultancy services to small and medium enterprises. L is a Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) firm offering accounting, finance , audit , admin , tax (including VAT) and consultancy services to small and medium enterprises.
478 Informatic Gurus A world class engineering, geological, geophysical and environmental services provider. We provide top quality service in civil engineering and building construction, geophysical exploration of groundwater, borehole drilling, and construction of treatment plants,consultancy services in oil and gas exploration and production, supply, importation and distribution of petroleum products among others.
479 Centuria Tech Cobol & Mainframe. Hadoop Big Data. Your Growth is Our Target. Centuria Consultancy Services brings to companies and candidates a wealth of information and a wide spectrum of experience in placement Services. Centuria Consultancy seeks to change the recruitment process forever and deliver speed to Companies that use its services. Centuria is a distinguished entity pioneering in strategic nexus between Training and Staffing Solutions.
480 Jocarol Nigeria Our priorities include rendering impecable service in export and import including consultancy service in passenger and aviation groung cargo handling.
481 Zagragja & Associates Tax planning and preparation. Tax planning and preparation. YOUR PARTNER IN ACCOUNTING. A brief description of Zagragja & Associates. Our beginnings as a professional service firm originate from a legacy of accountants who have been in the business for more than three decades. We take pride in the accuracy, reliability and promptness of our tax, accounting, and consultancy services.
482 Query Evolving People Every way. To learn what people like, and why they like the things they like. We deliver end to end marketing and consultancy services to our clients. We understand that it is not just about how good the ideas behind the solutions are, but also the effectiveness of creating and delivering results to our clients. From outlining the commercial strategy to execution and assessment of the current product, performance and future potential, we are here for you.
483 Wilson Hinds Consulting Wilson Hinds Consulting offer an unparalled Emotional & Cultural Intelligence consultancy service offering, bespoke coaching and training initiatives.
484 Ahura Aqua Treat After Sales Services. Research & Development. Effluent Treatment Plant. Zero Discharge RO. Storage and Distribution Systems. We are one of the leading manufacturers and consultancy service providers for water, waste water and sewage treatment plants. These are mostly used in industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, food, steel, dyes, sugar, distillery and many more.
485 Bce/bci Experience of the Organization. Experience of the Organization. Founded in 2000 with an initial focus on Highway Engineering, Beza Consulting Engineers has since been delivering ground-breaking consultancy services for project which represent outstanding importance in the Ethiopia’s infrastructural development history with a total project length of several hundred kilometers of roads and has been undertaking numerous projects in other parts of Africa as well.
486 Maciver Consultancy Services Maciver Consultancy Services Ltd. Timber Frame House. Shared Accomodation Unit. Lews Castle Grounds Topographical Survey. Access Road Design. Foul Sewer Design. Arnish Moor Windfarm. Benbecula Airport Coastal Protection Works. Dun Eisdean Footbridge (£60K). Coastal Flood Risk Assessments. Maciver Consultancy Services Ltd is a Civil and Structural Engineering company based in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.
487 Databasable Seeking AWS specialist? Databasable is a prominent cloud consulting company whose expertise can help to architect, deliver, and manage AWS migrations, AWS security, AWS cloud consulting, and managed AWS services in an efficient manner. Contact us for AWS Cloud consultancy services now!
488 Iso 21500: Guidance On Project Management Certification Workshop + Exam Institute of Singapore Project Management provides training and certifications in hard skills and soft skills such as PMP Project Management Professional, CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management, OPM3 Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, Six Sigma Black Belt, ISO, ISO 21500: Guidance on Project Management, communications skills and customer service skills. We also provide project management services and consultancy services to various industries such as telecommunications, IT and enginee
489 Watabe Digital Welcome Dorcorp Investment. Welcome Dorcorp Investment. We are fully prepared to assist you with all of your farming needs. Agribusiness, Irrigation, Forestry, Mining, Training and consultancy services to its clients. Our business model is based on establishing long term relationships and value addition for our partners (be they customers or suppliers of goods and services).
490 Seanet Verification Services No products in the cart. SeaNet provides bespoke maritime inspection, investigation, internal audit, training, and technical & regulatory consultancy services to owners and operators of ocean-going vessels. Check out our full complement of services throughout our site, then contact us to help with your maritime needs. Dulles, VA 20166 United States. SeaNet Verification Services, LLC © 2019.
491 Helm Offshore Helmoffshore Offshore has been incorporated in Singapore, our main focus is Commercial Management of Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) & Consultancy Services related to Offshore Oilfield Services Sector
492 Aryaa Associates Projects and Clients. Projects and Clients. Cloud Computing and Machine learning Consultants. We started 12 years ago with a very small team. We have since grown and provided cloud computing consultancy services to a host of clients. We help our customers understand user needs, product management, delivery management, architectural designs and reviews, cybersecurity arrangements and digital transition planning.
493 Oakwood To provide high quality and technically sound professional consultancy services, characterised by innovative, practical solutions, and best practices. To provide high quality and technically sound professional consultancy services, characterised by innovative, practical solutions, and best practices. Professionalism, Quest for Excellency and Quality, efficiency and give our clients value for money”.
494 Nolf Projects Nolf Projects Limited was initially established by its founders as Enterprise Company in the early 90s and was later consolidated as a limited liability company with an initial shares capital of over N1. Nolf has enjoyed steady growth ever since. The multi-disciplinary structure of the company deepens and enriches its specialization in many fields of Engineering Operation, Corporate Training, Consultancy Services, Communication, Industrial Production, Marketing and Finance.
495 Pioneer Digital Media The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post. Subscribe For Free Consultancy Service. Join our mailing list to receive the  Consultancy Service  from our team. You have Successfully Subscribed.
496 Kiley Associates Kiley Associates LLC in East Northport, NY offers various consultancy services including certification program consultancy and evidence storage consultancy.
497 Unidata Audio Video Solutions. Our Services & Products. Lenovo, Epson, Cisco, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Xerox. Professional IT infrastructure development. Secured Network solutions for corporates. Network Security, Data Security Solutions. Wide range of Audio visual products, Consultancy services. Barcode & Weighing Solutions. Weighing and Barcode Solutions. Our product range includes the products of leading Brands like Lenovo, Epson, Cisco, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Xerox, Avery Berkel, TSC Etc.
498 Flamytech Computers FlamyTech is a technology company that supplies smartphones, tablets and laptops, and provides software development, IT training and consultancy services.
499 Layla Alqassab Coachlq Consultancy Services provides qualified and experienced coaching services and business consulting services across business sectors ensuring that personal, professional and organizational requirements are met. It is owned and managed by Layla Alqassab, a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC) trained by CTI – The Coaches Training Institute and member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF).…
500 Simplisolar We are a group of professionals who are passionate about improving people’s quality of life through the harnessing of solar energy in Malaysia. We offer consultancy services, design, planning & installation of photovoltaic systems with excellent after-sales service.
501 Solv-numerics Cae Solv Numerics provides CAD, CAE engineering consultancy services to customers across the globe. Solv Numerics is one of the fastest growing engineering  services   provider in India. Quicker  turnaround   means  reduced  cost  of  NPI to the customer. We provide excellent overlap with customers abroad, thus reducing time-zone differences. Solv-Numerics strives to work efficiently and effectively to serve as a  desired outsourcing destination  in India for our global clients.
502 Skillpro Global Skillpro Global, services, consulting, Consultancy Services, ERP services, business solutions.
503 Gram Laboratories In the past twenty years, GRAM Laboratories has grown to be one of the premier contract service organizations with proven expertise in the development of a wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Our strength is in the customization of services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. From small to mid-size and large companies, as well as virtual organizations, GRAM Laboratories has provided meaningful laboratory and consultancy services in various aspects of drug and product development.
504 Atlantic Bitumen Bitumen / Asphalt – Atlantic Bitumen, Inc. offers shipping, supply, handling, transportation, additives, and consultancy services for the bitumen industry.
505 K M Marketing Consultancy Services K&M Marketing and consultancy services LLC offers a professional marketing system that provides the highest standards of quality and efficiency where service, creativity, reliability, and integrity are the hallmarks of every aspect of our work. Our effort is to be the bridge to assure the safe business interchangeability between the world and the North American Market, and vice versa.
506 Radient Project Management Services Welcome to RADIENT P. Radient Project Management Services Limited. Radient Project Management Services Limited (R. Based in South, Trinidad, we provide and manage quality Project Management training and consultancy services for all industries, both locally and internationally. Experience the Radient Difference . PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING. RISK MANAGEMENT FOR PROJECT SUCCESS.
507 Sazyar: Persian Musical Instrument Provider Sazyar | Persian Musical Instruments & Accessories, Online Setar and Tanbour lessons, Professional Instruments Repair, Vintage and Old Instruments Consultancy Services  Persian (Iranian) Musical Instruments & Accessories
508 Newton Communication Solutions Welcome to Newton Communication Solutions’ Portal. Newton Communication Solutions (NCS) is an innovative and client-driven provider of Training and Consultancy services, based in Nairobi, Kenya with operations across the East African region (Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan) and looking beyond. Our specialty is Transformation. We transform individuals’ lives and organizations’ status through Quality Training.
509 Anku. Anku Trademarks & Patent Attorneys/Agents. Recovery of Debt. Legal Due Diligence. Legal Transaction Advisors. Preparation of Shareholder’s Agreement. Immigration Consultancy Services. Trademarks Drafting, Registration & Consultancy. Drafting & Conveyancing of Lease. We assist our foreign clients in regularizing their stay in Ghana by assisting them get work and residence permits.
510 Xertab Xertab specializes in innovative full life cycle software development, solutions and consultancy services.  Xertab
511 Legal Provides consultancy services relating to international and domestic legal issues associated with Earth orbit and other non terrestrial ventures.
512 Service Provider , Contractor Call for a FREE Quote. Reliable , Professional AND TRUST WORTHY. Bring our unparalleled service to your project. HSE Trainings & Consultancy. Burak & Associates offers a wide range of training programs and consultancy services. We have a team of professional trainers nationally and internationally. Burak & Associates is one of the leading organizations in HSE training & services provider in Pakistan.
513 Galeson Contractors OIL & GAS SERVICES. GALESON CONTRACTORS LTD is a leading Procurement, Logistics Support, Oilfield Services and Engineering Contracting firm. We are also into other Sectors such as Medical/Laboratory Equipment Supply/Installation, Real Estate & Consultancy Services in Nigeria. Do You Have A Project We Can Help You With. Quality & Environmental Sustainability.
514 Southwest Business Services Remote work strategies for employers and employees–business consultancy services, information, resources, articles, work at home job postings.
515 Agency Athlete Agency Athlete provides sports marketing, management and consultancy services for pro athletes, brands and sports properties.
516 Harte Discovery Services Consultancy service for Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry.
517 Ematrix Business Consultancy Services. Do you have a question. Click here to send us an email.
518 Prisma Sustainability to the Next Level. Motivations to Consider in Buying a Moissanite Engagement Ring. Ingenious Ways To Cut Down Your Printing Costs At Work. Corporate Hospitality in Sports Marketing. Things You Must Consider When Hiring Business Consultancy Services. Glass Skylight Features Made Easy and Simple. If you’re buying cheap Velux skylights, it’s hard to choose the best skylight because of the many features of every product.
519 Myanmar Bureau myanmarbureau provides specialised advisory and consultancy services. Our   Myanmar focused services include enhanced due diligence and market entry   with particular emphasis on reputational risk and Corporate Social   Responsibility (CSR).
520 Mobilsoft MobilSoft Ltd, a company based in UK, is an independent provider of software products and related consultancy services for future and emerging mobile telecommunication systems such as HSPA, LTE and WiMAX. MobilSoft provides innovative simulation tools which can be used by researchers and engineers in order to evaluate system level performance of various designs and configurations of the mobile wireless networks.
521 Design Arabia Fzc Since its inception specifically for providing services to Defense sector and Oil field sector in IRAQ and Middle East. NAAC has grown into an entity that has diverse activities from Catering to Consultancy service all across. NAAC prides itself in adhering to our binding principle regardless of the sector we work in or the organization we deal with. NAAC growth has been underlines by the many achievements that have been the stepping stones to our success story, many of have been achieved under very trying
522 Maroil MAROIL Inc. provides high quality consultancy service and support to the Maritime Oil Industry. Management and Operational Reviews, Risk Analysis, Incidents Investigation,TMSA and Fleet audits, Manual Preparations, Tonnage Evaluation and Ship Inspections.
523 Hasco Europe Provide Health & Safety Consultancy services to the Construction industry
524 Vinapani Group Welcome to VINAPANI GROUP VINAPANI PUBLICATION PVT LTD VINAPANI IT SOLUTION. Ours is budding Group with R. O at Virar(W),Greater Mumbai. We are starting with range of Data Book & IT consultancy services.
525 Memail Global Integrated Expert BusinessConsulting Company. Expert Business Consulting Company With 15 Years of Experience. Best Market Analytics& Strategy Planning. Traditional methods of doing business change almost daily. Your Complete & Consulting Partner. Our team of dedicated leaders, managers and consultants. Explore Our Consultancy Services. We Provide the Best. Our goal is to make sure we support you every step of the way.
526 Agn Kotadia Usa LEADING BUSINESS CONSULTANCY. Passionate About helping You to achieve your work. Bank And Finance. AGN KOTADIA USA LLC is a cross-border consulting company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA that provides full suite of management, financial, legal and accounting, business immigration consultancy services for small / medium businesses. We endeavor to content our clients by providing the highest quality professional services that address their existing & potential business requirements.
527 Aherne Automation Established in 2016 Aherne Automation provides Industrial automation consultancy services to the manufacturing industry.
528 Universe We persistently pursue excellence in every service we provide Headquartered in Amman-Jordan, Universe Path provides a wide range of corporate professional training and consultancy services directed to private and governmental sectors, locally and…
529 Bait Alakram Technology at a Blink. Bait Al-Akram for Information Technology is a leading company providing solutions and consultancy services in a comprehensive modern way with services offered for different segments and sectors of the market. Our unique brand relies on services such as information centers, developing solutions and site management as well as professional designing and high security protection installation.
530 Summit Technology Group Welcome to Summit Enterprises. Business – Managemant – Technology – Publishing – Fundraising – Corporate Treats – Education & Development. Business and Technology Consultancy. Providing Buisiness, Management, Technology, Publishing & Board consultancy services. Contact Us   for more information. Providing writing services including Personal, Technical, ghost and grant writing, policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Publishing.
531 Merc Data Consulting MERC Data Consulting (MDC) is a Registered Independent Center for Data Analysis. MDC renders consultancy services to Education Professionals and Researchers….
532 Britgaspar BritGaspar is an independent local consulting company and is involved in providing management consultancy services to clients both in Pakistan as well as globally. Established in 2006, BG is based in Lahore with branch offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar. BritGaspar only works across the multi work space which means it is the leading specialist in management recruitment.
533 N S T Contracting Welcome to NST Contracting. Please get in touch for latest CVs. Established in 2013 with clients such as EDF Energy, E. ON and NFU Mutual. Providing clients with a professional consultancy service. Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm. Copyright © 2018 NST Contracting – All Rights Reserved.
534 Chim’s Ergonomics And Safety Chim’s Ergonomics and Safety Limited 詹士人體工學及職安健有限公司 ● Consultancy Services 顧問服務 ● Ergonomics 人體功效學 人體工學 ● Health and Safety 健康與安全 ● Wellness 安康 ● Consultant 顧問 ● Occupational Safety and Health 職業安全及健康 ● Free Consultation  免費咨詢 ● Hong Kong 香港 ● Australia 澳洲 ● Asia 亞洲 ● Hong Kong Ergonomics Society香港人類功效學學會 ● Training 培訓 ● OHS OSH 職安健 職業安全及健康
535 Soti Law Associates Indian Law Firm having expertise in legal drafting, legal compliance,process support and consultancy services
536 Andrew Roberts Cmli Andy Roberts provides a landscape architecture consultancy service offering expert technical support to rural development projects from feasibility to implementation and longer-term management. Andy Roberts – BA, Dip. Andy is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 30 years professional experience gained in local authority, industry and environmental consulting.
537 Ai Consultants STUDY AND MIGRATION CONSULTANCY SERVICE. AI Consultants offering a wide range of services including: Study Abroad, Migration to Australia, Canada, UK. Our study abroad team provides best services for students who wish to pursue higher education in prestigious Colleges and Universities across the Globe like: in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, China, Sweden, Turkey, Malaysia, Russia, Europe, Central Asia etc….
