20 Tips On How To Build An Online Course And Earn Passive Income

20 Tips On How To Build An Online Course And Earn Passive Income

Contrary to popular belief, building an online course isn’t too expensive or difficult. It is, in fact, a great opportunity to build a great asset.


This can be useful for those who are experts (or even adept) in certain things and trying to get the most out of their skills while working remotely.

Since the consumption of online media is also on the rise, learning how to build an online course and earn passive income from it makes sense.

With a plethora of platforms and topics available, educators can strut their knowledge and earn some money at the same time.

Online-media consumption is at an all-time high and a well-made online course can produce passive income for years to come.

20 Tips On How To Build An Online Course

In this article, we discuss 20 tips on how to build an online course and monetize it.

1. Choose Something Relevant (Or Something You’re Good At)

It should ideally be both. A quick run-through of the most popular online courses can help you determine this.

If your skills align with one of these courses, great! If not, then build an online course about something you have knowledge about.

It boils down to adding value, at the end of the day. If your talent for making a niche art-form can add value to people’s lives, then they will purchase it.

2. Choose The Right Platform (Or Multiple)

If a platform doesn’t have exclusivity restrictions, put your online course on multiple platforms for high accessibility.

However, overspreading can cause a bit of cannibalism, or worse- consumers thinking that your course isn’t relevant to the platform of choice.

Udemy is a vastly popular option for creators of just about anything. It is a marketplace in which you can find courses on topics ranging from programming to stand up comedy.

However, there are a plethora of other options available to online creators and educators and exploring those is a good idea.

3. Build A Summary Of Your Online Course

A summary can help you streamline your online course and make it more accessible. You might know everything about baking, but your students may just want to learn how to bake cookies.

A summary will help them know what the course is about and if it is useful for them.

4. Have A Course Plan Ready

This goes hand-in-hand with the point of summarizing. An online course is like a semester-long class on repeat. Therefore, like most offline educators, you need to divide your classes accordingly.

Know exactly what you are going to cover in each class, and don’t offer too much or too little unless there is sound reasoning behind it.


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5. Use Your Smartphone As A Camera And A Microphone

Two smartphones or maybe one smartphone is good enough to record quality video and audio for your course. Ensure that there is no background noise or disturbances when you’re recording.

Nothing beats a DSLR and an external microphone, but you may not have access to it during times of crisis. With a little tact, you can record a professional online course and ensure a great experience of your students.

6. Script Your Course

When it comes to building a professional online course, you can’t just wing it. Aside from the obvious uhhhhs and ummms that you can edit out.

However, pure improvisation can cause you to miss out on important details that you will have to either reshoot or ‘fix in post’.

The latter is used as a joke in the film community, the former is both time-consuming and can be expensive if you are paying an external vendor/ service provider to make your online course videos.

7. Don’t Settle For The First Take

When you’re recording your course, you might be tempted to settle for the takes with minute errors.

On the macro level this is a bad strategy because while one or two speech/content errors are easy to ignore, a collection of them will only lead to bad reviews and an overall poor online course.

Also, multiple takes help during editing. Sometimes the camera and the microphone capture what you cannot see or hear. Best to always have a backup.

8. Price Your Course Accordingly

This is not a problem if your platform of choice is subscription-based.

Pricing should be based on both competition and what/how much you’re offering. Don’t undersell or oversell yourself.

Pro tip: Study a few existing courses on the platform and notice if all the online courses are as detailed as yours. If not, then you can chop up your course in two and sell them as two levels.

9. Interact With Your Students

This is a lot easier when teaching live. However, there are options for pre-recorded courses as well. Giving your students project files, homework assignments can be a great start.

Furthermore, investing in a platform that promotes teacher-student interaction can be beneficial.

If such a platform isn’t your final choice, simply share an email address that students can use to contact you.

10. Invest In An Editing Software

If you are editing the videos by yourself, then you’ll need an editing software. Given these times, Adobe has offered its entire Creative Cloud suite for free, for two months to existing subscribers.

Final Cut Pro X is free for every mac user for 90 days, if not availed already.

Besides that, software such as Shotcut and Blender are open source and entirely free. If you don’t know how to edit videos, it’s a great time to pick up an online course and learn.

11. Outsource Some Work To Freelancers

If you don’t know how to edit, outsourcing to freelancers can be a viable option. It’s great if you know a local editor and an audio mixer. If you don’t, websites like Fiverr and Guru can be of great help.

