Winning Tips to Find A Great Domain Name for Your Online Business

Winning Tips to Find A Great Domain Name for Your Online Business

When you’re investing so much effort in every aspect of your online business, you shouldn’t miss out on choosing a great domain name. Picking a great domain name for your online business is one of the most important decisions you will make along your entrepreneurial journey.

domain name for your online business

Your domain name works as your global online identity. People will associate that name with your brand. When it comes to choosing a domain name for your online business, the world is your oyster.

There are thousands of names to pick from and with a brandable domain extension, the domain name of your choice might just be available. Now, choosing a domain name might be hard but it isn’t impossible—it just takes some time and thought on your end.

To make it easy, here are some things to consider when choosing a domain name for your online business. Following these tips will ensure you get the cream of the crop.

Spend time picking the right name

Google values good brand communication over just about anything else. If you check some of the top ranked websites, you’ll see that these are sites that have built a good brand for themselves wherein they provide great quality content and value to their customers.

Having a brand name that stands out for itself can do a lot for your business in the long run. Picking a domain name that helps build your brand, resonates with the customers and makes it easier for people to recognize you will always work in your favor.

How to Build a Strong Brand for your Startup

When it comes to starting up, many entrepreneurs are at a loss as to how to go about transforming their idea into a reality and to make it a success. A major portion of making your startup achieve amazing heights of success depends on acing your marketing and to build a strong brand.

Choose a brandable domain extension

When it comes to picking a good domain name for your online business, every aspect of the web address counts. The Internet has been around for a long time. Therefore, chances are that the domain name you want won’t available on the common domain extensions.

Now when this happens, most businesses either sacrifice their choice of name or add unnecessary suffixes/prefixes or misspell the name. Doing any of this will hurt your brand in the long run.

Instead, by choosing a brandable domain extension such as .ONLINE, you can not only better brand your domain name but also build a strong brand reputation over time.

The key benefits of using a .ONLINE domain for your business are:

  • You can find the name of your choice available on .ONLINE.
  • You can register a short domain name on .ONLINE without having to spend a fortune.
  • You can easily create a relatable, keyword rich business name on a .ONLINE domain

Make it definitive, not generic

When choosing a domain name for your website, pick something that is definitive, creative and brandable. Remember, your domain name is the foundation of your brand. It’s how your visitors will find and remember you.

For instance, if is the domain name of you’re a travel agency, then it will not succeed in making as strong a mark as will. The latter is definitive because it is:

  • Short,
  • Easy to remember, and
  • Unique (the most important quality needed to be brandable)

Domain name generators and thesaurus are useful tools to find words that can make for a great domain name.

How to Choose A Winning Domain Name for Your Online Business

Choosing an online identity for your business website is a crucial decision. Think about it, your domain name is the first touch point for your visitors to get an understanding of what awaits them when they land on your website. Many business owners think of a domain name as just a web address for their website.

Avoid hyphens and numbers in your domain name

A great domain name is one that can be understood easily by you and everyone else. This is more likely to happen if people don’t have to stop and think about how to say or spell it. It’s not exceptionally smooth or punchy to specify a hyphen in a conversation.

If it’s going something like “Hi my name is John and my domain is johnpersonal-blog dot com.” then it’s not going to be easy or memorable – the two factors, you need on your side if you want to experience success online.

Conduct a trademark search before registering a domain name

A domain name by itself is not considered intellectual property. However, registering a domain name that is similar to a trademark word/term can cause a tremendous amount of legal and financial problems for your business. It could also lead to your website being shut down.

Thus, before adopting a domain name, it is crucial to conduct a trademark search and ensure that the name you’re after is free from any legal hassles. Also, keep in mind that the trademark search cannot be limited to just USPTO.

As a business setting up your online identity, your research must include all known trademark databases—both nationally and internationally—and a basic law search.

So, there you have it: all the things to keep in mind when choosing to own a great domain name for your online business.

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