538 Alkhabir Consultancy Group Trainings, Auditing and Consultancy Services. Trainings, Auditing and Consultancy Services. Alkhabir Consultancy Group provide 3 services. CONSULTANCY SERVICES   . Our vision is to be the knowledge manager and champion of latest version of Food Quality System Standards, Standard Regulator and Compliance of any Food safety Training and Education. Striving to be the best Trainer, Auditing Services and Consultant services for Food Safety Training & HACCP, Internal Auditor, ISO Consulting Company in Qatar and M
539 Madans Wheaton Frank k. Wheaton is a sports law consultant or sports law attorney, offers paymaster services, legal consultancy services. If you are looking music industry lawyer, sports law firms los angeles, law firm consultant Indianapolis. Call at (317) 610-3455.
540 Hazeldene Consultancy Services Job Search Advice. Job Search Advice. Forces Business Net offers a port of call for UK and Commonwealth Armed Forces and Former Armed Forces personnel, including the Reserves, who may be seeking work or wishing to employ added value Service people. How to avoid a Resettlement dog’s breakfast. Look to the future. Copyright © 2019 | Hazeldene Consultancy Services | forcesbusinessnet.
541 Energy Tools energytools, llc. is an international consulting firm specialized in providing economic consultancy services and turn-key IT solutions to regulated utility clients. energytools
542 Island Medical Speclsts P Island Medical Specialists Ltd. Medical Consultancy Services. Our Medical Specialists. Our list of specialists includes but is not limited to the following:. Breast & Vascular Surgeon. Consultant Medical Oncologist. Our qualified doctors perform pain free procedures for all your medical needs. At Island Medical Specialists, our priority is providing individualized attention to all out patients.
543 Charles A. Manganaro Consulting Engineers Welcome To Manganaro Engineers. Manganaro Consulting Engineers is an Engineering Corporation specializing in Civil and Consultancy services. With our distinct one-to-one service with our clients and combination of skills, we help build foundations and trust designed to last. The Pocantico Water Treatment System, originally comprised of four lakes, a pumping station, and a water distribution system, with a filter plant added in 1952 to improve.
544 Afrique Consult Coaching & Mentorship HR. We probe and question you to question yourself and come up with answers that make you a better version of who you are as an individual and collectively as a member of a team. When one’s mindset is changed, new results are achieved. We offer online training services, HR Coaching and Mentorship as well as Consultancy services. Afrique Consult Limited is Registered with the following National and Professional Bodies.
545 Pharmgen Pharmgen LLC., is a pharmaceutical clients based consultancy services group which works along with their clients in different areas like generic drug products development, all kind of regulatory submissions to US FDA, auditing firms and clinical study site
546 Minty Marketing Minty marketing, freelance marketing consultancy services, based in Emsworth, Hampshire.
547 V.s Kukreja & Associates Pvt School & Institutional. School & Institutional. Kukreja & Associates Pvt. Vadodra Airport / more…. OMAXE Forest, Faridabad OMAXE Heights, Sonipat Aditya Mega City, Indirapuram. Anna University / more…. M/s IT Soft Ltd, Noida IT Park for M/s Okaya Energy Systems (P) Ltd, Noida. We Redefine Consultancy Services. Exceed Customer Expectations with Good Professional Ethics & High Level of Commitment.
548 Siewert Designs Siewert Design provides a broad scope of yacht styling and interior design services from early concept design and styling through to detailed design for production as well as project consultancy services.
549 Legal Service Legal Service India, Law, Lawyers and Legal Resources Indian lawyers Indian law firms An Excellent Portal on Indian legal services providing free Consultancy services through out India provided by thousands of lawyers and law firms all over India.
550 Icscontrolsystems Consultancy, set-up and implementation of WATER BOTTLING FACILITIES & AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS. ICS provides strategic advice and consulting services to design and implement such facilities. ICS Control Systems provides agricultural consultancy services and solutions.
551 Augeo Asia Pacific Augeo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd or AugeoAP is a Fiji based company providing international consultancy services in the Pacific. Our expertise is in developing strategic plans, operational plans, annual plans, optimizing business processes, and aligning HR and information systems with SP objectives.
552 Datafountain Technologies We are proudly Nigerian, providing wide range of IT supports and consultancy services in Nigeria. Our vast experience in the sale, deployment and support/maintenance of IT hardwares ranging from different brand of servers, storages, routers and switches to deploying and maintaining databases has earned us recognitions in the information and telecommunication technology market in Nigeria.
553 Development Steps Fully Omani owned Management & Marketing Consultancy. We offer the various management and marketing consultancy services.
554 Notus Heavy Lift Solutions Notus Heavy Lift Solutions is recognised as a leader in the complete provision of lifting services. We specialise in delivering Heavy Lift Consultancy services…
555 Eep And B Research & Development Tax Credit. Research & Development Tax Credit. Work Opportunity Tax Credit. EEPB InnovaTax, LLC is a State of Texas registered tax adviser located in Houston, TX. EEPB InnovaTax specializes in Research and Development income tax consultation: Tax advisory services: Tax and taxation planning advice, information and consultancy services: and Tax consultation.
556 World Wide Myanmar (wwm) Business registration and Incorporation. Business Pan Proposal Preparation. Financial and Legal Consultancy Services. Professional Service Firms. News & Resources. Consult With Our Experienced Team for Solutions. Vision, Mission and Core Values. We develop accountancy and auditing skills of Myanmar accountants along with a view of being one of the most desired accountancy service providers in Myanmar.
557 Advanced Design Solutions We are ADVANCED DESIGN SOLUTIONS. Engineering Driven Innovation. Advanced Design Solutions (ADS) is a full-service consulting structural engineering firm specializing in all facets of structural design & investigation, as well as rehabilitation and renovation related engineering and consulting services. The structural engineering team provides professional consultancy services including Structural design and drafting services for wood, concrete, and steel structures.
558 S&p Offshore Diving and ROV support. Fire–fighting and oil spill response. Marine support and consultancy services.
559 Navigators Group Incorporated aims at  and to demonstrate our expertise in improving their knowledge of international trade. With our strategic location, we have a huge advantage in networking our clients that require assistance in market and products development. Since we situated in the heart of largest consuming market in the world for all kinds of products, it makes it easier for us to deliver accurate international trade consultancy service to our clients and to assist them achieve outstanding results in the global mar
560 Aston Reef Consultant Engineers Aston Reef are multi-technology consultants providing a truly independent consultancy service nationwide from our HQ in Cornwall.
561 Consultancy Ofice#14,15Club Road Shama Chowk Sargodha. Education Consultancy Service. Visa File Processing. English Language Course. Language Courses AQ Consultant The Consultants offers language courses in Shama Chowk, Sargodha. AQ Consultant offers linguistic courses…. Visa File Processing VISA FILE PROCESSING is the whole procedure of gathering and organizing required documents     ….
562 Biotech Consultancy Services Biotechnology is generating a more sustainable agriculture, providing healthier and more functional foods and assisting towards cleaner environments. Food safety and public awareness will continue to be an area of increasing importance. It is essential that modern biotechnology applications will ensure the health and well-being of the consumers from field to fork. At Biotech Consultancy Services we aim to be at the forefront of these developments.
563 Siri Consultancy Service Welcome to Siri Consultancy Services. IT Job Consultancy Services. Siri Constultancy services is the premium Consultancy Services in IOWA,Dallas. It offers wide variety of Services to Potential Employers all around United States with Quality Consultancy Services. Consultancy Services for Every Industry. Employees for IT Companies in United States. If you are looking for High Professional Employees for your company, then Siri Consultancy Services is the best bet.
564 Zarnab International Pvt Zarnab International is the Largest Australian Immigration Consultants in Pakistan. We are providing Australian immigration consultancy services in Pakistan for over a decade and have thousands of successful clients.
565 Proxy Brokers We provide Insurance Broking and Consultancy Services both locally and in the region, including Risk Management solutions.
566 Volta WE PROVIDE BEST CONSULTANCY SERVICES IN FISH & SHRIMP HATCHERY CONSTRUCTION, OPERATION, FISH & SHRIMP PRODUCTION IN EARTHERN PONDS, LINER PONDS, CAGES, RAS. AQUACULTURE PROJECTS  & WORLDWIDE CONSULTANCY SERVICES . If you are looking for best Aquaculture products and technology in Ghana, West Africa then Volta Breams Ltd will be one stop solution/supplier and service provider.
567 Aer Link Global Joining Forces Within Aviation. Aer Link Global is an aviation focused agency which can support your operational and technical requirements. Additional to being a licensed recruitment agency, Aer Link Global can offer airlines, MRO’s and asset managers a consultancy service which includes:. Recruitment and Contract staff provision. Assistance with Technical Documentation.
568 Capital It Solutions IT Support Services. The trained and experienced Capital IT Solutions staff gets complete understanding of the product or services that need to be supported. The team then creates robust knowledge base on custom portals to help and provide solutions that serves, all the requirements of the customer. Capital IT Solutions is specialised provider of consultancy services.
569 Daniel  Get Consult Daniel Michael is a Geologist of repute with loads of experiences over the years. From Internship days at Schlumberger USA to substantive employment with the Oil giant to breaking out to set up DMG Consultancy service in 2006. DMG Consultancy services is an exploration Geology Consultant, consulting mainly in the oil Industry. Our firm consists of a small team of specialty consultants with expert knowledge in geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and geochemistry and their application to mining.
570 National Institute For Hospitality And Tourism Human Resources Management. Travel and Tourism. Finance and Account. Human Resources Management. Travel and Tourism. Finance and Account. NIHOTOUR is long known as a Centre of Excellence in professionalizing the people through hospitality and tourism training. Our mandate however goes beyond training exercises. The Institute offers consultancy services like capacity building for institutions: feasibility studies for tourism and related projects’ facilities and management upgrading exercise: facility managem
571 Retail Development Consulting Providing business advisory and consultancy services around the world in the Food & Beverage / Retail Industry.
572 Citrn Welcome to CITRN Canada. CITRN was established in 2001 with the primary objective of providing quality Canadian Immigration consultancy services for migrants from all concerns of the globe. To learn how you can immigrate to Canada as a member of the Family Class, a Skilled Worker, a Business Immigrant or a Student, click on the corresponding image below:.
573 Eveswell Eveswell provides consultancy services, with a focus on helping organisations adopt cloud technologies. We have particular expertise and experience working with risk averse, security conscious organisations, including those in Government, Policing, and Financial Services. Eveswell Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered office: Unit C1, The Point, Weaver Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QN.
574 Frontier Informatics Established in 1986, Frontier Informatics Limited is one of the pioneers in Software Development in India. It is founded and backed by a group of highly qualified professionals with rich and varied experience in successfully implementing complex software projects both in several countries across the world.               The company is engaged in Onsite Consultancy Services, Offshore Software Development, Product Development and Internet Enabled Services.
575 Dasmina Solutions What you will do. How you will grow. Life at Dasmina. Food and Beverage. Human Capital Management. Supply Chain Management. Mergers and Acquisitions. Marketing and Advertising Services. Video and Multimedia. Welcome to Dasmina Solutions. Dasmina Solutions LLC develops and delivers innovative solutions in business and IT consultancy services for making crucial decisions on strategy, operations, technology and human resources in both the public and private sectors.
576 Jm Flying Services We provide sales consultancy services for private aircraft owners to ensure that you secure the best aircraft to meet your specific mission requirements. Welcome to JM Flying Service. We provide quality aviation services that help you to identify opportunities and expand your personal and business horizons. Our  services save you time and money. Private Aviation Is faster, more secure and a lot more fun.
577 Wintek Solutions Wintek Solutions is an emerging American Consultancy Services Provides – Information Technology solutions and service provider company, provide solutions for the complex business needs, most cost effective and efficient solutions and services possess business expertise in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Real estate USA, Together, we can Win IT, Clients CSC, ReMax
578 Crimebusters Nigeria We offer a range of security services including Security training, Security equipment sales, CCTV installation and Consultancy services
579 Global Gate Cpa Global Gate is a full-service financial service provider with a corporate office in Irvine, California. Our business goal is to help individual and businesses stay on top of their finances and tax regulatory obligations through our series of consultancy services.
580 Triplea Ict TripleA ICT is a vendor independent Consultanctcy firm. Offering IT Cost Optimization Service, Microsoft License Optimization Service, Project Managment, IT Procurement Outsourcing and State-of-the-art Security Consultancy Services.
581 Carol Muzyk Environment and Planning Advice Consultancy Services
582 Exponent Consultancy Services List of Services. List of Services. Start your tryst with destiny today. Expand your career horizons by pursuing higher education and research in Germany and Europe. Exponent Consultancy Services (ECS) is a premier consultancy service that helps students and researchers to pursue their dream of higher education and research in European Continent with specific focus on Germany.
583 Desktop Directory Desktop Directory is a business consultancy service that specializes in business startups, upgrades and eCommerce sales. We are here to help you move your new or existing business into the future by providing smooth and easy WEB, POS and Enterprise solutions that will surely increase your business sales.
584 Yopro Global A member of the YoPro Global Group of Companies. Advising & Consultancy Services Include:. Human Capital & Leadership Development using Strengths-based Coaching. Strategic & Financial Planning for Start-Ups, new projects and new groups. Fundraising planning and execution on selective projects using non-traditional programs. Community Service and Engagement through YoPro’s Mission and Projects.
585 Powerlec Nigeria We provide full spectrum telecommunication services spanning engineering services, practical training, industrial networking solutions and consultancy services. Tower/Mast installation, Optic Fibre Cable Installation, Network Planning, Microwave Radio Transmission (MW), Radio Frequency (RF) Installation, Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Site Upgrade and System integration.
586 London Corporate Advantage Consulting London Corporate Advantage Consulting. We believe in interactive learning. Team diversity breeds success. Helping businesses to achieve their goals. LCAC provides you with exquisite management and consultancy services. We provide you with a variety of training courses that helps build your capacity. Get to know us better from what other people know about us.
587 Knowledge Compass – Training & Consulting Knowledge Compass provides professional consultancy services and accredited International training services on diverse industries and sectors. Check it out!
588 Financial Knowledge Berytech Building, Beirut. Knowledgeable Human Capital for the Future. High impact Solutions through innovative risk management approaches. Continuous efficiency and improvement of our client’s capabilities. We design and deliver high impact financial development programs and a wide range of financial consultancy services. Our focus is on producing results in a fresh, localized, and dynamic approach.
589 Community Consumers Group Community Consumers Group provides immigration, tax preparation, bankruptcy, and divorce consultancy services. Get in touch with us in Hollywood, FL.
590 Clarity Risk Management Professional Health, Safety, Environmental and Security Consultants, Safety Management Systems, Risk Assessments, Consultancy services, Competent Person, Training, Accident Investigation and Auditing.
591 Weichern Weichern Pte Ltd incorporated in 1974, has wide experience in steel fabrication, design and manufacture of conveyors. We also provide consultancy service for industries requiring conveyor systems and project management. Gravity, Fixed Drive, Accumulating, Belt, Carrier & Return, Free Flow, Slat Chain, Wire Mesh, Chain Conveyor for overhead and floor system.
593 Suzy Giele Suzy Giele – Incentives legal and consultancy services. Suzy Giele provides independent legal and consultancy services on all aspects of employee share incentives and executive remuneration issues, working closely with clients in order to provide them with the solution which best meets their commercial needs. Whether you are a company or individual needing specialist employee share schemes advice, or an established business adviser requiring employee incentives support on issues relevant to your client, Suz
594 Place Surveys We provide a comprehensive data collection and analysis service to traffic engineers and transport planners. We have over 300 cameras, 50 radar/tube ATC units, topo survey, video editing and collision analysis teams. We go far beyond delivering just raw data to provide more of a consultancy service, including analysis, drawings and video highlights. What we can do for you.
595 Bb Consulting B&B Consulting Group is a multi-sectoral consultancy firm based in Kampala with experience in providing unparalleled consultancy services.
596 Serenity Palm Office Services Explore Our Consultancy Services. Finest Consultant Team of Experts. Our Mission Statement. Business Work Principles. Company Carrer Oportunities. Finest Consultant Team. Our Mission Statement. Best Market Analytics& Strategy Planning. Traditional methods of doing business change almost daily. Your Complete& Consulting Partner. Our team of dedicated leaders, managers and consultants.
597 Homesteaderslife Com 神算子精选心水资料 Operates a creative advertising agency, with consultancy services. Works with large brands that include ESPN, REI, Facebook and Google.
598 Archive Global Management Archive Racks & Archive Boxes. Electronic Document Management System. Mobile Shelving System. Radio Frequency Identification Deployment. Quik-Lok Shelving System. Physical Archives & Records Management. Disaster Recovery Solutions. IT Consultancy Services. Leasing/Rentals Of Production Scanners. Scanning & Digitization. Automated Mobile Shelving System. Archive Racks And Archive Boxes.
599 Asea Power ASEA The Technology Prople POWER DIVISION the best electrical & mechanical engineering services in the field of power generation and industrial switch gear system, design & documentations of switchgear and power houses, and to provide consultancy services in the field of power generation and switch gear systems
600 Informationtechnologycrossing Find computer consultancy services, computer consulting services, computer consulting jobs, computer consultant jobs and computer consultant salary. Search computer consultant career and IT technology job center on
601 The Crisp Consortium CRISP is a geotechnical finite element software. The CRISP Consortium provide CRISP software for commercial use as well as for student training. CRISP staff help in organising training in universities. The company also provides consultancy services for geotechnical projects.