12. Get A Logo

You need to brand yourself to stand out from the crowd and it’ll be great to add more authenticity and professionalism to your online course. You can explore logo designing or can reach out to freelancers.

13. Look Beyond The Lecture Format

Lecturing, especially on technical subjects, can bore your potential students. An excellent way of teaching is by building a project along with your students.

A program on Udemy, for example, teaches students to code by making them build a video game. 

Other ways can be by getting guests to your classes, or by gamifying some assignments.


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14. Make Your Course Relevant

Stay with the times. Your knowledge on 80’s marketing might make for a great history class, but it cannot be sold as an online course in marketing.

This example is hyperbolic but stands true. Do a bit of research and provide the latest examples and data. Moreover, keep updating your online course so that it stays relevant.

15. Make Accessible Presentations & Share Them With Your Students

Make presentations to supplement your course. Most slides should only contain the key points so that the students can focus on what you are saying, rather than what’s written.

At the same time, make your presentation resourceful enough for your students to revise off of them if they need to after they are done viewing your class.

16. Invest in A Green Screen

A green screen can add dimensions to how you teach. Much like a real classroom, you can simultaneously be on the screen while your students look at the presentation.

You can also show your own output/project files to the students as they hear you talk about a particular topic. 

A green screen can be invaluable if used correctly. Best of all, you don’t need a professional green screen if you don’t have one. A clean, ironed plain green bed sheet will do the job.

17. Test Your Idea

Testers play levels in a video game over and over to see if there are any flaws with them. You don’t need to do that. But a small test market will help.

Ask friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or anyone interested to try out your online course. People you are comfortable with will point out the excessive content, the unfunny jokes and the course’s ability to engage and retain students.

18. Create A Marketable Landing Page

Most online course marketplaces have individual landing pages for classes. This is the gateway to your class and your choice of words will cause students to establish a certain impression of you. 

Introduce yourself and your content as concisely as possible. You can also go the extra mile and make a small video summary if the platform allows. Every additional effort will help in converting potential students into permanent ones.

19. Market, Market, Market

Ask friends to promote word of mouth, promote it on your social platforms through social media automation, and have referral options/ coupons for students. A vital step to eventually getting students is for them to know that your online course exists.

Having strong content is obviously the first step, but strong digital marketing can help create visibility for yourself which is also very important.

20. Create Excitement During The First Class

This is especially true for project-based online courses. Displaying the output of going through this course from the start to the finish line can get students excited enough to stay with the course until the end.

Retention is important because half viewed classes neither get recommendations nor reviews. You want both in order to get steady, passive income from your online course.

75+ Online Courses To Take Inspiration From And Create Your Own

Here’s a comprehensive list of individuals and businesses who’ve built their own online course. Along with the tips mentioned above, this resource could help you get started with building your own successful online course.

