How To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency - Important Things To Consider

How To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency – Important Things To Consider

Contributor: Gene Marks


For most small businesses, hiring an outside marketing firm or even an independent consultant is a very, very risky thing to do.

That’s because most small businesses really can’t afford the retainers that these marketing firms charge to do their jobs effectively. Marketing is mostly art, not science.

Sure, it requires much data and analysis. However, it’s also about testing, creating, innovating, and trying out new things. A good marketing firm should bring all of that to your relationship.

However, doing all these things takes time and it’s mostly a trial and error situation. I’ve worked with many marketing firms and consultants who have failed to make a difference for my firm.

In every case, the fault was mine, not theirs. I was not willing to pay – in both time and money – for the efforts truly needed to make our marketing relationship a success. Have I learned? I think so.


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Lessons Learned

Here’s what I learned: for most small business clients that ask me about hiring a marketing firm I usually tell them not to. But if they insist then I always ask them to ask their prospective marketing firm one simple question:

How do I measure your success?

There has to be some quantitative method for determining whether or not your investment is achieving its return.

  • Maybe you’re just interested in increasing views to your blog or visits to your website.
  • Maybe you want more people to download your videos.
  • Maybe your focus is on actual, warm, potentially revenue-generating leads.

These are just some of the metrics that will be important.

So what’s important to you?

Pick that one metric. Don’t overdo it. Don’t make it too complicated.

Establish a baseline: we have 100 visitors to our website every week or we are getting about 5 email leads per week.

Determine a goal: we want to increase our weekly website visitors to 125 in the next 90 days or we want to be getting 7 email leads per week).

Make those goals rational. Set a timeline.

Then…discuss with your potential marketing firm.

  • Are these goals reasonable?
  • Can you achieve them in the timeline I want?
  • What would be your approach?
  • What tasks will you be undertaking to achieve those goals?

It all rolls up into your original, and most important, question: how do I measure your success?

Some marketers will push back on this. They say that they can’t guarantee results. I get this. But I also believe there must be some accountability. And there’s no better accountability than a specific, black-and-white, deliverable metric. Just one.

What happens if that metric isn’t achieved? Well, that’s between you and your marketing firm. Maybe there’s a good reason. Maybe you want to try for another 90 days. Maybe you have a hunch. But at least you’ve got a plan and you’ve got a basis for evaluating how successful your relationship is.

I don’t buy into the premise that marketing is so esoteric that results can’t be measured and evaluated. Of course, there’s no guarantee of outcome, just like there’s no guarantee that surgery will be successful or an inventory item will sell. But it either is or it does or it’s just not.

You can’t make investment decisions otherwise and the same principle applies to your marketing investments.

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Hiring a digital marketing agency for your online business marketing can be a solution to a lot of business challenges. With the drastic changes in the global economy, most businesses are looking for new strategies and rising online.

Since people are spending the majority of their time on the Internet, you already have an audience that may show an interest in your brand and consider engaging with your products or services.

According to a report, 95 percent of the purchases will be through eCommerce by 2040. People are shifting their attention to the Internet which makes it crucial for you to invest in hiring a digital marketing agency.

While setting up a marketing department for your business is a good idea, it’s also daunting for many. You may need to spend money, hire experts, test different strategies, and so on.

There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider when taking their business online. This makes it difficult to shift the majority of their focus on online marketing.

However, there is an alternative to this – hiring a digital marketing agency for your online business.

Why Should You Consider Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Online Business?

Setting up an online business and a marketing department goes hand in hand. You can’t build a strong online presence and increase the website traffic if no one knows about it. But most entrepreneurs do not have the time or the resources to focus only on marketing

The solution to this is to hire a digital marketing agency for your online business marketing to experts and focus solely on online business development and operations.

Outsourcing has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Hiring experts who have years of experience working in a  specific niche
  • Saving time and using it for managing other verticals of your online business
  • Cutting down the costs associated with setting up an internal marketing wing
  • Developing connections with industry experts residing in different parts of the world

The 4-Step Procedure For Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Online Business

Since you are outsourcing your online business marketing operations to a third party, you have to follow a foolproof method that ensures maximum output.

Follow these four steps to hiring a digital marketing agency in a successful manner.