602 L Engineering Personnel Recruitment Services and Training. Geological and Engineering Consultancy Services. Project Management (G & E). Procurement and Supply Services. Logistics and Operations Management. Products Marketing & Company Representatives. Products Marketing & Company Representatives. Project Management (G & E). Procurement and Supply Services. Personnel Recruitment & Training.
603 Tmg Management We provide mandated consultancy services for both buyer and seller groups to help facilitate the secure exchange of large blocks of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our clients consist of high-net-worth digital asset holders, family offices, Institutional & private wealth clients from around the world. We use multiple cutting-edge patented technology platforms to ensure transactions occur in a compliant, secure, trusted and transparent way.
604 London Tea Packers London Tea Packers Ltd is a fast growing company, offering a range of services at all stages of the tea supply chain. We provide solutions to the tea trade industry by way of sourcing, procurement, marketing, contract packing, accessories, quality tea tasting, blending and general best Kenyan tea consultancy services.
605 Golden Visa Portugal full consultancy services are provided by us. Get the best return on golden visa investment with 100% safety.
606 Overes Rick Overes, CPA Inc Vancouver Accountants. Providing personal and professional taxation and consultancy services for the metro and greater Vancouver area
607 Pilot Laser Tech consultancy services (LTCS) is representing the manufactures of semiconductor lasers, photonics, and electronics products. We do sales, marketing and business promotion activities on behalf of the manufacturers. LTCS is currently promoting the products of Eblana Photonics (Ireland) and MW Technologies (Portugal) in Middle East and India.          Eblana’s products are manufactured by the proprietary Irish (DM) technology platform, which ensures cost effective laser products.For the latest product
608 It Syntax IT Consulting Services. Program & Project Management. Data Analytics & Insights. Social Media Cruncher. IT Consulting Services. Program & Project Management. Data Analytics & Insights. Social Media Cruncher. Leverage Our Custom-Tailored. ITSyntax can help lead your organization forward with highly-effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.
609 Impact Chefs Academy We Serve with Pleasure. Basic Cert in Food Production. Basic Cert in Pastry & Bakery. Food Safety Level 1. Food Safety Level 2. Employers / Recruiters. Hotel Consultancy Services. Exhibition & Conferences. Food Production Courses. In House Training. Hotel Staff Recruitment. Chef’s Awards & Competitions. A Chef’s Consortium. A Chef’s Consortium. A Chef’s Consortium.
610 Leo Projects Leo Projects is a young and energetic software development and consulting company, a partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services. We at Leo Projects maintain highly qualified talented team to deliver the best in class services to our customers.
611 The Group Overseas TGO provides Consultancy, GIS & Survey, Oil & Gas Products, Information Technology, Chemical Supply, EMF Products, Telecom, Marine Engineering, Training and HR Consultancy Services and General Trading in the Sultanate of Oman.
612 It Pro Indian Manpower Recruiter initiated in 2004, with the goal to streamline the human asset of the nation in the best possible avenue. Examine the aptitude and the distinct acuity of an individual, we provide best overseas HRD consultancy services aiming to match the right job with the right job seeker each and every time. While helping our future era to notch into the right career, we likewise bring obliged talents at the transfer of prospective employers who need their business to multiply with the assistanc
613 Mohammed Sayeed A personal development specialist and life coach in Nottingham Searching for personal development, life coaching or consultancy services I can help
614 Tudor Buxton Group Partnering With Biotechnology Companies On The Path To Success. Reduce time to hire. Tudor Buxton Group is the premier talent solutions provider-partner to the biotechnology industry. Our industry experience makes us a strategic link for our client’s long-term human capital needs. Tudor Buxton also offers related consultancy services. Our vision is to be a strategic partner in connecting talent that fits culture and business needs.
615 A La Claude Providing the lifestyle you deserve. Providing the lifestyle you deserve. A La Claude is a full concierge and consultancy service primarily serving the untapped Middle Eastern HNWI market from it’s Beirut base. We fulfill our clients needs and desires so they can concentrate on what matters to them most. The sheer wealth of experience that we bring to the table is second to none.
616 Pro Link Europe Pro-Link Europe Limited provides permanent and contract recruitment consultancy services.
617 Newtech New Tech Global Staffing, LLC. Through The Power Of People. For nearly 2 decades New Tech Global has been recognized as a leader in Project Management and Consultancy Services in the Oil and Gas Industry. With our headquarters in Houston, TX, our firm was established on the premise that outsourced technical services are crucial to the economies and efficiency of today’s energy business.
618 Ifo Group IFO Group specializes in providing advanced consultancy services for industrial safety, security, fire & explosion, and risk management.
619 Hormiga Brava Hormiga Brava Partners provides management and consultancy services to musical talent, assisting in the international expansion of audience and business pursuits.
620 Irg Development Services IRG Development Services Ltd. Mission & Vision. Fields & Activities. IRG Development Services Limited (IRGDSL) is an independent and multidisciplinary consulting firm was founded to provide advanced professional solutions and consultancy services to clients in Bangladesh and other developing nations. IRG stands for International Resource Group. IRGDSL started its functioning as a partnership concern in 2005 and converted to a private limited company in 2008.
621 Reality-driven Consulting Reality-Driven Consulting LLC is a uniquely focused firm providing critical consultancy services to businesses committed to successful business transformation, new business development, strategic and financial planning and effective product pricing. Custom designed solutions are developed through gaining an understanding of the real dynamics of our clients’ organization as well as the reality of the market.
622 Urbane Private Life at Urbane. Technical Consultancy Services. Project Management Services. Safe & Smart City Solutions. Big Data & Cloud Computing. Cyber Security Solutions. TRAINING & CERTIFICATION. Open Roles at Urbane. URBANE:     Smart Cities Solutions. CYBER SECURITY SOLUTION. WE offer cybersecurity solutions and services that empower and protect the world’s most security-conscious enterprises.
623 First Tax & Financial CPA firm providing Accounting, Payroll, Taxes, Financial Reporting, and consultancy services to businesses and individuals in Northern Virginia and Washington.
624 Kirsty Hello I am Kirsty Angel BCBA and welcome to my website. I offer ABA consultancy services in and around Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Please use the menu in the right hand corner to navigate the website, or scroll down to learn more. Thanks for visiting my page. I studied my undergraduate Psychology degree at Bangor University between 2007 and 2010.
625 Bruce Tait Associates BTA (Bruce Tait Associates) help charities maximise their potential through great recruitment and consultancy services.We are the leading voluntary sector recruitment agency in Scotland.
626 Newbury + English Welcome to Newbury + English Accountants. Located in Philadelphia, we are a professional yet friendly accounting firm who specialize in providing business consultancy services. Our offices are situated in Center City at 13th & Walnut St and in the Society Hill area at 3rd & Gaskill St, just off Head House Square. We provide a comprehensive range of accounting services to meet client needs, however it is our belief that accountants have a duty of care far beyond statutory tax filings.
627 Moskiss Air Provides a Platform for Various Professionals. Moskiss Air Ltd provides a platform for various professionals, particularly in aviation to make meaningful contributions to the Nigerian aviation industry. The company, with a shareholding capital of N500,000,000, was incorporated with CAC and licensed by NCAA in 2014. Moskiss Air Limited registered to carry on the business of aircraft ground handling, maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft and related equipment along with aviation consultancy services, a
628 Dw Green Institute DW Green Institute Inc. offers energy and environmental consultancy services in Myrtle Beach, SC.
629 Relative Matters Independent elderly care consultants, Relative Matters, offer expert care advice, by phone or through consultancy services in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.
630 Multisoft VisualHR: HR Software on the Internet HR software, personnel       software, Human resources software. Nigerian, African HR software and Personnel software specialist.       VisuaHR delivers leading Human Resources, Personnel management software (HRM) and consultancy services to       manage the entire spectrum of HR challenges, from recruitment, personnel, pay and flexible  benefits, to e-HR,       training & development and succession planning. VisualHR solutions are fresh looking & intuitive,       with
631 The Limited Edition THE LIMITED EDITION Consultancy Services Co. CANDIDATES & CLIENTS. Basic F & B Service & Rooms Operation Course. Essential Basic English/Hotel English Course. Basic Concepts of Beverages Course. It is challenging enough to plan and execute a hotel opening with our local experience we can offer the support you need.
632 J W Seafood Export W Seafood Export Co. Seafood Exports specializes in the wholesale export of North American Live Lobster [Homarus Americanus] worldwide. However we are not limited to lobsters only. Other seafoods that we sell are fresh and frozen fish, Snow Crab, and other shellfish such as shrimp and scallops. We also leverage our 30 years of building lobster holding and packaging facilities to provide consultancy services for both new and well established companies.
633 Interim Cfo Fiscal doctor provides wide range of consultancy services like business performance management, business intelligence, business consulting, business plan  enterprise risk management.
634 Mpce Madi and Partners Consulting Engineers is a leading consulting engineering Firm with a wide range of professional capabilities and a proven record of successful completion of demanding assignments in many engineering projects and advisory services. Madi and Partners Consulting Engineers was established in 1983 to provide reliable engineering consultancy services.
635 Resotech Consultancy Services Private Resotech Consultancy Services Private Limited
636 Rotomac Electricals P Rotomac is a 30 year old company dealing with traction motor repair and manufacture, insulating materials, polymer coatings and consultancy services.
637 Novel Vision Consulting Group We provide consultancy services and business solutions in strategic planning, digital marketing, diversity training, or other areas. Call 573-639-0622.
638 Spruce Ng Spruce NG! Creative design and Branding professionals. We help promote your brand by offering a range of Design, Media and Consultancy services.
639 Ezzy Services & Resource Management Register Your CV. LOGISTICS SERVICE & SUPPORT and so many. With our advanced regional infrastructure and proven track record working with Multi-national Clients across a range of key commercial sectors, ESRM strives to maintain the highest standards of service as the premier provider of technical consultancy services. Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity.
640 Smd Marine SMD Marine was started in 2010, as an Organization providing Consultancy Services to the Marine Industry. The Organization is backed by wealth of experience in preparing manuals and procedures for ISO standards and ISM code for a reputable Ship management Company based in Miami, with branch offices in Buenos Aires, Rio De Janiero and Aberdeen. The Ship management fleet comprised of tankers, bulk carriers, container vessels, general cargo vessels, passenger vessels and platform supply vessels.
641 Visionsoft Visionsoft is a promising initiative aimed at providing top quality consultancy services by bridging the gap between quality solution & service providers and the clients, both in local and international markets. VisionSoft established in 2003, is one of the country’s fastest-growing providers of IT solution. We provide high quality customized and packaged application software.
642 Discoverytel DiscoveryTel Africa Limited is an IT & Telecommunications Company in Nigeria which specializes in Telecommunication Sales and Installations, Microwave, Website Development, Health Information Systems and IT Consultancy Services.
643 You Sea RYA Marine Training Centre based on the Gareloch in the West of Scotland. With our Powerboats we offer RYA Practical Courses, Shorebased Courses, Interactive Courses, First Aid Courses, Courses for Commercial Organisations and a Free Training Consultancy Service. We also Charter with our Powerboats and Cruiser. For individuals and commercial organisations alike.
644 Resource Planning Resource Planning, provides consultancy services in productivity improvement & work study. To improve efficiency and productivity and realize more returns from business investments, there is need to utilize all the available resources efficiently. At Resource Planning, we provide productivity improvement services to assist organizations perform better. Improved efficiency and productivity for your business and organization results in more products or services being provided at competitive costs.
645 None Of Your Business Zaighum Enterprises is a leading HR Consulting company for Highly Skilled Technical Resource with global perspective. Zaighum Enterprises HR Management Consultancy Services works for highly skilled technical  human resource in  the field of IT, Automation, Odoo/ ERPs, Engineering, AI, ML, Education Sector, Medicine, Accounting, MRP and related areas. We combine an intuitive understanding of your global corporate needs with our focused approach and our market knowledge of today’s talent market.
646 Tekluna We place our focus on entrepreneurs, small, and medium business clients to understand their particular needs and provide the most adequate solution at the best price possible. If we know of solutions on the market that will work for their needs, we will provide consultancy services around that platform. For a completely hosted and custom solution, we have some of the most talented developers and engineers on the market to ensure we can produce the right result, on time, and on budget.
647 Shellsoft SHELLMARK ENGINEERS & ARCHITECTS. Get Free Quotation. NEED BUILDING CONSULTANCY SERVICES. PLEASE CALL : +88 01711991792. PILE INTEGRITY (PIT) TEST. MD Interview on City FM. Muktobangla Complex, Level-9, Suit-201, Mirpur-1, Dhaka – 1216.
648 Rimitech Rimitech Limited is an IT Consultancy Services company that provides consultancy and IT solutions to Small and Medium Businesses by leveraging on the Open Source Software and Technologies to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) while providing high returns on Investment (ROI). Our aim is to use the best open source software and technologies that most big enterprise company such as Google, Facebook etc deploys to assist small and medium businesses to improve their businesses transactions, facilitates col
649 Projectinteraspect Consultancy Service for PPP Projects. Capital Market Services. Investment Master Plan. Rehabilitation & Exit Strategy. Rules & Regulation. Feasibility Study & Business Plan. Any other document for capital raising. Valuation for merger and acquisition. Negotiation with related parties. Advising on completing necessary formalities for raising of capital (particularly IPO).
650 A M Welcome to ESB education. THANK YOU FOR VISITING. ESB education is a specialised and experienced training and consultancy service which offers  solutions, educational programs and support to horse people. It has been created to  ‘Help people to help their horses’. The program utilises modern technology to provide written, audio and video platforms and a process where individuals can be helped remotely via their mobile devices and whilst they are with their horses.
651 Ra Data Solutions Welcome to RA Data Solutions LLC. RA Data Solutions LLC is a USA based premier Technology Services Organization with primary focus in IT Services, Consulting and Business Solutions. Our mission is to deliver High-Quality consultancy service to help our clients to accelerate business excellence through skilled and expert individuals and innovative technologies.
652 Morgan Hunt Konsultancy Performance Management, Consultancy Service Training and Benefits Administration with bold footprints in Nigeria and the UK | Morgan Hunt Konsultancy
653 Mci & Partners MCI & Partners Export. Welcome to MCI & Partners Ltd. MCI & Partners Ltd. We are also registered and experienced in export trade and consultancy services. Why Choose MCI & Partners Ltd. We provide bespoke training programmes as well as full strategy programmes. Our offering includes three suites of programmes:. Communication strategy, training, knowledge management, stakeholder management.
654 Uganda Women’s Network Our History: A Journey of Passion. Women’s Governance and Leadership. Women’s Economic Justice and Empowerment. Knowledge Management, Voice and Accountability. National Women’s Week 2018 Schedule. Second Regional Women’s Week 2019 Schedule. Request for Quotations. Consultancy Services to Conduct an Assessment of The Status of Gender Equality in Uganda in 2020.
655 Apoorva Networks Apoorva Networks, Inc began providing software consultancy services in August 1999. It was formed by Ramana Murthy, who has extensive experience in managing and developing software for the financial services industry. The initial years were primarily focused on managing large data migration projects and maintaining data and supporting software. Over the years, with requests from clients whose regulatory reporting required extensive use of disparate data, Apoorva Networks, started providing services which ad
656 Bhe Business Consultants Open-Hours:9 am to 5pm. Global Solutions For Your Business Success. Bodeccia Management Services (formerly BHE Business Consultants) is a Western Australian owned and independent financial company. Our business is “helping our clients build a better financial future”. We are dedicated to making our client’s money work for them. For over 30 years, BMS has been successfully providing a broad range of business, accounting and taxation consultancy services in:.
657 Bembridge Consultants Bembridge Consultants was formed in 2006 to address a market need for specialized IT consultancy services based on prior professional careers in top IT vendors, including IBM, HP, Compaq, Tandem, F5 Networks and other high profile IT companies. The develop
658 Caridex Consulting The firm is committed to providing quality value-adding professional consultancy services to business and by so doing contributing to better performance of business in diverse industries and sectors of the economy
659 Engineering Testing and consultancy services in EMC/EMI, Lightning, HIRF, Environmental Testing, FCC&CE Mark. Military, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Product Safety.
660 Gravity Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Mission & Vision. Events & Activation. We are 360 Comprehensive Event Management & Brand Activation Agency with a solid office network in the region Based in the MENA region. We specialize in Brand Activation & Marketing Consultancy Services including Digital Online Media Solution. We operate in more then 23 cities in the Kingdom alone.