1 dodgensecurity.com Dodgen Security Consulting Articles & Interviews. Online Course: Robbery Training. DVD Purchase: Robbery Training. Let us help you reach your goal with our online courses designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep you and your employees safe.
2 funiber.us Funiber FUNIBER offers a scholarship program for doctorates, masters and online courses, based on virtual distance education tools.
3 ricohuniversity.com Ricoh Ricoh Learning Institute provides our dealer partners and their students with a wide array of learning content including Sales, Service and Product & Solutions Training. Our training programs are designed to assist our dealer community to be successful and is geared to equip you with the necessary knowledge, resources & tools, to assist you to better promote, sell
4 usingai4hr2.com Future Workplace AI 4 HR: Part 2. Understand Emerging Laws & Mitigate Ethical Risks with New Use Cases. Join our engaging five-week online course to understand the principles behind successfully implementing an AI framework.
5 animalmassageawareness.com Massage Awareness At Animal Massage Awareness we pursue the goal of better caring for a human’s best companion. We provide online courses and private/group hands on modules for all. Simple yet powerful learning tools to help you assist your pet companion.
6 holistichooping.com Holistic Hooping Learn More About yourSELF. Classes / Private Lessons & Sessions / Online Courses. Check out what we have to Offer. To share the (r)evolving art form of flow tool dance world-wide through inspiring performance, expansive education, and the production of innovative, quality products.
7 online.fiu.edu Fiu Login to your FIU Online course, request help, watch tutorials, get information, and more! Obtain all the information you need on latest trends and tools in online teaching. Looking to learn more about fully online bachelor and master degrees
8 coursearc.com Coursearc CourseArc is a  content   authoring  and management tool that facilitates the collaborative creation of engaging and accessible online learning. Transform how you deliver HR onboarding, compliance training, and other professional development by developing online courses with CourseArc.
9 549online.org Perham Schools Welcome to the Perham Schools’ Online Course where our curriculum is managed digitally by a Course Managment System (Moodle) that compliments the in-class instruction of students. There are a number of collaborative and interactive tools that can be used to develop 21st Century Skills, while providing teachers and students with 24/7 access to their supplemental classroom resources and activities.
10 hewlettconsultingpartners.com Hewlett Consulting Partners Building a Culture of Innovation. Global Reach & Global Impact. Sylvia Ann Hewlett. Special Report: Women in Business, Online course aims to help women in business win sponsors — New tools for ‘over-mentored’ employees to diversify top ranks. This autumn, four multinationals will test an online course to help employees find a sponsor — a senior colleague who will stick his or her neck out to advance their career.
11 illuminateded.com Illuminated Education Home Study – Online Courses. With the EFT Resource Center. With the Institute for Girls’ Development. New Courses and More.
12 nonprofitfilmschool.com Nonprofit Film School The ultimate learning toolkit for nonprofits to tell their stories through video. Are you ready to change the way you tell your story and engage your audience through video. Our creative team deeply understands your industry’s specific needs as well as the power of video storytelling, and we’ve curated our industry expertise into a fun, online course.
13 compstra.com Compstra Learn industry standard design and modeling software through structured online courses and tutoring. Improve your skills and your design capabilities. Improve on speed and techniques, using the tools and functions within the program.
14 koantic.com Koantic Start Your Trial. Online Course Builder & Authoring Tool. Koantic is a rich and intuitive platform that allows content creators to easily build beautiful online courses and presentations. Nobody likes wasting time learning complicated tools. Most organizations need to create or improve training but many find authoring tools too hard and frustrating to use.
15 qualitytrainingportal.com Qualitytrainingportal Over 50 online courses to kick quality improvement into high gear. Exactly when you need it. Our core tools curriculum prepares individuals and teams to meet the expectations of your customers from planning and executing to improvement and problem-solving. Courses include APQP, PPAP, SPC, FMEA and MSA. Whether solving day-to-day problems or tackling chronic or acute issues, a structured problem-solving process that includes data collection and analysis is crucial.
16 langfordlearning.com Langford International Consulting and Keynotes. Langford Learning TEAMS. Langford Learning University. Tool Time Books. No products in the cart. Langford Learning | Training | Seminars | Online Learning. No products in the cart. Consulting and Keynotes. Introduction to Quality Learning and PDSA. Langford Learning | Online Courses | Leadership Training | Probletunity. Langford Learning Home.
17 scientologycourses.org Church Of Scientology International Thank you for your feedback. THE SCIENTOLOGY HANDBOOK. No matter the difficulties you may be facing in life, Scientology offers answers. It provides an exact technology with step-by-step procedures you can use to handle problems and better your life and the lives of those around you. Enroll on a Scientology Online Course and gain the tools to overcome any of life’s difficulties and achieve a more fulfilling and happier life.
18 advanzteam.com Advanz Advanz Analytics provides trading tools to help you trade like a pro. These include trading systems, trading platforms, trade alerts, and online courses.
19 raoadvisors.com Rao Advisors Rao Advisors – We Help You Aim Higher. We are a full-service, low-cost Texas firm that uses advanced online tools to counsel students and families about all things college, including graduate school. Our seminars and online courses have won praise for their innovation. Our outcome-based college selection methods are unique and structured SOP/essay reviews help you stand apart.