Step 1: Identify Your Requirements

Online marketing encompasses various verticals, such as – content marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, etc. The question is which of these verticals are most suitable for promoting your online business in the best way?

The answer lies in the goals and objectives you plan to accomplish.

For example, if your goal is to generate one hundred qualified leads in three months who are interested in your HR management software, you can focus on content marketing and PPC advertising.

Similarly, if you want to gain ten thousand Instagram followers in six months, you can opt for social media marketing (you can make this more effective through social media automation).

While drafting goals, make sure they are SMART goals. Here’s what that means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

After defining your goals, you have to determine how you can achieve them. You can do so by:

  • Identifying the best online marketing strategies to target your ideal audience
  • Studying the latest online marketing trends
  • Allocating a budget to spend on online marketing
  • Analyzing what marketing collateral you already have and what you can produce

Now you know what your goals are and how you can achieve them. The next step is hiring a digital marketing agency for your online business.

Step 2: Create An Advertisement/ Job Description

To outsource the online business marketing process, it’s important to post an advertisement seeking applications from the right candidates.

To create an advertisement or a job description (if you want to hire a freelancer,) you have to focus on all the following attributes:

  • Share your business introduction and the requirement: Introduce your business, its core values, and what the advertisement is all about (be as specific as you can.)
  • Share a detailed description of the services: Describe the services you are looking for and how do you want these to be implemented.
  • Share a list of duties and responsibilities: If the deal goes through, what will be the duties and responsibilities of the service provider (be clear and detailed to avoid any confusion.)
  • Share a list of criteria for selection: You can ask for minimum years of experience, familiarity with your niche, any official accreditations, etc.
  • Share your contact information: Finally, ask the service provider to contact the concerned authority in your organization to make a pitch.

You can post the advertisement on various job boards such as LinkedIn and others. Or you can simply search for digital marketing agencies on Google and share your requirements with them.

Use the following types of search queries for optimum results:

  • Digital/online marketing agency in location”
  • Digital/online marketing agency for your business niche”
  • Best digital/online marketing agency for your specific requirement”

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Step 3: Shortlist The Digital Marketing Agency

When you receive applications of service providers for online marketing of your business, you have to shortlist the one that satisfies all or most of the conditions listed by you.

To shortlist a service provider, consider evaluating the following:

  • Services catalog: Confirm whether the service providers specialize in the services that you are seeking for your online business marketing.
  • Previous work experience: Ask for work samples, case studies highlighting success or failure of campaigns, customer testimonials, and references. Contact references to verify the claims of service providers.
  • Team members’ profiles: Right from the founders to the executives, check the credentials and achievements of the individual/team.
  • Accreditations/accomplishments: Determine the credibility of service providers by verifying their accreditations and accomplishments.
  • Service costs: Take your time, work out the costs, and settle for the one that’s in your budget and also encapsulates all required services.

Step 4: Create The Workflow And Keep Everything Aligned

Creating a workflow and adhering to it ensures that all the work is aligned to a particular timeframe. It ensures that things go as planned.

You are working towards fulfilling objectives, and gradually inching towards accomplishing your goals. To construct a practical workflow, consider the following aspects:

  • Define important variables: List your goals and objectives to achieve, identify key metrics to track and measure, define key deliverables, and so on. Basically, define every variable that’s responsible for the successful completion of the project.
  • Create a point of contact: 86 percent of employees say lack of collaboration is the reason behind workspace failures. To avoid this, assign the duty to a team member who will collaborate with the service provider and ensures everything is on track.
  • Create a set of instructions: Although the service provider will familiarize you with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the services, you can also ask them to follow specific guidelines. For this purpose, share with them a detailed set of instructions, necessary resources, and access permissions.
  • Ensure legal compliance: Sign up a contract after both the parties agree upon a set of conditions. Ensure emphasizing data protection and user permissions in the contract.

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In Conclusion

Follow these four simple steps for hiring a digital marketing agency for your online business marketing to a service provider.

After signing the contract, ensure there are no communication issues. Otherwise, your online marketing campaign may not produce the desired results.

Consider creating an integrated setup comprising of internal team members and service providers. The integrated model ensures that all your strategies are implemented in the best possible manner, creating maximum impact and generating the desired ROI.

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