661 Kr Synergy We began as Transport and Traffic consultants offering specialists consultancy services in infrastructure development and regeneration. Responding to opportunities, we have since added capability in construction and building works. We continue to maintain our mainstream transport consultancy capability. We are redefine consultancy and building of infrastructure into a singular action.
662 Superbnexus Server related Services. SuperbNexus Group of Companies. We are together not to do business, but to serve people in all possible way in the area of Digitalization. You dream, we make your dream true. Health-care Service, Consultancy Service, Medicine Service. ST Martin Diagnostic Limited. Pathology Service, X-Ray, Scanning, Medical Tests, Health Dialysis.
663 Structured Design Associates Structured Design Associates. Structured Design Associates. Welcome to Structured Design Associates. Structured Design Associates (SDA) provides a full range of IT, Security and Multimedia/Audio-visual design, engineering and consultancy services as well as project management, all geared toward providing robust innovative solutions for today’s work space.
664 Spatial Consulting Complete Workbrain Solution Implementation. Expert execution with 15 years of Experience. Focus on Time & Attendance. Our team of dedicated consultants is there to help you. Explore Our Consultancy Services. With deep expertise and experience in Time & Attendance, we provide complete implementation and on-boarding services. Experience in multiple sectors.
665 Nquery Telecom Solutions nQuery is a business telecom consultancy service company in Miami. Call us to identify the best phone, internet, or call center provider for your company.
666 Mullan Consulting Engineers MULLAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD. MULLAN CONSULTING provides professional Civil Engineering Consultancy services on a variety of Civil Engineering projects of various sizes throughout Ireland & the UK. Prior to establishing MULLAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD. Director Siobhán Mullan, a Chartered Civil Engineer, with the Institution of Civil Engineers, had a successful career working within various Medium to Large size Multi-Disciplinary Practices within the UK.
667 Apex Maritime Consultants Integrity. Affordability. Reliability. Full service marine professional consultancy services for the heavy lift and project cargo transportation industry maritime industry.
668 Monsterio Creative Monsterio New York offers the highest quality consultancy services to the fashion and creative sector in New York and around the globe. With nearly a decade of experience operating in the creative hub of Manhattan, we can provide extremely valuable advice for small brands, big brands, and individuals alike. Professional high-end wardrobe styling for e-commerce, editorial publication, studios, businesses and individuals across the northern hemisphere.
669 2000 Study In Australia. Study In New Zealand. Welcome To Sahayogi Pathshala Consultancy. Sahayogi Pathshala Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, a member of ECAN (Education Consultancy Association of Nepal), is an education and career consultancy based in the most favorable place at Kathmandu,Nepal. We are officially authorized by the Government of Nepal to provide consultancy services for the benefit of students who desire for higher education in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other different countries in the world
670 Extle Solutions ExtLe Solutions Ltd – Extractables and Leachables Consultancy Services for the Pharmaceutical Development Industry based in the UK
671 South East Asia Speakers And Trainers Bureau Our powerhouse team of trainers provides training and consultancy services on a range of people issues, to help you bring out the best in your business team
672 Realtime Translators & Consultants Translation and Interpretion Agency in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. We are a leading translations, editing, report writing, work place communication and interpretation dynamic agency based in Nairobi, Kenya, specializing in more than 20 African languages and other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Polish, Thai, Icelandic, Vietamese, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagaalog, Bahasa, Urdu, Turkish etc and great host of language consultancy services with six years’ experience.
673 Stansted Environmental Services SES provides a quality Environmental Consultancy Service to a wide range of clients and in particular to the development and construction industries throughout the UK. Services include: air tightness testing, sound insulation testing, code for sustainable homes assessments, sap calculations, energy performance certificates, health & safety training, first aid training
674 Gto Automotive Vehicle Type Approval Consultants – GTO Automotive is a Vehicle Type Approval Consultancy providing a complete range of Type Approval consultancy services and Conformity of Production consultancy services to the UK automotive sector
675 Swan Management Group Strategic Mission Focused Preeminent Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Risk Management Consultancy Services to a diverse range of government and commercial sector clients. SMG is an socio-economically disadvantaged Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).
676 Experience and expertise in design, development and implementation, provides consultancy services. Specialists in creating software products. Competency Centers for the client. Provide services, integrating and interfacing with existing and varied systems and applications. Feasibility services to ensure that you do not undertake a project. Web consulting and implementation.
677 Alpha Consortium Copyright © Alpha Consortium Ltd. Revenue Cycle Management, Eko Zone. World Bank Revenue Cycle Management. National Pre Paid Meter & Revenue collection. NIPP Distribution Consultancy Services. Delta State IPP Consultancy Services. EU – Assisted Small Town Water Supply Project, Ekiti. Waste Management Project, Lagos State. Ministry of Environment (M. Pilot Project Utilization of Solar Energy, Ondo State.
678 Bpc Consultant India P Consulting and Engineering Partners for Industrial Clients, Private Investors and Public Institutions. Our Business Vertical. BPC Consultant India Pvt. Leading Infrastructure Consultancy Services Company providing services in the Highway Engineering, Traffic & Transportation Engineering, LiDAR Mapping & GIS, Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Testing.
679 Proabc Are you a dental startup or want to expand oral care services? Contact ProABC, a dental management and consultancy services company in Sugar Land, TX (Houston).
680 Williams Business Consulting Williams Accounting & Consultancy is a Dubai based firm which specialises in assisting start up and small to medium sized businesses to develop accounting systems that are operationally functional, understandable and efficient. We offer a broad array of accounting, financial and business consultancy services to give your business customised, personalised and integrated business solutions.
681 Aa-sat Professional Ou Estonian company AA-SAT Professional was founded in 1997. We provide our customers with hi-tech telecommunication solutions, based on satellite technology. Also we are active in expertise and consultancy services when it comes to satellite systems. As system integrator AA-SAT Professional plans, installs and maintains satellite earth stations and networks.
682 Planature Planature Consulting Services offers civil engineering and environmental consultancy services in India � includes topographic survey, land survey, environmental management services.
683 P. R. Career Solutions P. R. Career Solutions – offering career guidance assistance, career guidance, career counseling, career counseling assistance, career consultancy services, educational consultancy services, career advancement consultancy services, admission consultant, school admissions, admission assistance in india, admission consultant for abroad, free guidance for deciding the right institute, career education consultancy services
684 Intersoft Consulting Intersoft Consulting & Software Services Inc. Our rich experience, acquired over varied industry verticals, has enabled the company to offer consultancy services for Big Data Analytics and cloud computing. We help you achieve your goals faster and ensure an enjoyable walk in the clouds. How can we help. Big Data needs are driving businesses to reasses their traditional data storage and processing methods.
685 Tony G. Erewa Group ALACARTE TABLE WATER. Toast & Associate. Erewa Consultancy Services Limited (TGECS) was incorporated as a limited liability company in July 2004. It commenced operations as an international procurement company serving Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC). Over the years, the company has developed its capabilities to serve other companies in Nigeria upstream oil & gas sector.
686 Green Professional Services DATA COLLECTION AND MANAGMENT. We provide custom fit solutions aided by up to date technological solutions, qualified and experience teams and robust standard operating procedures for timely and quality deliverables. Providing consultancy services and undertaking high level applied research constitutes the major activities of our organizations. Typical research projects include: program evaluations, household surveys, poverty analysis, prevalence studies and studies on perception, attitudes, feasibility stu
687 Vcs (pty) Xerox Document Management Solutions. EasiPos Point of Sale Solutions. AstroNET Inbound Tour Operator Management System. Vista Point of Sale for Restaurants and Hotels. Vista Hospitality Management System for Hotels. VCS Payroll Management. Panasonic Office Communication Solutions. Sale of Software and Hardware. Training and Consultancy Services. Technical Support and Maintenance.
688 Fd Consult �FAIM DESIGN� has now become �FD CONSULT�. Over this past decade we have brought together a team of highly dedicated, technology-savvy professionals. By changing our name to fd consult we have not shifted direction but have in fact evolved into who we are today. The name �fd consult� is simply to emphasize on our primary focus, which is to deliver expert consultancy services. From our humble beginnings with a team of 10 people to becoming a fast-growing reputed firm, we have gone further to upgrade ourselve
689 Astrology And Research Group We offer consultancy services for Vastu, Astrology, Numerology, and Geopathy. The goal of our consultation is to bring success and happiness to clients by making them more aware of the current situation as well as its future development as predicted by Astrology, Vastu, and Numerology. A person’s life is affected by planetary combinations as indicated by Astrology, the environment in the house as indicated by Vastu, and auspiciousness of numbers and names as indicated by Numerology.
690 Comxps We manage the full recruitment process, providing an exceptional, personal and bespoke consultancy service to both Clients and Associates alike.
691 Rm Marketing Services Welcome to RM Marketing Services the consultancy service of Rachael McDiarmid for publishers of all sizes looking at support for the Australian publishing and book selling marketplace.
692 Archetypum Afrika Archetypum Afrika is a business name of Archetypum Limited, a fully Kenyan owned architectural consultancy firm that has been in operation since the year 2008. The firm is involved in all areas of architectural consultancy including project conceptualization, feasibility studies, architectural design and construction supervision. The firm offers Architectural and Interior Design Consultancy Services.
693 Centinova Products & Services. A Team That Helps You Succeed. We are a group of specialist in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain. We provide consultancy services to several top Thai companies e. If you would like to move your Logistics & Supply Chain to the next level. Please give us a call at 089-109-7113 (Dr. Currently, we are working on several safety and intelligent hardware to help us make the future city through Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
694 Shweta Software Systems We are a software development firm in Vadodara Gujarat, India since 1993. We provide consultancy services for mysql, Java etc.
695 Dcb Consultants DCB is a leading full service design firm providing world class consultancy services in architecture, engineering and planning since 1984. DCB’S professional services boast a wealth of experience in all stages of design – concept, schematic and detailed design, offering expertise in architecture, master planning and urban design, landscaping, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering.
696 Classic Consultancy Services – India Job consultant in mumbai, top job consultant, best job consultant, job consultant in navi mumbai, job consultant vashi, Classic Consultancy Services, HR consultant, Jobs in India, Jobs in Mumbai, Government Job, Public limited job, PSU job, Bank job, power sector job, infrastructure job, job consultant india, career consultant, Job, Vacancy, Employment, Appointment, interview, Call Letter, Pay, Salary, India, Recruitment, Finance
697 I H B Shipping Co Ead Ship Management, New Buildings Supervision/Consultancy services to third parties
698 Angelake Consulting Consultancy services including market entry, business development,   communication and marketing.
699 Fellows Consulting Elite group of consultants, expert in Software Development projects , development on time and material basis, customization of application and consultancy services whereby among the set of activities undertaken in providing system integration. Provide technical expertise in the design, implementation, and support of an integrated data warehouse, reference database, and repository environment.
700 Curtainslondon Com Curtain & Blinds. Made To Measure Curtains. Choose Your Price Range. Curtains London Now come to your door. We offer a design and consultancy service for made to measure curtains, bespoke curtains & blinds. Curtains London is an inspirational bespoke curtain and blind company understanding the importance of quality & service. Working with our clients one to one, to achieve the best results and the right designs to suit your home.
701 Vital Consulting Group VITAL Consulting Group offers best of industry construction consultancy services including:. Contract Review and Negotiations. Value Engineering Development and Review. Dispute Avoidance & Resolution. Change Order Development, Review and Analysis. VITAL Consulting Group was formed to provide Professional Consulting Services based on our construction experience.
702 Purple Brains Consultancy Services Purple brains consultancy services offers a wide range of IT services for startup companies, Hospitals, polyclinics, and doctors private clinics.
703 Prokalpa Upodeshta The PROKALPA UPODESHTA LIMITED is a Professional Organization for Consultancy Services in the field of applied arts & science, technology, natural resources and environment system, with a group of people having rich background in their respective area of discipline. We a group of people belonging to broad disciplines have come together under the banner of  PROKLPA UPODESHTA LIMITED to render services to the country. Our scope of services also extend overseas.
704 Toptech Engineering Our Service Offerings. Data Center Consultancy Services. Data Center Integration Services. IT Infrastructure Services. Power Infrastructure Services. Cooling Infrastructure Services. Structured Cabling Systems. Access Control Systems. Fire Defense Systems. Training and Consultancy Services. Elitech Power Systems. Modular Data Center. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Systems.
705 Simos Consultancy Services Service Provider of Digital Forensics, Managed Security Services and Security Assessment Services offered by Simos Consultancy Services Limited, Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya.
706 Crownwise Consult Enjoy more accounting services with our sister company Crownwise Consult Limited. Welcome to Crownwise Resources. Your Preferred Umbrella Company. Crownwise act as an employer to agency contractors, to provide the best value and compliant umbrella solution to contractors. Our solution is powered by a wealth of experience in accountancy, taxation, and business consultancy services to sole traders, partnerships, SMEs, charities, and non-governmental organisations.
707 Green Engineering Green Engineering and sustainable design founded in 2009, and has been devoted to provide professional Engineering and Management Consulting services for a wide range of industries. Green Engineering cooperate with companies in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and MENA regions in this field. Green Engineering aspires for a leading global market position by delivering world-class engineering consultancy services, reinforcing world-wide corporate alliances, and upholding top-tier quality and ethi
708 Facade Solutions Façade Solutions, was established in the midst of the construction boom in the GCC to provide the highest quality of technical expertise in the field of Design, Engineering and Project Management of Aluminium curtain-wall, skylights, and cladding systems to owners, contractors and metal builders. The service we offer differentiates itself from other façade consultancy services commonly known in that we offer full service from the 1st design concept till handing over of the project. Such service is offered b
709 Daytam Research & Consulting Research & Analysis. Daytam Research & Consulting Ltd is a private research and management-consulting firm offering consultancy services to the private and public sectors as well as NGOs and UN agencies with a focus on Research, Organizational Development, Training, and Monitoring and Evaluation for strengthening performance and impact. African in origin but global in scope, we are not bound by any one stereotypical globalization strategy.
710 Infinite Fusion Technologies IFT Ltd can provide fiber and copper cabling, fiber splicing,. IFT Ltd can provide specialize consultancy service on solution. IFT Ltd can provide different types of IT outsourcing. VOIP and PBX Solutions. IFT Ltd can provide scalable IP based Telephony solutions. About Infinite Fusion Technologies Ltd. Founded in 2003, Infinite Fusion Technologies Ltd is a leading global IT Solution company committed to provide a responsive, effective and flexible service which has evolved into a leading IT service provide
711 Projects Live Live Projects is a public policy and project consultancy service – offering bespoke project management, analysis, research and public policy services.
712 Brilliant Ideas Training Academy Welcome to Brilliant Ideas Training Academy. It was previously known as the  Filipino Ideas Training and Consultancy Services , a company owned and operated by Coach Tony Conahap. However, due to the latter’s burning desire to broaden his services to the people, he decided to formally launched the said academy where, he said, leaders are born, dreams are incubated, proficiencies are established, and achievements are recognized.
713 Infomatics ISO Consultancy & Certification. Oil & Gas Outsourcing and Consultancy. Franchise Consultancy Service. BUSINESS & MARKETING Research/Plans. Hussain Ali Hussain est. INFOMATICS Signs IMS ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Consultancy & certification with Hussain Ali Hu. Abdulaziz & Faisal. INFOMATICS Signs IMS ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Consultancy & certification with Abdulaziz &amp.
714 Alphaplus Engineering & delivering Financial & Wealth Management Solutions for businesses and individuals. Delivering excellent Fintech Consultancy Services to Banks, Businesses in Africa.
715 Sejfarms Our Site is Under Construction. Sejfarms ventures is a leading organization in the aquaculture industry in Nigeria that offers complete business solution to intending and existing farmers and investors. Our services include fish seed production, grow-out/table size production, pond construction, pond rentals, marketing and input supplies, value addition (fish processing) and consultancy services.
716 Perk Group Africa Perk Group Africa (PGA), is a Utility Mapping & Consultancy service provider committed to providing cost effective Solutions & Services to individuals and organizations. Over the years, the need for and use of GIS and Mapping Services has significantly increased, at PGA we work with organizations to build capacity and enhance skills to match the growing need for GIS capabilities.
717 Stepdel Solutions Stepdel Solutions Ltd is a Digital Agency with an online platform for an audience that are interested in effective and reliable hosting solutions, domain registration & management, eMail Solutions, CRM Solutions, Website Development, Networking and Security Implementations and IT consultancy Services.
718 Kurrumbene Agribusiness About Kurrumbene – the project and advocacy specialist is a consultancy service operated by Helen Murray. Kurrumbene delivers a tailored and personal style of service to add value to our clients
719 And Associates Hotels and Resorts. Bars and Restaurants. Leader in Hospitality Design. AND is a close team of passionate and expert interior designers focusing on hospitality and high-end residential projects. Based in Hong Kong,  AND provides consultancy services in the Asia-Pacific region with associates in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. AND succeeds in delivering timeless yet innovative solutions that are tailored around a client’s vision ensuring every project is unique.