20 ilbssymposium.com Ilbssymposium What You Should Look for in a Well. Social Studies Prepares Students for Society. Dictionaries Are Important Reference Tools For Writers. Online Schools Not Just For College Students. Public Higher Education in Massachusetts. Best Child Educational Toys. Role of a Business Development Manager. What You Should Look for in a Well Crafted Online Course. Hike Your Career With Online Education.
21 pitashi.com Pitashi Building Amazing Products for Real World Needs. We’re working on Markup Hero and we’re really excited about it. We do what we love. We love what we do. How do you manage your business. A good admin tool makes running your company eisier and scalable. Who doesn’t have an idea for an app. And we love building, monetizing and scaling them too. Ever taken an online course that didn’t deliver.
22 facultytoolkit.com The Graphic of a Modern Online Learner. Profile of an Online Learner. Welcome to the Faculty Toolkit. The Faculty Toolkit is a variety of resources to effectively design, develop, and deliver an online course. The toolkit also has a comprehensive list of academic technologies including training opportunities that are available for faculty. We Make Learning Personal.
23 projectfocus.education Luther Rice College Seminary Project Focus offers free, non-credit, short courses that provide sound biblical teaching by Luther Rice College & Seminary professors through an easy-to-use online course delivery system. What’s the Next Step. Step 1:   Sign Up or Log In. In this four-session course, you will learn the basic tools designed to encourage you to engage others with and give a reasoned defense of the Christian worldview.
24 ccacad.com Cyber Champs Academy Learning doesn’t stop when school does. Catch Up And Get Ahead. With more than 40 online courses, CCA can help you learn and gain a new skill from the comfort of your own home. We believe that learning is a tool for all and can help people change their lives and achieve their goals. Learning one or more skills in schools can not only speed up the development process but it can also fill the gaps between the educationally and technologically backward and forward sections of the society.
25 azaau.com Aau Tae Kwon Do Events. HAVE YOU TAKEN THE PCA ONLINE COURSE. IT’S FREE WITH YOUR AAU MEMBERSHIP. Get Yours Today. Mandatory background screening for coaches. General liability/Accident insurance included. Sports accident coverage – increased from $50,000 to $100,000. Access to top recruiting tools. One membership – all sports (youth memberships). New Officers Elected as of July 17, 2020.
26 dropshiplifestyle.com Drop Ship Life Style Learn how to start an online store with Drop Ship Lifestyle. Checkout our reviews, online courses, drop shipping tools, and more! Voted #1 eCommerce Course.
27 electioncenter.org Elections CERA Graduates in The News. Online CERA & CERV Session. Until we can once again offer in person class instruction, we are pleased to continue to offer additional CERA & CERV courses remotely using online tools via Auburn University. There are two sets of online courses being offered this cycle so please read the course information with corresponding dates.
28 jumpstreet.org Jump Street, Tm We provide you with reviews, guides and tools you need to make decisions concerning products, programs and online courses
29 solutiontree.com Solution Tree One of the leading K-12 education companies, Solution Tree offers professional development, online courses, and education books for teachers. Solution Tree works to raise student achievement and performance by providing customizable tools and strategies that empower educators and further teacher education. Solution Tree conferences, workshops, events, and other training for teachers focus on topics such as professional learning communities (PLCs), response to intervention (RTI), and assessment.
30 childproofparenting.teachable.com Teacher Acquire the tools, mindset, strategies and understanding of a Childproof Parent through our dynamic online courses.
31 inspire360.com Inspire360 Empowering fitness and wellness companies to create beautiful branded online courses, certifications, and subscriptions. We offer specialized tools and unprecedented distribution channels into like-minded fitness & wellness companies and health clubs.
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34 commonsenseeconomics.com Common Sense Economics About Common Sense Economics. Excerpts From the Book. About the Authors. Leading Economists Comment. What’s New with Common Sense Economics 2016. Slides and Discussion Questions. Supplemental Readings and Controversies. Readings and Podcasts. Massive open online course (MOOC). Other Topics for the Classroom. Games & Activities. This  Common Sense Economics  website, its accompanying textbook and its course package provide tools to help make economics fun.
35 thehome-office.com Home Office Management Experts Love what you do and live the life you love. Start and Manage Your Own Home-Based Business with expert tools, training and motivation. DVD – eBook – Online Course – Local Classes – Consultation. Learn at your convenience. You work at home, why not learn at home too. From the Nationally Acclaimed Home-Based Business Expert. Listen to The Home-Based Business Expert.
36 trichomeinstitute.com Trichome Trichome Institute sets the highest standards of education & certification in the cannabis industry. Enroll in online courses or shop Interpening tools.
37 viendamaria.com Vienda Maria The Heartful Biz. Vienda Maria is a writer & creative, & facilitates women’s empowerment through online courses, classes & live events. Using an interactive teaching style — anecdotes, stories & real-world tools — she takes you on a heart-opening journey. You’re signing up to receive emails from Vienda Maria. You have not added an image yet. Please upload and apply an image.
38 nrsweb.org National Reporting System NRS Technical Assistance Guide. WIOA and NRS Resources. Statewide Performance Reports. Self-Paced Online Courses. Technical Assistance Tools. Archive of Training Events. Welcome to the NRS. The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is an outcome-based reporting system for the State-administered, federally funded adult education program. NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide.
