Blog Post Promotion Checklist - Promote Your Content Effectively

Blog Post Promotion Checklist – Promote Your Content Effectively

A few years ago, blogging was a means of sharing personal thoughts with online readers but today users are searching for a blog post promotion checklist to amplify their blog content.


Today, it is one of the primary sources of traffic and leads for businesses. That’s why there is stiff competition in blogging nowadays and everyone wants to know about blog post promotion.

Businesses are trying hard to promote their blog and gain the attention of readers. However, consider this:  70 million blog posts are published per month by WordPress users. That’s roughly 2.3 million per day.

So if you want to differentiate your blog in the crowd and drive targeted traffic to your posts, you need to build a great blog, write good-quality articles, and promote them effectively after publishing them.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t dead. Far from it, actually.

In fact, 77% of internet users read some form of a blog, regularly. This is an indicator that not only are blogs alive and kicking but can also serve as a great communication outlet for your personal brand or small business. 

All it takes is great content and regular updates for your blog to get the eyes and ears it needs. Here, we look at the six most important things that will help you start a blog – a successful one.

1. Register A Great Blog Name

Creating great content is paramount for a blog to succeed. However, you need a catchy domain name to start a blog in the first place. A suitable domain name is especially vital for your blog since it is one of its more permanent aspects and, technically, the primary gateway for most viewers. 

To come up with a domain name, think of what your the kind of content you’re trying to create and the voice you’re using to express it with. A blog on standup will have a very different name compared to a film reviewing blog. 

2. Build A Good Looking Blog

Websites are subject to extreme scrutiny. So much so, that most websites are judged within 50 milliseconds; a bad judgment usually results with the viewers moving on to the next one. 

While you don’t have to appeal to everyone, you do have to design a blog that looks presentable to your audience. To see how you should design your website, check out your competitors – the successful ones. 

For example, a website trying to compete with Reddit will not look the same as a website trying to be like Medium.

 Once you have an idea of your blog’s looks, you can either code your blog to life or start a blog with the help of a blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress, or Wix. 

Now, you have the blog of your dreams, at least from the outside.

3. Be Consistent With Posting

If your plan is to start a blog that is successful you will need to be creating content, regularly.

A regular inflow of posts is what keeps your blog fresh and engaging. With over 500 million blogs on the world wide web, viewers always have an option to go to. 

Your prime job as a blogger is to regularly create engaging, quality content. Your blog’s beginnings might be marred with a lot of trial and error, but that phase eventually helps you learn more about your audience and your own content. 

So, don’t give up after an initial week of disappointing numbers, keep posting and see the results play out.

4. Make Money Through Blogging

Unless you’re someone who’s already famous, you can’t expect to earn a revenue right after you start a blog.

However, if your blog has a consistent following over a period of time, you can look at earning via different sources. These are:

  • Affiliate Links: You can always sign up for an affiliate program for a product relevant to your blog. If your followers click on the links and make a purchase, you get a commission. A great way to earn passive income and monetize your blog, if you have a decent following. 
  • Advertisements: There are purists who don’t like ads on their blogs and there are opportunists who do. If you have a consistent following, you can always sign up for a Google Ads program to get banner ads and monetize your blog. 
  • Selling Your Own Products: This is the end goal for every small business that runs a blog. Even if you’ve built a personal brand, this move makes sense. You can and should leverage your word of mouth to promote your merchandise.
  • Lend Your Writing: Sure, you start a blog to write on it, but it never hurts to make a guest appearance elsewhere. Larger blogs run by corporates are always on the hunt for freelance writing talent and your blog could serve as the ultimate resume for such an application.
  • Write Promoted Articles: This can be one of the most lucrative ways of earning an income from your blog. Sometimes a brand may want more than just a link to their product’s webpage and this is where branded content comes in.

Create a healthy ratio of editorial to branded content and your audience won’t mind either, especially if the products you are writing for are relevant to your audience (and are actually good).

5. Actively Promote Your Blog

Blogging, especially the kind done by an individual or a group of people, requires a lot of self-promotion.

You can always go the traditional route and send the link to your friends, colleagues, and family and expect them to share it. 

However, a better way of getting your blog to spread like wildfire is to create access points to it. An efficient way of doing that is by leveraging social media.

Social media sites have gargantuan followings. These websites can either serve as competitors (which is a bad idea, by the way) or as partners to your success. 

Creating and posting on the most popular social media platforms is completely free and if people like the content on your social profiles, chances are they’ll like the content on your blog, too.

You can also use paid social media ads to promote your blog and get followers on board.

6. Keep Your Readers Engaged

People consume videos and graphics on the daily. There’s a reason why YouTube is the second most visited website in the world

If your knack lies in creating videos, then start a blog with fictitious short films, a vlog, or make use of ancillary video content. If the subject of your post makes sense to the viewers, chances are they’ll consume it despite the format. 

The same goes for any other type of content that isn’t written. There’s an audience for just about every form of art and if you want to start a digital art gallery, people will consume it if it’s good enough.  

You can even mix and match! Humans Of New York is a fantastic example of a blog that combines photography and writing to make content that is supremely engaging.

Once you have an active blog, the next step is to promote it aggressively. Before you get into that bit, here’s a quick blog promotion checklist along for you to refer to every time you hit ‘publish’.