720 Al Nooh Group of Companies. Group of Companies. Plain & Corrugated Sheets. Al Nooh Group of Companies. Established in 1952, Abdali Essa Al Nooh & Sons is one of Bahrain’s oldest and most trusted companies. Al Nooh Cut & Bend. We also provide simple and effective solutions to even the most complex construction issues and offer turnkey consultancy services that help clients realise their projects easily and efficiently.
721 We provide online company registration services and business consultancy services in Kenya. Find out how you can start, run and grow your business in Kenya!
722 Horizon AWARDS AND CERTIFICATION. OILFIELD EQUIPMENT SUPPLY. FIELD INSTRUMENT/EQUIPMENT PROTECTION. ENGINEERING DESIGN & CONSULTANCY SERVICES. TECHNICAL MANPOWER SUPPLY. PIPELINE INSTALLATION & STEEL FABRICATION. SMART ASSET/INDUSTRIAL IOT SOLUTIONS. NEWS AND UPDATES. WELCOME TO HORIZON SHORES. Horizon shores is the service company of choice providing solutions in Oilfield Equipment Procurement, Field Instrumentation & Equipment Protection, Engineering Designs & Consultancy, Smart Asset/Industrial IoT solutions, Te
723 Eilya Soft EILYA SOFT was founded in 2004 at Lahore, as a U. Eilya Soft is specializing in innovative full life cycle software development, solutions and consultancy services. Since 2004, Eilya Soft has provided high-quality, cost-effective business and technological solutions to its valued customers worldwide. Eilya Soft delivers a unique combination of meticulous planning and project execution to develop powerful technological solutions.
724 Pcd Associates News and Events. News and Events. HIGH COURT OF THE FCT. LOCATION : MAITAMA DISTRICT, ABUJA. Nigerian Prisons Service Headquarters. PCD Associates specialises in the provision of architectural designs, building and consultancy services to industries and private organizations or individuals. With a wealth of experience and exposure, PCD has become truly international and has become one of the top architectural firms worldwide.
725 Myware Myware Solutions Inc.(MSI) is a Canadian IT service, enterprise and business solutions, web solutions and outsourcing company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Myware Solutions Inc. provides its services worldwide and is a powerhouse of three different divisions which are Myware Consultancy Services, Myware Web Solution and MywareTech.
726 Benold Resources Benold Resources is a well established professional Accountacny Consultancy Services outfit which has a team of higly experienced, efficient, effective, qualified, certified and dedicated hands.
727 Manderina Promotions Manderina Promotions is a PR Agency in Tirana, Albania, offering consultancy services in PR Communication and Marketing for SME
728 Integrated Consultancy Services Integrated Consultancy Services, Inc. On July 4, President Donald Trump signed into law a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application extension bill that Congress had quickly passed just before the Independence Day holiday. Supreme Court upheld the Trump Administration’s rule under the Affordable Care Act (P. The IRS has issued guidance to employers on the requirement to report the amount of qualified sick and family leave wages paid to employees under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Families
729 Prime Software Prime Software Technology is a consulting company providing the enterprise solution on the Enterprise Application Integration, Data Warehousing, business intelligence, custom software development, Call Center & Back Office Support Services, Publishing & Editorial Services, Transcription Services and consultancy services
730 Prudent Devices Wall Mount Rack. Floor Mount Racks. Audio Video Solutions. Environment Monitoring solutions. Excellence and innovation built into every design. Prudent Devices is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, having its  with own customization Laboratory for providing state of the art IT Infrastructure Designs. Prudent devices is  equipped with best of the infrastructure facilities to design IT Network Infrastructure Setups, Structured Cabling, IT Facility Management, Surveillance & Consultancy services.
731 Petangent Welcome to the Petangent Website. Petangent is a company offering consultancy services in Solution Architecture, Business Systems Integration, Amazon Web Services and Atlassian JIRA. Proper website coming soon.
732 Ava-trax Enterprise Avatrax has been delivering effective solutions for more than 20 years. Avatrax Enterprise (Manufacturing and Consulting) Division – Expert in manufacturing petrochemical fuel storage tanks, systems, facilities, road tankers, new and used fuel dispensers. Our customers extend beyond Thailand to Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. We also provide consultancy services to clients who wish to build petrol service stations.
733 Vocal Consultancy Vocal Consultancy provides quality technical and marketing consultancy services for the telecommunication industry which includes operators, government bodies, international carriers and vendors. In addition the company also provides technical training for telecom operators.
734 Soflo Environmental Real Estate Consultancy Services. Residential Real Estate. Commercial Real Estate. Investment Real Estate. Selling Real Estate. Buying Real Estate. Renting/Leasing Real State. South Florida MLS. Home Basic Purchase. How to Get a Loan. Types of Loans. Vegetable Gardening Guide. Explore the beauty of Palm Beach. Find a most affordable home in New York. Residential Real Estate.
735 Nestoil IMPAC offers a broad range of engineering and consultancy services to the oil, gas, power and other industries of the onshore and offshore energy industry.
736 Sharman Associates Sharman Associates specialise in consultancy services in the energy sector. We are conversant with both renewable & conventional energy. We have experience in wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, and upstream oil & gas. We offer a range of engineering services across the normal engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, software) from basic building blocks through conceptual & detail design, operation, and trouble shooting.
737 Easysopht EasySopht is a systems development firm. We offer consultancy services on your system needs and provide exactly what you need to make management easy. A long running idea, EasySopht was incubated in the minds of many people eager for solutions that were not more expensive and more complex. Our users wanted to continue business as usual with less hassle. EasySopht examines the unique needs of businesses large and small and gives the simplest solutions that get the job done.
738 Tatweer International Software Development Company Software Consultancy Services. IT Infrastructure Services. Government Projects and Services. E-Payment Gateway Solution. Software Consultancy Services. IT Infrastructure Services. Government Projects and Services. E-Payment Gateway Solution. Tatweer International is a software development company that build advanced solutions for the financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and many other industries.
739 Shepherd Risk Shephered is a cost effective consultancy services in Process & Technical Safety Engineering, Risk & loss prevention solutions and Process Engineering.
740 Classolution Become quality standards matter. Learning Management Systems (LMS). Scoping and Needs Analysis. Smart E-Learning Capability Building. Funded Programmer Consultancy Services. PowerPoint to Web-based Training. At Classolution, it is our mission to be a leader in the provision of e-learning Solutions held by our customers to provide them the professional and useful application tools to facilitate their job and get it done with low COST, EFFORT and TIME.
741 Vidscola Company VIDSCOLA is a world-class provider of specialized training and consultancy services in IT and Networks domains with head office in Dubai, UAE. We serve small, medium and large size companies across the Middle East and Africa regions by providing innovative solutions, and consultancy services helping customers in boosting their own capacities, enhancing their work flow, and breeding a skillful workforce.
742 Geocarta Namibia WELCOME TO GEOCARTA NAMIBIA. Our expertise and practical experience in data management utilizing GIS provides us with excellent capacity to take on any related task and complete it quickly, effectively, and to the highest standard. Geocarta Namibiais a Black Empowerment Enterprise (BEE) and was founded in June 2004 in order to provide expert GIS consultancy services to the spatial industry.
743 Tenera Coastal Development + Construction. Fisheries and Aquaculture. Harbors and Marinas. Planning and Permitting. Geographic Information Systems. Storm Water Monitoring. Policy Assessment and Development. Oil Spill Response and Impact Studies. Marine Environmental Science. We provide a wide range of marine environmental services from survey design and implimentation to analysis and consultancy services.
744 Linac Providers of EHS support through agile and scalable EHS software and consultancy services. Creators of the AuditKind Suite.
745 Deonol Integrated Computer Services Deonol Integrated Computer Services is an Information Technology firm led by Engr Olabintan Adebowale Olajide CITP, CPP. A scholar in Information Technology with various Professional Qualifications and Awards from various IT Bodies. Your Information Technology Consultancy Search Ends Here. We aim to take leadership in the information technology consultancy service and set examples for others with our distinguished quality of services for information technology service providers.
746 Vivek Logani Associates Along with its associated organizations, V L A has grown rapidly to become a professional design office offering consultancy services in all aspects of various types of buildings. We are in this profession since 1994 and are proud to have to our credit many projects like residential, commercial, ,industrial, landscape. Ours is a firm which undertakes projects on consultancy for architectural, interiors, designing & planning.
747 Bahwan Exel Ideas & Suggestions. Bahwan Cybertek LLC. DHL Supply Chain. Rig Move Management. Capital Projects Logistics. Planning & Scheduling. Supply Chain solutions design. IT Consultancy Services. Systems Development Services.
748 Endeavour Technologies Server & Storage. Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions. IP Telephony System. Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System. Aspiring Smoke Detection System. Access Control System. IP Camera Solutions. Physical Security System. Online UPS & Power Solutions. Power Engineering System. Data Center Infrastructure Solution. Data center design and consultancy service.
749 Doran Group Doran Group with his remarkable experience in project management and expertise in investment, business development, tender and cost consultancy services, real estate management, is UK’s one of the most eligible consultancy firms, both for investment and superstructure projects.
750 Baldwin Enterprises We won’t give you a hammer for the mosquito. Team of qualified professionals. Baldwin prides itself in offering quality services in several areas of ICT and power solutions. We carry out installation of networks, solar systems, power backup solutions, GSM repeaters. We offer unrivaled consultancy services in ICT and power solutions. No matter how simple or complex your project is, we’re sure to work with you to ensure that you get quality.
751 Dinesh P. S. Poudyalaya Trade Mark of Dinesh P. S. Poudyalaya, AdvDipCII ACII MBA Chartered Insurance Practitioner for his Insurance, Reinsurance, Risk Management and Management Consultancy Services.
752 Plutus Global Minerals Our core sectors of expertise are professional coal mine acquisition and consultancy services, financial services and minerals trading.
753 Endzeit Integrated One Page Style. Welcome to Endzeit Consults. With first-hand experience of most industries. The best consultancy services anywhere around. We blend to fit in your industry. Cost effective, efficient and customer focused service for your business. Endzeit Integrated Safety Services will provide a cost effective, efficient and customer focused Health. To offer services by working with our clients to establish a common understanding of their requirements.
754 Constructive Logic Constructive Logic, LLC is a Texas-based professional services company   specializing in Project Management, Program Management and Project   Controls. We provide consultancy services to businesses within a variety of   market sectors and deliver every component of a successful capital program   or project portfolio.
755 Onyi Obiamalu Consults TRUSTED AVISORS OF CORPORATE REAL ESTATE. Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business in other to be the preferred Consultancy firm that provides first class consultancy services in Real Estate, Engineering Services, Environmental Consultancy/ EIA and ICT. Property & Facilities Management. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
756 Reltech Energy Reltech Energy Ltd is a specialist Pipeline and Asset Integrity Management company offering a broad range of engineering and consultancy services.
757 Imagexchange ImageXchange Grooming Chambers is an organisation founded in 2012, that provides training and consultancy services. It offers a wide range of grooming, deportment and image training as well as corporate image management solutions. The trainings and workshops are always tailored accordingly to the needs of the audience and clients. A professional image and immaculate grooming are not only critical to how individuals are perceived, but also the organizations they represent.
758 Moa Group Multiplex Technology home. Multiplex Fashion home. Multiplex Travels home. Electronics & Home Appliances. We offer wide range of home electronics/electrical appliances. Our collections include refrigerators, washing machines, oven/cooker units, power generators, plasma televisions. Oil & Gas, Assured Energy. You are rest assured when you need energy in the form of petroleum, we market, supply, process and render consultancy services.
759 Samuel D. Koon & Associates Samuel D. Koon & Associates was founded in 1997 to provide professional and reliable commercial real estate appraisal and consultancy services.
760 Selever & Tasisoft Of America Selever & Tasisoft of America is a global provider of process-driven IT solutions with offices in North America and Latin America: NearShore IT Services, Software Development Services, Mobile App Development, Testing Services, Sap Consultancy, BI Consultancy Services, Development Software, IT Staffing, Head Hunting.
761 D3 Consultants Being a well recognized operator in the region helped us preamble the way and ease the barriers for our respectful clients to enter the market on solid ground by offering them quality consultancy services for a professional head start to their educational business. We take the time to understand the unique challenges that face the Educational Industry and then tailor the Education Elements approach with a Business Mind to satisfy the exact needs of the Institutes we support.
762 Ozone Consultancy Services Ozone Consultancy Services, Inc. Ozone Consultancy Services, Inc. Welcome to Ozone Consultancy Services, Inc. All our Sales people have more than 20 years of working in the software industry. We have our consultants working in many of fortune 500 companies such as Google, Wells Fargo, Cisco, General Electric, Stanford University and many more. We have put in place a custom filtering process that will weed out most of the candidates that are not genuine.
763 Monkey Mosaic High quality social and environmental leadership is vital for humanity in overcoming the challenges of the 21st century. It is exceedingly difficult. There is no roadmap and no guarantee of success. You don’t have to face it alone: Monkey can help. I provide consultancy services in learning, strategy and innovation for social and environmental purpose leaders and organisations.
764 Imiras Since 2014 IMIRAS (Industrial and Marketing Information Research Analysis and Services) is providing consultancy service countrywide digitally by preparing Project Profile, Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Etc. Meantime, with reference of 23 Banks, we have prepared about hundred Project Profiles on different sectors.
765 Dem Consulting Svc Design, Engineering & Management Consultancy Services (abbreviated as DEM) is an engineering consultancy and design company that specializes in Electrical, Instrumentation & Cathodic Protection. We deliver technologically efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients to meet their project needs. We help our clients in saving capital cost as well as time in project execution by producing a thorough design and work scope packages that allows construction contractors efficiency and reduction in RFI’s.
766 Blades & Blades Consultancy Services Consultant | Blades & Blades Consultancy Services LP
767 Emerald Nrg Well Site Supervision & Consulting. Welcome to Emerald NRG, Inc. At Emerald Natural Resources Group Inc. We specialize in providing you with the opportunity to outsource your drilling operations. You can be secure in the knowledge that the drilling process is in safe hands and being carried out in a truly cost-effective way with our company. Emerald NRG provides specialized consultancy services for oil, gas and geothermal drilling and completion projects.
768 Powertek Powertek Engineering Group is a provider of turn-key conversion for Diesel to CNG engines, products, and consultancy services in Pasadena, California.
769 Specialist Training Consultants Specialist Training offer bespoke and accredited technical rescue and industrial safety training. We also provide consultancy services, compliance and rescue teams, equipment sales and inspection of work, rescue and outdoor equipment
770 The Human Angle The Human Angle Ltd is an International Human Resource Consultancy.  We provide Executive Search & Selection and a range of Human Resource Consultancy Services, from our network of offices and affiliates
771 Infoglaze IT consultancy service for Small business.Microsoft partner, Springfield,IL
772 Lynton & Mead Lynton & Mead offers high quality business and IT consultancy services to its clients on telecom, finance and health care field.
773 Bls International Services BLS International is an online visa application centre in India provides visa consultancy services for individual, student, family and many more.
774 Spl Kenya WE MAKE IT HAPPEN. OUR PAST AND CURRENT CLIENTS INCLUDE. Welcome to SPL Kenya Ltd. Marketing and Consultancy Services. The target client base for Marketing consists mainly of suppliers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods while Consultancy services for Quality /Environmental Management Systems are offered to organizations of any nature who intend to not only strengthen their internal systems so as meet their customers’ requirements but also have a systematic continual improvement.
775 J Das Consultancy J Das Consultancy provides Manpower, Consultancy Services, along with Hospitality and cleaning services.
776 Advance Business Development ABD IT CONSULTING SERVICES. ABD ensures highly effective information technology consulting solutions. If you as a business owner frustrated with technology problems or decided to move your business to the next level, our decision-makers will help you to make your choice in the scope, time-frame and cost of the project. We cover a full spectrum of IT services, from analysis and design through development, implementation, integration and testing to support and consultancy services across a number of industry
777 Sai Consultancy Services Helping our Clients with. We Understand Our Client Requirements. SAI Consultancy Services Inc. We ensure the highest levels of satisfaction through commitment to our clients with our comprehensive industry expertise and a global network. Our Consultants are expertise in the following Domains :. Work at SAI Consultancy Services Inc. At SAI Consultancy Services Inc.
778 Jscs JS Consultancy Services was established in 2010 and we are a development consulting firm established by a group of committed professionals to provide short and long term assistance to organizations and individuals in capacity building, research, program/project evaluation, IT solutions and business planning.
