5 Tips To Increase Sales Using Social Media Marketing

5 Tips To Increase Sales Using Social Media Marketing

The Sun rises in the east. We breathe oxygen to stay alive. Social media is a must for every business that wants to increase sales. 


All three sentences share one thing in common: they’re undeniable facts. Social media is a behemoth that dominates the internet is no longer ‘heating up’ or ‘gaining traction’.

It is, by and large, a driving force of the world wide web and its users. 

The United States boasts a count of approximately 222 million people on Facebook that’s 70% of the country’s population!

Everyone and their grandma is on social media, and a business that wants to build a strong online presence and scale effectively in 2020, need to use it efficiently. Period. 

5 Strategies to Increase Sales Using Social Media

The pointers below should act as a blueprint for your social media strategy.

1. Be In Sync With Your Customers And Their Social Interaction

Fun fact: Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, earns more from Instagram than from soccer.

This might tempt just about every business to hop on the Instagram bandwagon, but is that really the right decision?

Before you invest in a social media platform, ask yourself the who, where and how.

  • Who are my customers?
  • Where do they normally interact?
  • How do they use this platform?

Each social media platform provides something unique to its users and has an audience of its own.

The conversations on Facebook, for example, vary greatly from the user-generated content of Instagram.

It is vital that a business does its homework before treading into territory that hosts none of its audience.

2. Use The Public Nature Of Social Media To Your Advantage

Customers purchase trust, just as much as they do an actual product. Social media is unequivocally the best way to display your trustworthiness to the masses.

Potential issues with a product? Why make a customer call you in person when you can give them the option of sending you a public message on Twitter or Facebook? 

Netflix, for example, uses Twitter as its hub for both customer service and humor.

This lets both the aggrieved customer and the rest of the streaming giant’s followers (and non-followers who come across the thread) see how reactive the company is with issues.

It builds trust and customer loyalty. It shows, very publicly, that the company is unafraid of taking responsibility for the failure of its products. 

The humor is just the cherry on top of the icing- it gives a personality to the brand and makes it more relatable to everyone.

Even small businesses can use a similar strategy to increase sales, before spending a fortune towards external marketing.

3. Educate Your Team And Yourself

Data is invaluable to every business. It is commonly held knowledge that most social media platforms collect and analyze consented user data for external businesses.

It gives insights about existing customers and other stakeholders that no amount of human intuition can possibly purvey.

As a result, investing time and money into educating your employees about reading and analyzing data is requisite, in this day and age.

How efficiently can your team navigate through Facebook Business Manager? What stats and numbers do they consider important? How will they translate information given to them- free and paid- to increase sales?

The answers to these questions can only be answered with the help of proper time investment.

If you’re a small business owner and don’t have a team, educate yourself and become your own company’s social media MVP.

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4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kompetition

A quick glimpse into a marketing account such as Mad Over Marketing will give you access to the latest trends in social media marketing.

A glimpse into your competition’s account will help you understand how they’re using the latest memes, trends, internet lingo, platform features, and much more.

Given the vastness of the internet, new information and trends keep flowing on the go and to increase sales, a business must keep itself informed and stay on top of these trends, and use them creatively to their advantage.

This is especially true for businesses that target millennials and Gen-Z, two target markets that were brought up when the Internet of Things (IoT) began settling in.

By being relevant, businesses also avoid the additional task of explaining a marketing campaign, strategy, ad or idea to their audience.

The audience already knows, for example, how a meme works. Now it is up to the brand to use it creatively to increase sales by making the internet trend relevant to its products or services.

5. Utilize The Platform For More Than Just Selling Products

Tinder recently released a web series on its platform. By all conventional standards, a dating app releasing a show doesn’t really add up all that much.

However, a quick look into their Instagram account will show just how content-driven Tinder is. 

Pushing your product or service incessantly will probably not increase sales. It might just do the opposite, in fact.

Visitors of social media have so many options that a door-to-door salesman equivalent might not necessarily catch their appeal. 

If resources allow, having a dedicated editorial team is a fantastic step to creating a consistent social media presence with uniform content.

It introduces your brand to not only your existing customers but also potential ones that you can acquire to increase sales overall. 

Build Your Social Media Strategy Today To Increase Sales

Social media has opened the gateways for brands across the globe to expand their customer base and taste social success.

This is easier said than done because a cohesive social media presence and strategy need to be implemented over a long period of time to make that happen.

In summary, a sale should be the outcome of your social media interaction, but the gateway to your brand should be your editorial content.

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