39 elitecareerschools.com Elite Institute ELITE Institute Career School 201-721-5080. Tools to Help You Succeed. As a career school, we strive for success. ELITE Institute – Online Courses. The following courses are now being offered. Online at ELITE Institute. Be part of a winning team. Join ELITE Institute. ELITE Instructors Are Highly Qualified Educators. We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher.
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41 bitsonthewire.com Bits On The Wire Webcasts and webinars, virtual conferences and expos, online courseware and classes – vConferenceOnline platform will make sure your event is outstanding. Virtual exhibit booths, free and attendee-paid events and classes, and many sponsorship tools all round out the excellent platform options that we offer. We can help tune your systems, find areas for meaningful improvement and suggestions for innovative ideas.
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45 locksmithingschool.com Busy Bees Locks & Keys Locksmith school: learn how to become a locksmit. Find locksith schools, online courses for locksmiths, locksmith toolkits and how to get locksmith license.
46 medicanova.net Dr Angelika Maria Koch Medica Nova offers natural & therapeutic tools for your optimal health! Explore the best online courses in Homeopathy & Quantum Healing!
47 gamestarmechanic.com E-line Media Learn to design video games. Take an Online Course. With Gamestar Mechanic, you can. Go on Quests that power up your game design skills and let you earn items you can use to make your own games. Take game design courses with professional instructors and get feedback on your designs from game industry pros. Make Your Own Games. Make original games with a powerful, easy-to-use design tool and a library of hundreds of sprites.
48 innerchiwellness.com Inner Chi Wellness We have tools to help you feel great again. The techniques taught in the Path To What You Want personal development course have helped hundreds of people make more money, heal and manifest amazing relationships, experience new levels of confidence and faith, and create sexy, radiant, pain-free bodies they love and are proud of. We offer a variety of online courses to help you get immediate relief from stress, anxiety or trauma, correct health imbalances, and manifest exactly what you desire.
49 contextc.com Context Communications YouTube is a powerful tool for training and the place to market these days. We create online courses. If you need an online course or video content, we can help. We’ll work with your unique product or service and create clear, organized, and engaging learning experiences that just work in all browsers and mobile devices. We provide content development expertise using Articulate Storyline.
50 sdhca.org South Dakota Health Care Association SDHCA Annual Report. Board of directors. SD Dept of Health Memos. AHCA/NCAL Members Only Publications. Staff Retention/Recuitment Toolkit. Webinars and AL Managers Online Course. CARES Online Dementia Care Training & essentiALZ Certification. Activity Coordinator course. Certificate of Attendance. Infection Preventionist Specialized Training (IPCO) Online Course – Self Study.
51 rankrentrepeat.com The Lab This is much more than an online course. Fully-Assisted Business Setup & Rollout. This boxed toolkit is delivered to you in the form of a 4-6 week LIVE Class, that will equip you with SEO skills you never thought you could learn so fast, or grasp so easily. We will teach you how to establish a gratifying service-based operation, supplying small business owners with something they are in desperate need of.
52 investyr.com Investyr Access to Capital Improves Lives. Providing clarity on strategic finance. Community building with online courses, events and peer-to-peer learning. Shut up and listen. Patrick founded INVESTyR with Phil Pogge with the vision of providing professional education and tools for business owners to provide them superior access to capital. Patrick has seventeen years of capital markets experience including business development, financial modeling, investment research publication and investment banking.
53 iwfcourses.com Institute Of Women’s Fitness Your number one education source for female fitness. IWF 12 Week Online Mentorship. IWF 12 Week Online Mentorship. The number one Australian women’s fitness educators. Providing in person workshops with online courses for personal trainers and fitness professionals. Exercising Throughout Pregnancy and Beyond. This course has helped hundreds of trainers across Australia and will give you all the confidence and tools needed when working with pregnant clients.
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68 attcppwtools.org Mid America Attc Download free training curricula, watch on-demand webinars and 15-minute didactic presentations, or register for a FREE online course. Access tools to help you implement or improve a PPW behavioral health treatment program. Connect with experts and other programs serving pregnant and postpartum women and their families. What is Technology Transfer.
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In Conclusion

With all this additional time available to us, it is important to keep adding on to our skill sets and staying productive. 

An online course is a great way to both spread out our talents as well as test the limits of our own knowledge. This can also be a great supportive asset if you’re planning on taking your business online.

You are not only revising what you know but also learning how to communicate it effectively to the rest of the world. 

While it may require a bit of planning and a lot of work, once completed, an online course can help you earn passive income for months, if not years.

This list is a good place to start when creating your first online course.

Starting An Online Business? Build It On .Online!

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20 tips on how to build an online course and earn passive income