779 Market Development Solutions (mds) Private MARKET PRODUCT GRID. Market Development Solutions (MDS) Private Limited is a registered company in Pakistan and UK aimed at providing specialized consultancy services and is engaged in innovative projects pursuing inclusive economic growth through private sector development. IMES, the predecessor of MDS,  have been conducting assignments since its establishment in 2003 commissioned by various projects, government agencies and civil society organizations in Pakistan, Nepal, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
780 Enterprise Solutions Ines Enterprise Solutions, Inc. – Consultancy Services – New York – Legal – Finance – Personal Development – Call 855-GET-INES
781 Sironigeria Global Training and Consultancy Services. News and Updates. Innovative Research & Development. Website Design & Development. Welcome To Our Website. We are SIRONigeria Global Limited, the Information Technology and Health Awareness (ITHA) Company formed by group of active, focused and dynamic young Nigerian Professionals with great passion to creating and branding brilliance, and in so doing taking care of clients image and reputation management.
782 Triedy Triedy Limited is a world class construction cost and project management firm which provides excellent services to government institutions, private firms and individuals in Ghana. Our directors, quantity surveyors and technical support team ensure that clients receive the best in consultancy services through our detailed quality assurance and quality control procedures.
783 Goldsmith Payne & Company Goldsmith Payne & Company. Goldsmith Payne & Company. A modern management consultancy focused exclusively on new tech. Transform your organization. Dynamic organizations don’t stand still. They innovate, accelerate and iterate. The modern technology organization has evolved. With an unwavering respect for solid business principles, our consultancy services focus on supercharging the path to market penetration for new technology applications.
784 Servansingh Jadav & Partners Consulting Engineers Welcome to our website. Servansingh Jadav & Partners Consulting Engineers Ltd (SJPCE Ltd) provides consultancy services in the fields of civil engineering (bridges, roads, water and sewerage networks, treatment plants, ports etc. The firm also specialises in building structures including multi storeyed buildings and foundations. Emphasis is placed on creation of a working environment which allows the SJPCE team to constantly improve their skill.
785 Spica Consultants Medical statistics consultancy. Established in 2001 as a consultancy service to the pharmaceutical industry, our clients have included large companies, biotech and virtual start-up companies located in the UK, Europe, Switzerland and the USA.
786 Ato Wright Welcome to Witscom Ltd. Your one-stop choice for Telecommunications & IT Solutions Engineering and Consultancy Services. Check out our portfolio of products and services. Choose between Hosted, Migrated or Deployed Unified Communication systems. Contact Centre Solutions. Omni-channel or Multi-channel Contact Centre solutions. Consultancy and Advisory services in Telecommunication Engineering, ICT and Business Intelligence systems.
787 Topklan We are an independent firm of Multi-disciplinary Consultants engaged in the provision of Consultancy Services to Clients in the private and public sectors of the community. With over 5 years of experience in the Nigerian, Topklan offers professional Architectural Design, Engineering, Project Management and quantity Surveying Consultancy Services. We have executed projects of excellent value and professional acclaim in most major cities of Nigeria – from private residences to shopping malls: from multi-store
788 Zazai Zazai IT Consultancy services. Actionable solutions in Afghanistan. Web Designing and Development. While a look that brings out the best in your brand and attracts your target audience. At Rana Software House, we have a team of knowledgeable developers and creative designers that can. Database Design and Development. Azi Software Development has accumulated years of cross-industry expertise in database design, database development and programming,.
789 Chicago Training Golden Tower, Corniche Rd. Golden Tower, Corniche Rd. Register for a Course. Through our expert trainers and consultants, we provide our customers tools and techniques they need to become more effective. Our consultancy services involve the identification and cross-fertilization of best practices, analytical techniques, change management and skills, technology implementations, strategy development, and operational improvement.
790 Rudolph Biomedical Consulting At Rudolph Biomedical Consulting, we aim to help you secure funds for your biomedical research and development program. We provide consultancy services on grant proposal preparation and writing. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how we can best assist you.
791 Vsi Technologies Our Consultancy services is a leading customer-centric business consultancy, focused on developing sustainable value for our customers. Project management experts to lead, guide, and deliver your most strategic initiatives. Strategy Execution A well-formulated business strategy, powerful product or breakthrough innovation can put an organization on the competitive map, but only sustained strategy execution can assure long-term success.
792 International Hospitality Advisors Your Custom Text Here. Founded by seasoned consultant and resort developer Derek Pinto, IHA’s mission is to provide the most objective and highest quality real estate consultancy services available in the leisure and tourism sectors. We take a multidisciplinary approach, understanding both operational needs and local market context as well as ensuring maximum return on investment in the event of an exit by investors.
793 Canrea Since 2007, we are providing technology solutions and consultancy services for businesses and individuals. Our commitment is to provide complete solutions related to business process development, automated systems and management of solutions to succeed in this highly competitive business world. We provide high level of service with exceptional results for our clientele: from general software and hardware requirement analysis to developing solutions, managing, implementing and maintaining.
794 Professional Insurance Brokers For the best Insurance Brokerage Consultancy Services in Jordan. Professional Insurance Brokers is a local Jordanian insurance brokerage company specialized in Insurance brokerage and consultancy services, established in 2015 to act as the intermediary on behalf of the client with the best Insurance
795 Sv Healthcare Solutions We provide clinical transformation and healthcare technology consultancy services across the UK.
796 Kilani Consulting Company Human Resources Consultancy. Recruitment Consultancy services. Business Management Consultancy. Social Media Consultancy. Sunday, July 17, 2016. In Cooperation with Profiles International we do provide a complete catalogue of state-of-the-art Psychometric Assessment products that target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, self-coaching and management performance.
797 The Gaboton Group For outstanding government relations and public affairs consultancy services, turn to The Gaboton Group, LLC. Our company is headquartered in Washington, DC.
798 G3 Solutions Engineering Soil Laboratories (PVT) LTD was established in 1992 as a Geotechnical engineering consultancy service for foundation solutions. E.S.L (Pvt) Ltd has undertaken and successfully carried out a wide range of soil investigations for multi storied Buildings, Roads and infrastructure, Bridges, etc during last 20 years
799 Aparajita Consultancy Services Aparajita Consultancy Services ACS today primarily focuses on delivering turnkey IT projects for its customers and handling complex IT requirements by providing wise solutions to its customers as time often trades for money while our customers have project
800 Adze ADZE Network has been established to provide consultancy services in the management, marketing, IT and legal spheres. This is achieved by continuously developing a growing network of expertise and specialties to form a structure of a TEAM. We have joined together to provide a complete one-stop, value added solutions center to our valued clients. We acknowledge the fact that no one is an expert in everything.
801 Waweru & Associates Waweru & Associates is a premier architectural firm based in Nairobi Kenya offering specialized consultancy services in architecture, land use planning, and interior design.
802 Cognition Consulting Cognition Consulting helps you introduce impactful change into your organisation through expert consultancy services based on innovative strategies and knowledge.
803 Nexiabasel Burger Navigation has no widgets. Corporate recovery/ Insolvency. Nexia Basel Abusalah & Partners Chartered Accountants and Auditors. Established in 2010, Nexia Basel Abusalah & Partners – Chartered Accountants and Auditors, is licensed as a Grade A accountancy practice authorised to provide audit, tax, advisory and consultancy services in the State of Qatar.
804 Syed Associates Project conceptualization & design. Natural resources management. Human resources development. Community based rural development. ADB Regional and Sustainable Development Department. Our consultancy services are primarily provided in the area of natural resources and environmental management and climate change, whereas other services such as community based rural development, information management, and human resources development are provided through our associates located in India.
805 Mahjah Nigeria Communication (Advertising And Branding) Services, Contents Translation To Hausa Or English, Communication (Advertising And Branding) Services, Blogging Services, Video Editing, Web Design, Website Integration, Audio Editing (I. We provide Strategic Media Consultancy Services to New and Existing Businesses. Businesses that requires Large Publicity about their Brand Products and Services.
806 Armada Analytics Armada is a leading independent, national provider of commercial real estate underwriting, due diligence, and asset management consultancy services to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from Agency and CMBS lenders, B-Piece investors, property owners, and the brokerage community.
807 Airport Music Ctr Airport Business Solution. Complete Business Consulting Service. Explore Our Consultancy Services. Business Consultancy Service. We render our consulting service to all types of business with experienced experts in the field resulting in the growth of business in every aspect. Airport business solutions makes sure to provide its customers with best-consulting services without compromising on the quality.
808 Furoris Apple and VMware certified technical specialists. Apple and VMware training, support and consultancy services for home, business, enterprise and education in Somerset, Devon and surrounding South West areas.
809 Business Solutions CBS Botswana inc in 1997 is a technology and innovations company focusing on enterprise software solutions and consultancy services. We focus on Enterprise Applications, Software Development Services and ERP implementaionts using world
810 Network Media Group Network Media Group provides strategic advisory services including capital sourcing, angel/seed stage investments, strategic digital media, and consumer products consultancy services. NMG provides premiere service on par with bulge-bracket firms but with an unwavering boutique firm commitment. This allows us to build positive, long-term client relationships by providing professional, independent and strategically superior services.
811 Oneto1marketing Oneto1 Marketing offers comprehensive marketing consultancy services for restaurants and fast food industries in Burlington, Massachusetts. Call 877-202-1940, 24×7
812 Orient Irrigation Services ISO 9001 Certified. Orient Irrigation Services is a company based in the United Arab Emirates, with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The company can advise, design, consult and/or provide a complete turnkey project on irrigation and landscaping from the design stage to installation and maintenance. Orient Irrigation also offers consultancy services for the design and construction supervision of golf courses through its sister company “Harradine Golf”.
813 Orchard Partners The Orchard Partnership provides top level executive coaching, sales training, facilitation and consultancy services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Asia & beyond.
814 Media Consultants Marketing Consultancy Services | Internet Marketing Agency |
815 Multi Communication Systems S Welcome to STC Health Care. We are importing, supplying & distributing Scientific and Laboratory Equipment in the field of Education, Research, Environmental Protection, Food, Agriculture, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Science etc. We also have Lab Consultancy Services through qualified personnel. We are proud having a very successful sales network covering all Pakistan.
816 Ross Preston Rowan Ecology and Education Support have been providing ecological and education consultancy services across Scotland since 2007. Contact [email protected] 07788190503
817 Wsl WSL Consultants is providing education consultancy services to the students of Pakistan. Students who want admission in international university can contact
818 Kevin Coyle Freelance Drupal and DevOps consultancy services offered to agencies, small and large businesses. I work with Laravel, Drupal, NodeJS, Docker and Kubernetes
819 Simply Lactation Simply Lactation aims to assist mothers in breastfeeding through an in-home lactation consultancy service in the Southwest Houston Area including Sugar Land, Tx, Houston, Tx, Stafford, Tx, Missouri City, Tx, Richmond, Tx, Rosenberg, Tx, and Katy, Tx area locations.
820 Firstgate Business Intermediaries We are an Independent Nigerian owned Project and Business Process Management Consultancy Company with foreign technical partners.Since its operation before incorporation, the company has consistently met the increasing market demands for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, General supply and Distribution, Project Management, Construction, Estate Development, Landscaping, Consultancy Services through the experienced knowledge of its management team
821 Brandship Brandship is a strategic brand consultancy firm in Jeddah & Dubai, one of its kind in the region that offers specialized brand consultancy services.
822 Prime Mechanical Works (pvt) We deal in full range of corrugated board and box making machines from semi-auto to fully automatic machines. We are also involved in Engineering and consultancy services to paper board industry
823 About Payments Consulting provides online payment consultancy services to e-commerce merchants with more than 1 mio online turnover per month.
824 Agrizen Tunnel, Green, Glass, Nursery, Material, Seedling, Insect net, Horticulture, insistent, consultancy services, land reclamation, kitchen gardening
825 The Miller Group The Miller Group now offers Ask TMG, a consultancy service for when you need answers but don
826 Ashkom SS Kalyan Samiti. Soft Skills & Behaviour Training. Outsourcing & Temporary Staffing. Head Hunting & Executive Search. Ashkom – an ISO 9001-2015 company is a high quality, professional consultancy service with a clear focus on surpassing the expectations and meeting the long-term needs of corporate clients and candidates. We offer manpower outsourcing, recruitment and training.
827 Bharadia Maheshwari Associates Consultancy Services, Restructuring and Management Information System. Ahmedabad – 380 009.
828 Cusbrocon Services Customs Brokerage & Consultancy Services Since 1984
829 Dwbi Services Make A Huge Difference Start Your Career journey With Us. Learning Online Becomes Easier And Faster. Make A Huge Difference Start Your Career journey With Us. Learning Online Becomes Easier And Faster. Welcome to DWBI Services. To achieve clear leadership and excellence in the field of software development and consultancy services. We will continually expand and improve service delivery to our clients.
830 Hyperspace Internet Technologies Grow your business with our marketing consultancy services: branding, Internet marketing, Website design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing
831 United Guards Services Dedicated, Quality Maritime Security, Consultancy & Training. In a fast changing world, new needs and challenges emerge every day. United Guards Services Ltd is an innovative venture, aiming to attain a leading position in specialized, quality maritime security services. We offer custom made consultancy services for the shipping industry, from assess and evaluation of all maritime security challenges at local and regional level, to the detailed advisory studies for best practices each time.
832 Pacwest Computer Established in 1991, PackWest Computer is a company that aggregates a synergy of IT Consultancy services for its clients. Backed by a team of highly dedicated & professional consultants, we mould solutions that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.
833 Elohim Solutions Delivering Enterprise Resource planning  consultancy services on time,  highly specialized  and exceeding your expectations nationwide. Elohim Solutions, LLC • 4 London Rd Lynnfield, MA 01940 • Email:info@elohim-solutions. Elohim Solutions, LLC • 4 London Rd Lynnfield, MA 01940 • Email:info@elohim-solutions.
834 Bluewaters Insurance Brokers Management Consultancy Services to enhance smooth operations.
835 Exian Project Solutions Exian Project Solutions Limited provides project consultancy services to the energy sector drawing on 24 years experience in the development and construction management of both onshore and offshore energy projects. We provide development and construction consultancy and practical support to help deliver projects safely to time and budget. Our services include support for projects during the early development, planning, pre-construction and construction phases.
836 Belfast Lough Pilotage Providers of safe and efficient Pilotage for Belfast Harbour, Port of Larne and independent jetties. Training and consultancy services available as requested.
837 Euromedia EuroMedia specializes in branding, custom concept to completion projects, print, event collateral, interior and exterior signage/graphics, video production including explainer & animation videos, graphic design, digital and social media marketing, project management, and consultancy services.
838 Rst Media Management RST Media Management provides strategic marketing, advertising, media, design and consultancy services. We make cool stuff, and absolutely love what we do.
839 Primefield Primefield Ltd is a Nigerian company that supplies waste management systems and waste management equipment, and provides consultancy services on waste management.
840 Nostalgia Designs Nostalgia Designs – Irelands leading Designers and Manufacturers of Decorative Lighting and Accessories. We manufacture decorative lampshades, lamp-bases, small interior accessories, accessories, cushions, throws, mirrors, stools, style, original, design orientated, all types of decor, decor, taste, design, consultancy service, special requirements
841 Cisnr Company of Intelligent Systems & Networks Research. Simple Solutions for Complex Problems. University of York, UK in Electronics Engineering with specialization in “Intelligent Systems Design”. In addition to the pragmatic researcher, Dr. Gul is also an excellent acadamician. Gul is also providing consultancy services to different utility companies & public entities on efficient load management via AI and IoT.
842 Biofabrication Design Solutions BDS provides full range of consultancy services to Biofabrication Laboratories, Bioprinter manufacturers, Clinicians and Veterinary Surgeons
843 Lawvillehub Our mission is to provide professional, highest quality, solution and integrity-driven business and legal consultancy services services to our clients using a practical and client-focused approach. Our vision is to be the leading professional services firm providing comprehensive and skilled business and legal advice in a timely and efficient manner to international and domestic businesses, institutions, and organizations.
844 H E S It Services Expert IT Consultant in Riverside. An experienced IT Consultant in Riverside, CA providing solutions that will work for you, your business, and your budget. IT Services delivers an experienced range of high quality IT consultancy services to businesses in Southern California. Whether your company is just starting out, or you manage a complex IT infrastructure we can optimize the perfect solution for you.
845 Allevo Fields marked with * are required. As a first step in the assessment of the solution’s suitability for the customer’s specific business needs, Allevo offers business analysis and consultancy services. Allevo has always been present in the local and international media, publishing articles relevant to the financial industry. Allevo provides software solutions for financial institutions of all sizes for processing financial transactions.
846 Dcb We are a leading design firm providing world-class consultancy services in architecture, engineering, and planning since 1984. DCB has worked independently and with international firms from all over the world to build projects that respond to clients’ desires, bringing together a balance of aesthetics, economy, and sustainability. We have provided services for sectors including sports, hospitality, healthcare, culture, commercial, corporate, retail, mixed-use, residential, industrial, and religious.