  1. Schedule posts for social media
  2. Share it with your email subscribers
  3. Connect with niche and relevant influencers
  4. Spend time commenting on other blog posts
  5. Hack into competitors traffic sources
  6. Participate in forum discussions
  7. Syndicate content on web 2.0 platforms
  8. Engage on Quora and Reddit

Blog Post Promotion Checklist For New Bloggers

Mentioned below are eight simple strategies that can help you get the most out of your blog posts.

1. Schedule Posts For Social Media

A user spends an average of 3 hours on social networks. Blog post promotion on social media networks such as your Facebook page is the quickest way of bringing it in front of your target audience.

Since people converse a lot on social platforms, they may share your blog post in their social circle.

Use social sharing for blog post promotion in the following ways:

  • Write a unique excerpt and design a visual for every social media post.
  • Share at the time when the user engagement is maximum.
  • Use top-performing hashtags (try to include trending hashtags as well).
  • In addition to publishing posts, share your post on Stories, Facebook Groups, and other such mediums.
  • Tag relevant users and influencers in your post, but don’t overdo it.

2. Share It With Your Email Subscribers

Email marketing should be your primary blog post promotion strategy because it can generate $38 for every $1 spent, a whopping 3800 percent ROI.

Since your email subscribers are the people who are interested in your product or service, they will be looking forward to receiving emails from you.

While sending blog promotion emails, consider the following factors:

  • Write an attractive subject line that generates curiosity.
  • Personalize email content.
  • Keep it short and concise.
  • Use visuals, like images and videos, in the content.
  • Don’t forget to insert a link to the blog post.

3. Connect With Niche And Relevant Influencers

Influencers are the people who are experts in their field and have a strong online presence.

You can take the help of the influencers or experts in blog post promotions. It can have a significant impact on your business.

However, before asking an influencer for a favor, build a connection. Interact with their content, keep your views, and share their content to develop a bond of trust.

You can connect with influencers via the following mediums:

  • Twitter: Most of the influencers are on Twitter because it’s easier to connect with likeminded individuals.
  • LinkedIn: If you are into B2B, connect with the industry experts on LinkedIn.
  • Email: Craft an email to pitch your idea and convince them how it adds value for both parties.
  • Website: Browse their website, interact with the content, and submit a contact form.

4. Spend Time In Commenting On Blog Posts

Commenting on other blog posts may seem like a tedious blog post promotion strategy.

While it may not have an immediate impact on your marketing strategy, it can be helpful in many ways, such as:

  • Building no-follow links to your website/blog
  • Establishing a connection with bloggers/experts
  • Attracting people who like your views
  • Reading blog comments can help you come up with new blog topics

When commenting on blogs, ensure you provide value – ask a question, render an insight, share your opinion, and so on.

blog post promotion checklist
Save this image for easy access

5. Hack Into Competitors’ Traffic Sources

This is an excellent strategy that can bring loads of traffic to your blog post. You have to analyze your competitors’ traffic sources, connect with them, and ask them to view/share your content.

The success probability is high because you are asking people who have already interacted with the same type of content.

Follow these steps to tap competitors’ traffic sources:

  • Use tools such as BuzzSumo or Ahrefs to perform competitor analysis
  • Search for the target keyword of your blog post to find competitors’ content
  • Analyze who is sharing their content on social media and who is linking back to them
  • Connect with these people and websites, and ask them to share your content

6. Participate In Forum Discussions

Engaging with your audience on forum discussions is a great way of promoting your content as well as establishing your expertise.

Most of the forums don’t allow you direct blog post promotion. But you can adopt other ways such as:

  • Inserting a link in your Profile Signature
  • Converting your blog post into a downloadable resource
  • Participating in discussions, providing value, and occasionally linking to blog post

You can also use Reddit and Quora to participate in community discussions. You can search for Sub-reddits in your niche, follow these, and provide value by sharing your insights.

7. Syndicate Content On Web 2.0 Platforms

Web content syndication is a process of republishing your website content on third-party websites in the form of a summary, excerpt, or in original form.

Content syndication is helpful because it introduces your content to a new audience, and you also get a backlink to your website.

You can search for content syndication sites in your niche by using these search queries:

  • “content syndication + your niche”
  • “guest post + your niche”
  • “write for us + your niche”

Also, have a look at this great resource on content syndication websites.

8. Answer Questions On Quora

Adults spend 2x more time on Quora than LinkedIn. So if you want to promote content, whether it’s blog post promotion or website promotion, you must consider spending time on Quora.

It’s a Q&A platform where users post queries, and the experts share their opinions and experience with them. You can actively participate in Quora by:

  • Asking questions: By asking a question in your niche, or a topic related to your blog post, you start a discussion on Quora. By commenting on user’s answers, upvoting and downvoting their answers, and by asking experts to write answers, you attract interested users to your website or blog.
  • Answering questions: Every day thousands of queries are listed in Quora. You can search for the keywords related to your niche and subscribe to related topics to discover opportunities to answer questions. While answering, you can insert a link to your blog post to increase website traffic.

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If you are spending one hour writing a blog post, spend nine hours to promote your blog posts. It’s tough to attract visitors to your new blog post, but if you implement the aforementioned strategies, your blog post will become popular in no time.

You can also consider investing in paid blog post promotions, such as PPC advertising on social media and search engines.

However, ensure the blog post that you are promoting links to sales pages on your website. It will help in generating revenue from paid campaigns.

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