847 Albana Ferraj Albanian Accounting and Finance Consultancy Services, is founded in 2008, by a highly seasoned Accounting Professional in Albania, Albana Ferraj, with a strong accounting, audit and control background, while extensively been exposed to diverse industries and sectors, i. Ferraj, is a Registered (Authorized) Public Accountant. Mission is to Facilitate the Reliability and Understandability of Companies’ Financial Information Performance and Reporting.
848 Horizon Technologies Consultancy Services from Horizon Technologies – Offering wide range of Consultancy Services and Outsourcing Solutions with a proven track record. We provide world class Consulting Services and Outsourcing Solutions.
849 Globepoint Cultural Link Bilingual Staffing Referrals. Globepoint Cultural Link (GCL) a Somali centric languages and cultural agency that provides on-site interpretation, written translation and cultural consultancy services. GCl has the shortest turnaround-time little less than ½ an hour for major spoken languages. We take pride our streamlined scheduling and coordination system for hard to find languages and dialect in a short-notice.
850 Isource Services iSource Services provides Executive Staffing,Recruitment, Placement Services, Placement consultancy in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, NCT/NCR, Hyderabad. We also write CV Writing,Resume Writing,Placement Consultancy services in India and abroad,Manpower Recruitment Agency,Employment,jobs,Executive Search Consultant,Staffing Consultant,Placement Consultant in Mumbai Pune Bangalore Bengaluru Hyderabad Ahmedabad NCR Delhi Gurgaon Noida Chennai Amrawati Bhopal Patna Lucknow Jaipur ,Staffing consultanc
851 Morken IT and management consultancy services.
852 Optik Technologies Optik was established in 2000 and is the recipient of many awards including Innovation awards from the Government of Trinidad & Tobago as well as the coveted Emerging Entrepreneur of the Caribbean award from Ernst & Young. Our award-winning team can deliver a wide range of web applications, digital signage solutions and consultancy services to meet your company’s particular needs.
853 Jmt Al-ghanim   Sons J.M.T. Al-Ghanim& Sons Co. (JMT) is a Kuwaiti based company established in 1983 and is the Distributor for Oracle Corporation in Kuwait. Through its local staff, J.M.T. Alghanim provides all Oracle products, support, training and consultancy services to an extensive list of customers in Kuwait.
854 Deft Marketing Freelance marketing consultancy service with expertise in education industry
855 Alica Consulting Phone: +233 (0) 5607 15952 | +233 (0) 3029 06510. Your Growth is Our Target. Alica aspires to be a trusted HR consulting firm that provides value for money capacity support services and solutions to organizations. We provide consultancy services in human resources management, training and specialized solutions for Corporate organizations. STRATEGIC HR BREAKFAST MEETING.
856 Cottages On Salt Spring Island At Conscious Leadership Evolution, we facilitate leadership development and offer consultancy services to leaders, teams, and organizations that are committed to making a difference in the world.
857 Spontaneous Networks We’re a management consulting company specializing in providing management expertise to businesses all over the world. We’re committed to offering the best consultancy services to clients covering a diverse range of sectors. We have an array of unique products developed in-house and we’re continuously looking for fresh ideas to help bring to life. Happy and Prosperous New Year.
858 Batelitwin We are dedicated to being among the top internationally recognized engineering, procurement and construction companies, ensuring client satisfactory, a risk free environment and an excellent community relationship record. We offer Technical Consultancy Services and Construction Services in the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry and other infrastructure projects.
859 Know Well Web development / SEO. Know Well provides virtualization of computers or operating systems,. Computer  & IT Consultancy Services,. Know Well Deals in. KNOW WELL is pleased to introduce itself to you as Hardware & Network supporting based organization. KNOW WELL is a Karachi based private company. The company’s main business is to Sale, Support & Service Computers Systems and Local Area Networks (LAN).
860 Ideds International Development, Environment and Disasters (IDEDS) is a company incorporated in Barbados, which offers consultancy services on a worldwide basis, but with a particular emphasis on the Caribbean region. Services are offered at all phases of the programme and project cycle: from concept development, through programme/project planning, design, appraisal, implementation management, monitoring and evaluation.
861 Focus Group International Focus Group International | Focus Group International is a professional firm specialized in providing high quality consultancy services, studies and human resources development.  Focus Group International is a multidiscipline consulting firm based in Sana
862 Trac Associates TRAC Associates delivers technical expertise and consultancy services for managing risk within the built environment. TRAC is now offering Critical Safe Access, Cleaning & Disinfection Services. The team at TRAC has extensive in-depth experience identifying and managing asbestos risk for commercial and public-sector clients across a wide range of building types and operational environments.
863 Ooraa Ooraa is one of the best companies to provide debt settlement consultancy services in USA, Canada and Australia. Our programs have helped various agencies and people to get a relief from debt and to start a new journey. Contact us now for debt counseling services!
864 Rams Consultancy Project management and consultancy services for both the public and private sectors
865 Vishwa Adhyayan Kendra VAK also serves as a forum for understanding of various cultures and traditions around the world and promotes research studies on them. VAK Network World Wide. Vision & Mission. Milestones in the History of VAK. Designed, Developed and Maintained by Patheya Consultancy Services.
866 Total Fire Safety We are a total fire safety solutions provider in the Maldives. At GFS you can be assured the best in class, fire safety consultancy services, training and equipments.
867 Arkan Consultancy Services Arkan is a highly qualified consultancy services company located in Ramallah, Palestine. Our services vary between outsourcing, projects and courses.
868 Aryana Aryana Technology is a leading information technology consulting firm delivering tailored IT consultancy services and business IT support to organizations of any size. With Aryana Technology as your partner, we can work with your organization to develop highly effective IT strategies using best of breed technologies and resources, while implementing innovative solutions and providing world class support along the way.
869 Chesmi Chesmi Consolidated Private Limited – Nurturing Growth. Chesmi Consolidated Private Limited was established in 2006 with the aim of providing comprehensive range of ICT solutions and consultancy services. Chesmi Consolidated has established strong footprints in the distribution sector of Sri Lanka. Decade long experience as the largest distributor of Dialogproducts and services in Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka has led Chesmi to become a trusted partner in Sri Lankan telecommunication industry.
870 Gfinity Gfinity’s B2B managed services business delivers consultancy services to publishers, rights holders and brands, creating differentiated solutions and content for existing and future fans. Gfinity, Gaming and Esports. Gfinity is a world leading gaming and Esport solution provider. Esports – playing, watching, following – is a global phenomenon. Take a look at our company presentation to learn more about our business model and the size and scale of the market.
871 Luxe Development Luxe Development Sdn Bhd was established in 2008. We specialise in developing tailored spatial experiences, commercial and institutional design solutions and design centric residential properties. Having garnered an extensive amount of international experience working with multi-national corporation clients, we understand what it takes to introduce the same level of world class professionalism and consultancy services to our clients, both locally and regionally.
872 Work My Taxes WorkMyTaxes is an independent tax filing and consultancy boutique providing professional Tax Filing and Tax consultancy services for customers in USA and India!
873 Rastogi Consultancy Services Rastogi Consultancy Services (RCS). MINIMUN RATES OF WAGES. Forms in various Acts. Some of our Clients. Rastogi Consultancy Services – Labour Law Advisors and Advocates. As a labour law consultant, we help your business to run smoothly. Whether your business is big or small, we will help you to cope up with the employer-employee relations. Employees Provident Fund (E.
874 Selikta Ict Solutions We Selikta ICT is an interactive and innovative web design consultancy service. We are committed to transform your business to success by changing its perception and behavior with the use of modern technology.
875 Pharmacy Management Consultants PMC provides pharmacy related management, technology, and regulatory consultancy services. We can provide services to Pharmacy and Healthcare Related
876 Le Attitude Bungalow A, Shonny Highway, Shonibare Estate Maryland. Welcome to ADKYKE CONSULTING. Services like no other. ADKYKE CONSULTING organises and coordinates training programs for various categories of Business Entrepreneurs. Use our consulting services proactively to create strategies based around your future business needs. We deliver to you world class consultancy services in diverse areas at a reduced cost like no other.
877 Indepth Consultants Indepth Incorporated offers Construction Consultancy services in Laurel, MD. Call 240-554-7253 for an appointment or visit our office to meet us personally.
878 Carbon Footprint What is a Carbon Footprint. What is the Carbon Trade. What are Carbon Credits. Managing Carbon Impacts. Carbon Footprint ACP promotes sustainability in the Caribbean region as a whole and recognises the difficulties and vulnerabilities that these countries face due to their small size. Carbon Footprint ACP offers advisory and consultancy services related to energy and climate change: green business development: low carbon development: and developing governance policies to enable sustainable human activity.
879 Alloy Systems Alloy Systems Limited is a newly established IT services and support company founded in 2014. We provided one stop IT services including IT procurement, IT project management, technical support and IT consultancy services for SMEs. Customer can treat us as a virtual IT department which can make their IT requests under on-demand basis.
880 Mas Business Consultants MAS ISO Consultants, ISO consulting firm in Sri Lanka Provides Business Process Consultancy services for ISO 9000, ISO 27000, HACCP Certifications, Business Consultancy
881 Jebc International Studying bds from china is no more a dream with our support. Apart from that, it also offers consultancy services to foreigners in the process of seeking jobs, business settlement or investment projects. China, the land of artistic supremacy calls you to become a part of a multicultural education environment. We are here to serve you well and take care of all the requirements that you need in order to clinch your dreams of studying abroad.
882 Silva Soft Solutions Providing consultancy services for individuals and institutions through reading conferences, seminars and workshops, with the view to enhance personal, professional and human resource communication development. Services include:  Language Skill development for career professionals and students, Interpersonal communication, Literacy development support for both adults and children and multi-modal communication for students.
883 Applications For Life It all started when…. Providing insurance consultancy services focusing on efficient asset transfer and philanthropic giving. We focus on the strategic use of life insurance to enhance and bolster the estate planning of high net worth families, and the succession of businesses. Our team’s mission is to meet our clients where they are by listening to what they are trying to achieve.
884 Derivproduct Advisory and Consultancy Services focused on the Capital Markets, with particular emphasis on Derivatives and Collateral.
885 Ahaduweb Mon – Fri: 8:30a. PGR & Adjuvants. Consultancy & other services. Chemical Import & Consulting. Our Products Services  Best Supply of Agrochemical platforms. Foliar fertilizers & bio-stimulants. Supply of best agrochemical & fertilizer and consultancy services. Diseases and Peste. PGR & Adjuvants. Consultancy & other services.
886 Sumus Technology Sumus Technology is a Vancouver, Canada based company, offering highly specialised IT consultancy services in two areas:  IT security consultancy Customized software for scientific data analysis and visualization
887 Bam Dezign Bala Ave. or Bala Avenue located in Bala Cynwyd business district Township of Lower Merion Montgomery County in the great state of Pennsylvania site is maintained by BAM Dezign a Web design and graphic design Philadelphia PA firm specializing in brand design, visual communications design, planning and consultancy services for multimedia and print for small businesses, mid-size companies and large corporations is owned and operated by leaders of an award-winning team, We are located just outside the city of
888 Lighthouse Experience Lighthouse Experience Ltd is a consultancy that focuses on design, research, and strategy for interactive products and installations. Since 2006 we have developed a wide variety of consultancy services and design offerings. We help people create brilliant experiences. Copyright © 2013-2020 Lighthouse Experience. Channel 16: Ideas around Experience, Design, and Agency.
889 Premier Marine & Metalock Engineering Solas Marine and Metalock Engineering & Premier Marine and Metalock Engineering is a leading company in the field of Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Consultancy Service with proven expertise in quality engineering solutions and infrastructure development work with workshops in Sri Lanka.
890 Your Impact Offering a unique range of IT training and consultancy services to improve team performance. In the IT Sector, it’s professional skills that matter.
891 Kitaab Headquartered in Singapore, Kitaab International Pte Ltd provides a rich publishing platform to emerging and seasoned writers, and offers a slew of services, ranging from copyediting to publishing, designing and printing, and media and consultancy services. Send us your queries at [email protected].
892 Strategic Forays Consultancy Services Pvt To let opportunity knock on your door. WHY STRATEGIC FORAYS. We see repeat business and referral as the operative driver of customer feedback. Copyright © 2013 Strategic Forays Consultancy Services Pvt.
893 V Senthilnathan Copyright © 2008 vsncas. Senthilnathan & Co is a Chartered Accountant Firm providing Audit, Accounts and Consultancy services since 1986. At present, there are five partners in the Firm and Firm’s Registration Number with ICAI, New Delhi being 003711S. Also having Diploma in System Audit(ICAI). Other Partners have expert knowledge in Venture Capital Funding and other Fund for New and Existing Projects, Indirect Taxation inclusive of Service Tax, Central Excise and Customs.
894 Tarit Edifice Technologies Private Offering electrical consultant, electrical engineering consultant, electrical safety consultant, electrical consultancy services, air conditioning consultancy services, networking consultancy services, fire, smoke detection and automation consultancy services, CCTV consultancy services, surveillance consultancy services, industrial installation surveys.
895 First Aid To Save A Life! Pakistan First Aid to Save A Life provide first aid trainings & consultancy services to establish, implement and maintain emergency management systems. First Aid to Save A Life (FATSAL) provides a range of training (accredited and un-accredited) programs. FATSAL is an approved and registered training center by MEDIC First Aid International & ASHI in Pakistan and is the pioneer…
896 Dne Information Services A leading global provider of independent IT assurance and escrow consultancy services.
897 Saltus Associates Saltus Associates specializes in creating spaces that are beautiful yet functional. We bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. We are a full service Architectural firm with a wealth of knowledge and have a clear understanding of the entire  development process. Whether you want to renovate, build new (residential, small commercial projects) or just require planning advice or design consultancy services, we have you covered.
898 Mammoth Business development with a difference. Mammoth deliver a range of tailored training, coaching and consultancy services that equip a re-energised workforce
899 Watermelon Agency CREATIVE CONTENT, CAMPAIGN STRATEGY & COMMUNICATIONS. FOR MUSIC, MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT. Watermelon is a creative agency providing first-class campaign strategy, content creation, publicity and marketing solutions, partnerships and consultancy services to a variety of brands, artists, events and companies across the music, media and entertainment spaces. Founded in 2013 by music industry veteran Erika Thomas, Watermelon has outposts in California, New York and the UK – making us perfectly positioned to work
900 Purplefrogbd Purplefrog, a credible logistic and consultancy service             providing institution registered at Registrar of Joint Stock Companies             & Firms (RJSCF) under the partnership act IX of 1932. The strong focusing             point of Purplefrog is to strengthen the bridging between audience and             clients through providing quality deliverables.
901 Letia’s Consultancy Letia’s Consultancy Incorporated is a 100% woman-owned, Small business. Human Resource Management, Project Management, Petroleum Services and Logging. We are registered in the Republic of Liberia and in the United States. With about a decade of experience in the Business of Manpower Consulting and Staff Augmentations Letia’s Consultancy Services (LCI) is one among the most Progressive Multidimensional Consulting Company.
902 Datasoft Global Big Data & Data Analytics. Consulting & Staffing. Datasoft uses proven agile methodology for its software development that enables incremental delivery of features and adapts to changes. Data analytics & Big data. Our Big Data Analytics Service sets up following sequentially – data, processes, analytics tools and visualization. Datasoft management consultancy services have a structured and flexible approach to helping clients.
903 Al Farooqi Engineering Consultants Bureau / Structural Division Complete structural design and consultancy services. Structural design and consultancy services for the complete project. AMIRI TERMINAL BUILDING AND OTHER FACILITIES AT KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Complete structural design work. CONFERENCE HALL AT BAYAN PALACE. Complete structural consultancy services. Structural design works endorsement for the space frame structure Design for lifting of the space frame structure.
904 Rse Design ENGINEERING, TECHNICAL TRAINING & CONSULTANCY SERVICES. Industrial and Domestic Electrical Installations. Chemical Process Equipment / Plants. General and Industrial Supply. Industrial Automation Services. Oil and Gas Supply Services. Hardware & Software Engineering. Solar Energy Panels, Batteries & Inverters. Electrical Engineering Training. Industrial and Domestic uninterruptible power Supply.
905 Michele Butturini BM-Value: Consultancy service, experienced and professional for the Gaming and Sports betting. Italian market, Games Integrations, Italian ADM Reserved Italian Area, Casino, Skills Game, Poker, Sports Betting, Betting Exchange, Bingo, Virtual Games, Marketing, Affilation, Legal Assistance
906 Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Request a Quote. Subscribe to REM. Subscribe to VIP. Australasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (AHRECS). Our human research ethics services extend far beyond the delivery of tailored professional development workshops, including strategies to improve institutional arrangements and national guidelines. An effective research integrity framework is one based upon a number of complementary strategies that include coherent policy, sophisticated resource materials and attention to curriculum
907 Evolve Evolve Sports Solutions is a curator of cutting edge fitness products and a provider of innovative wellness solutions. We identify companies at the forefront of fitness product innovation, and provide long term partnership to develop and expand their market presence in the Middle East. In addition to regional brand representation and partnership, we present a spectrum of consultancy services producing tailored solutions to address our clients’ wellness needs.
908 Design Consortium DCL is geared to provide a comprehensive Consultancy Service in Architectural, Structural & Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Landscaping, Interior & Urban Designing and Quantity Surveying. Where necessary, DCL has well-established relationships with outside consultants
909 Demi Demi Chizgi is helping people achieve their goals in the areas of real estate and nonprofit management. Providing consultancy services to nonprofit organizations in the areas of organizational development, strategic planning, marketing, fundraising, client relations, and managing worldwide.
910 Lumjo Consultants It was setup to provide consultancy services in computer solutions ranging from hardware, software to Internet based solutions to clients in Uganda. The consultants within Lumjo are charged with the responsibility of identifying computer systems requirements, implementing the identified solutions, and providing support as far as possible to clients through training and day-to-day support for all solutions.
911 Y-axis Y-Axis, India’s top Immigration and Visa Consultancy services, counselled over 100,000 people in 40+ offices, located in India’s major cities.
912 Ebm is a global business-to-business marketplace providing absolutely free of charge B2B directory, trade leads and consultancy services to manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, buyers, importers and exporters.
913 Piedroba Consulting Group Piedroba Consulting Group provides marine infrastructure consultancy services throughout the Americas. We specialize in representing the owner on capital and maintenance dredging projects, ensuring successful completion within time and budget. PCG’s CEO and Chairman, Dr. Luis Prieto-Portar has developed a firm where excellence and innovation are the standard through combined construction experience, professional engineering, and technical expertise.
914 Michele Robinson Delivering excellence in consultancy services in public debt management,
915 Discovery Education Join Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education as we launch Ignite My Future in School, a one-of-a-kind initiative transforming the way students across America learn through computational thinking, a foundational skill for 21st century success. Ignite Innovation Student Challenge Winner Announcement. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Ignite Innovation Student Challenge.
916 Datatocapital DataToCapital is one of the best management consulting & strategy company that offers business consultancy services to top tier-1 firms operating in Israel
917 Prago PRAGO is a global Consultancy and Accredited Training Organization. We offer internationally accredited training and consultancy services world wide
918 St Louis Psychoanalytic Institute Psychotherapist with advanced training in private practice with children, adolescents and adults. Consultancy services for professionals. I-270 & Ladue.
919 Travelbuds New Constructions & Additions In Orange County, CA. High Quality Construction & Finest Craftsmanship. We are a team of experts offering best-of-class construction services for more than 2 decades now. We are proud to earn the trust and accolades of hundreds of clients across California. We do whatever it takes to build awesome real estate properties. We offer end-to-end construction consultancy services, both residential & commercial.
920 Villaex Technologies Your Business Dream Will Now Be Reality. Get Expert Consultation for company formation in Dubai. We are providing world class business setup services in all over the UAE on your budget and time frame. Get professional consultancy services for launching your own company in Dubai. Launching a company in Dubai and across UAE has multiple processes. From initiation to finalization, you need proper guidance.
921 Webliant Software Webliant is a customer-oriented IT engineering company providing IT outsourcing and consultancy services.
922 Greek To Me Translations Greek to Me Translations offers translation, interpreting, transcreation, localisation and consultancy services from English into Greek and Greek into English for the legal, marketing, and psychometric industries. Greek to Me is run by Vasiliki Prestidge who is a Greek certified translator.
923 Diversity Diversity Inc. is a consultancy service by Patricia Ellis that provides help for Veterans & College students based in Dallas TX.
924 Global Vet Veterinary pharmaceuticals company in Uganda: We sell drugs, feed supplements, equipments and vaccines at wholesale and retail. We also offer consultancy services.  Global Vet(U) Ltd
925 Safetypro Your partner in safety. See how our consultancy services can help you meet your safety and sustainability requirements while optimizing  your resources for maximum effectiveness. An effective safety and health management system is critical to business success. We specialize in reducing the risk of injuries and accidents through risk assessments, process improvements and data-driven solutions so that your people are engaged and working in unison to make safety a shared responsibility.
926 7sources Global Invest in RIGHT Human Capital. Select Seniors Smartly. Strategic Search & Selection. Achieve Business Objectives. We are consultants who provide integrated, comprehensive and cost effective placements in business, industry and government. Travelling to UAE to Explore New Business. We not only provide staffing consultancy service to our clients but also give the applicants a perfect platform to get their dream jobs.
927 Automattic BENPORT CONSULT The home of your business and academic solultions! Signup Welcome To BenPort Consult! Our consortium offers you world class consultancy services ranging from your business needs to educational needs ! We’re providing business software and other financial advisory services that enables your business grow at a faster rate and courses at beginner and…
928 Tibi Sahulat, FREE online medical consultancy service from world best doctors. FREE help from nearest highly qualified family doctor, primary care doctor OR any.
929 American Business Investment American Business Investments provides business consultancy services. We work with a number of international companies in a number of different sectors including Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Mining, and Health care services. We provide services to help you grow your business. If you have just an idea, we can help you get started by advising on everything from Corporate Structure and Organization to Business Development, website design and marketing, with the goal of establishing a well organized, prof
930 Degree Of Freedom A Degree of Freedom aims To provide structural engineering consultancy services with an emphasis on creative “outside the box” solutions which allow the clients to achieve the desired finished product. With an emphasis on addressing the clients needs, presenting multiple possible solutions to client, explaining the pro’s and con’s of each. Assisting the client on convergence to the best fit for their needs.
931 Fatmak International IT Exam Center. Individuals & Groups. CCNA Routing & Switching. FATMAK offers cost effective IT solutions to make computerization easier for organizations. Whether you are an aspiring IT professional or a business organization desiring improvement to your current services delivery modes with recent advances in technology, FATMAK is your number stop. We offer wide range of courses and consultancy services to cater for your needs.
932 Consultants Collaborative Partnership Quarters within a site of about 12,750 sqm. A residential tower within the prime precinct of Kingsway Road Ikoyi. CCP offers professional Architectural Design, Civil/Structural and MEP Engineering and Project Management Consultancy Services, delivered with the adoption of cutting edge technology and dedicated manpower which guarantees effective project delivery.
933 Cassian Cassian Consultancy Services provides property development and construction advice/support to a wide range of companies.The prime purpose of the company is to provide project management services for new build and refurbishment projects, from inception through to completion. Mostly working in the private sector, typical project management services provided include:
934 Ssg Advisory SSG Advisory. Consultancy Services. Strategy. Sourcing. Governance.
935 Narj Khans Narj & Khans Limited is UK based business consultancy service which operates its business form London with the brand name N&K Business Solution and growing its business in highly competitive and complicated markets. We focus on performance, increased sales, profitability, market share and efficiency. Our business consultancy services are competitively priced, whilst bringing real return on investment.
936 Splashpress Media The internet has changed the face of media. New media has shifted the power from the few owners of old media establishments to the users. We are dedicated to helping make the world a better place through communication and education. We offer consultancy services in content, design, business blogging, and new media marketing in general. Our Latest Book ‘Swipe This.
937 Nets Roll Number Slip. Roll Number Slip. Has positioned itself amongst the topmost recruitment service providers, since 2017. We are the primary job consultancy service providers. With our extensive and consistent endeavors, our company reputed itself at global level by rendering human resource & management services and overseas manpower recruitment. NETS is focused about delivering recruitment services for almost all the industries.
938 Dbm Private DBM (Private) Limited is a boutique Management Consultancy Firm providing a range of services including Business, Finance, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Consultancy Services. Our Clients come from all business sectors and across continents. We believe in developing a long relationship with our clients and that is how we approach our clients from the beginning and discuss all issues upfront.
939 Cultural Consulting Network National Lottery Heritage Fund. Interpretation & Learning. Research & Evaluation. Strategy & Business Planning’. Mentoring & Training. National Lottery Heritage Fund. Interpretation & Learning. Research & Evaluation. Strategy & Business Planning’. Mentoring & Training. Cultural Consulting Network provides professional consultancy services to the heritage and arts sectors.
940 Geoenvirong Geo Enviro Nigeria Limited is into Environmental Consultancy Services,Waste Management Services,Laboratory   Services,Training,Sales and Services.We do all these excellently .
941 Ipc International Offers Consultancy Services in Multiple Industries. Satisfy Different Healthcare and Business Needs. Project Financing Through Third Parties (up to 80% for private & 100% for public projects). Functional and Space Programming. Biomedical Equipment life cycle management, planning, commissioning, procurement and leasing. Application submissions, preliminary and final license approvals including mock audits.
942 Ish Logics ISH Logics offers you, The best programming improvement as indicated by the … ISH Logics provides Consultancy services to the small and large businesses
943 Dean Marsh D Marsh Business Support Services Ltd, providing accounting and business support to sole traders and small businesses as well as providing consultancy services to NHS organisations
944 Vincent Consultancy Services Vincent Consultancy Services. Vincent Consulting Services. We are based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, providing quality professional services in the areas of Business Management, Business Start-ups, Work Permits, HR Solutions and other related assignments to a diverse client base. Vincent Foundations aims to build our surrounding community in Siem Reap, Cambodia, by fostering relationships and treating all people as equal.
945 Belbak Consultancy Financial Consulting for Your Business. BELBAK CONSULTANCY (FINANCIAL SERVICES) is a Nigerian registered firm that specializes in the provision of Financial Consultancy Services, Auditing, Training & Human Capacity Development, Software Development and General Contracts. The company provides excellent and satisfactory Auditing & Forensic Investigations, Income Leakage Recovery and General financial Services to Local and State Governments.
946 7th Sky It Consultancy There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. Quick solutions to your problems. Virginia Beach, VA, USA. Tell us about yourself. Sign up for our email list for updates, promotions, and more. Copyright © 2020 7th Sky IT consultancy Services – All Rights Reserved.
947 Axiomgc Axiom Global Consulting. The starting point for deducing and inferring value. We are a management consultancy headquartered in Dallas, Texas. After delivering business solutions for more than two decades, it was time to establish an organization that evaluates needs and delivers solution in alignment with company’s goals. We’re a consultancy service firm that helps client define the future.
948 Ikenna Amechi An international Law firm with offices in the United States and Nigeria. Areas of specialization include Immigration, Business and Corporate Law. We offer consultancy services for businesses and investors interested in or doing business in Nigeria. Principal Attorney: Ikenna Amechi LL.
949 Cad Technologies Strategic IT Consulting Services Give You a Winning Advantage. As one of the leading information technology consulting firms, CAD Technologies delivers tailored IT consultancy services and business IT support to organizations of any size. With CAD Technologies as your partner, we can help lead your organization forward with highly effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.
950 Enmasse Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision of 220KV Grid Station Bandala under EHV-I, NTDC. Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision of 220KV Grid Station Bandala under EHV-I, NTDC. Engineering and Management Advisory Services is a Consulting Company which was formed in June, 2007 by a group of Engineers and IT Specialists having vast experience in their relevant fields.
951 North Immigration we are providing citizenship by investment,immigration lawyer, legal immigration services, business immigration,immigration consultancy services
952 Shiva Consultants Shiva Consultancy Services (P) Ltd | An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company | Steel & Power Plant Consultants
953 Leeming International Consulting Consultants in Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) based in Honiara, Solomon Islands. We provide consultancy services including expert technical advice, capacity development, project design and management, research, strategy and policy, rural and community development, ICT in Education and other sectors and applications. We also provide technical services and appropriate technology.
954 Diversity Environmental Consultants Diversity provides a bespoke environmental consultancy service enabling clients to fulfil their project aspirations whilst protecting and improving the natural environment. Being a small independent company we’re not driven by a need to generate work for a large number of staff but are able to focus on projects that have the objective of being socially and environmentally sustainable.
955 Clientvault Specialised Software Development and Consultancy Services offered throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Products including VaultRE, Rentfind Inspector, ClientVault CRM, TrackMyTradies. We’ve got what you need. From advice on technology rollouts in the real estate industry, to developing software products, we offer a great range of expertise and experience to turn your idea into a functioning product.
956 Teemco Well Star International Consultancy Service for the Oil and Gas Industry. The oil and gas industry is known for its highs and lows. Our service will help you avoid the lows and maximize the highs. We believe in delivering efficient, long term oriented and responsible results. We are proud to serve clients all over the globe. Our main presence is in USA, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Vietnam and Argentina.
957 Bitumen Marketing Road Emulsion Association. Bitumen Marketing Limited is a Bitumen Consultancy Service. Kevin Maw, as Owner and Director also provides consultancy secretarial support to the Road Emulsion Association. Formed in January 2013 Bitumen Marketing Ltd originally operated as the UK Agency for Kuwait Oil in the marketing and distribution of bitumen products and prior to the sale of Kuwait’s Rotterdam refinery at the end of 2015 had developed a significant market position across the South East of the UK.
958 Lino Bianco & Associates Lino Bianco & Associates offers consultancy services in architecture, including structural design and valuations, urban design and environmental management and planning, including feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments.
959 Treelightme We are international certified lighting consultant in Qatar with extensive experience in indoor, outdoor architectural lighting and street lighting. We provide lighting design, lighting contractor and consultancy services to clients across the country.
960 Energy Man Asset Management Services. Sol  is an independent provider of energy and environmental consultancy services. Our services cover operational, technical, regulatory and management aspects. Our market is the energy and transport sector and in particular marine transport where we have many years of experience. We have also undertaken projects for road transport and other industry sectors including power generation and process industries.
961 Associates DAMS AND HYDROPOWER. Coastal and Waterfront Engineering. Water Supply, Storage, and Conveyance. Water Planning and Management. This is a broad design consultancy service that we provide in-house. In this service we will prepare a report on how to improve your product, project and service. You can order our In-House Design Consultancy Service to get honest feedback on what can you do to improve your product or services.
962 -richard Ostell Simple, Modern, Timeless Furniture, Ceramics and Interior Design and Consultancy Services.
963 Cambridge Software Software development and consultancy services
964 Aim Infosec Welcome to Aim Info Sec. Aiming to the Future. AIM InfoSec Ltd is a Private and a leading Professional Consultancy Services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, design, implementation and operations. Collaborating with leading multinational IT & networking companies such as Cisco, Juniper, F5, Microsoft, HP and many more, we at AIM InfoSec Ltd, help clients usher in a next generation business environment with our world class Data Networking, Information Securit
965 Zenxpro Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Area of Expertise. ERP Implementation services. IT Outsourcing & Consultancy Services. Web Consultancy and Internet Marketing Services. Outsourced Independent Testing Services. Recruitment Processes Outsourcing. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Business runs on IT.
966 Feradon Associates We are an established and innovative Consultancy Firm with over 25 Years’ experience in Electrical, Mechanical, Energy & Petroleum Engineering Services. We provide full MEP Building Consultancy Services across all sectors of the property and construction industries. Is a Consulting Engineering firm with offices registered in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda.
967 Stable Konsulting IT Consultancy services offered for various fields including but not limited to Cloud, Cisco, Juniper WAN setup, LAN and office automation, Java,. Classroom and Web based training provided for . Your one stop for all IT Consulting and Training needs.
968 Circuit Cells Ever since its establishment, CCC was able to build notable relationships with customers and business partners through many projects and strategic alliances. Providing state of the art high end services along with specialized consultancy services, CCC was able to gain attraction of Saudi market leaders in huge variety of business sectors as a reliable IT Infrastructure Services provider and Consultant.
969 Bespoke Hardware Bespoke Hardware is your Global sourcing company for Custom Parts Manufacturing and Import consultancy services working in China, South Korea, Taiwan…
970 Energystream International Group Bill Boyle, an experienced Energy Sector Executive and Board member provides consultancy services to clients internationally from Houston, Texas. Thirty years experience in the international energy sector including residential periods in Europe, USA and Australia, specialising in consultancy solutions for operators, contractors and service companies, mainly in the oil and gas sector.
971 Tali Consultancy Mission, Vision & Values. TALI Consultancy is a key regional player in business consulting and the advisory services field specialising within the Horn of Africa region. Tali Consultancy services are grouped into three main categories: Business Technical Consultancy, Remote Location Services and Company Development. We have succeeded in developing models and tools that serve to identify our client’s specific requirements.
972 Garden Veterinary Services Garden Veterinary Services is a private business providing animal treatment and consultancy services in Nairobi, Kenya. We are on Woodvale Drive, Runda Evergreen off Kiambu Road.

In Conclusion

To start a consulting business can be a phenomenal way to use your years of expertise and industry knowledge to your advantage.

If you’ve built a skillset that most companies don’t have in their internal ranks, then your service will be second to none. 

Starting a consulting business is largely a matter of tapping into your network and really hearing out clients and getting them what they want. Easier said than done, but if actually followed through, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful consultant. 

Happy consulting!

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