New Domain Extensions: 4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider It

New Domain Extensions: 4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider It

Doesn’t it break your heart when you find out that the perfect brand name in your mind for your business is taken? It’s quite disappointing to get a pop-up message, ‘That domain name has already been taken!’ when you search for your try to register a website name with your desired name on traditional domain extensions.

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As a result, you often have to settle for clunky domain names with hyphens, too many characters or numbers, wrong spellings, meaningless word fillers, etc. If you plan to build a brand around your business (which you should), then picking a long and awkward website address is a big no-no.

The good news is that you don’t need to choose a complicated domain name for your brand. With new domain extensions now in play, you now have the luxury to pick the name of your choice on over 1200 new domain extensions such as:


Don’t settle for a mediocre name, be creative and disruptive with your branding and positioning right from the start.

What are new domain extensions?

.COM, .ORG, .GOV, .EDU are some of the most popular and common domain extensions.  Since 2012, several new domain extensions have been introduced. So, you can be sure that there’s one that’s most relevant for your business.

6 Steps To Choosing A Kickass Domain Name For Your Online Business

Are you planning to take your business online or launching a new product or a new brand or? Are you struggling to find the perfect online identity for your online business? Are you in dilemma because of this name-game muddle? If your answer for each of these questions is yes, then look no further.

What are the key benefits of new domain extensions?

1. Availability

New domain extensions offer a tremendous opportunity for businesses to select domain names that they truly like. For example, an Africa-based startup chose for its digital payments business. With new domain extensions, it’s possible to find the exact match domain name for your business and to build a brand.

2. Creativity

Being meaningful and definitive words, new domain extensions offer a creative approach to selecting domain names. Choosing a new domain extension enables businesses to pick a website name that is memorable and creates an impression. For example, a startup that makes travel-planning a breeze chose as their web address. With new domain extensions, you can churn your creative juices to find a unique domain name that stands out.

3. Targeting

A major benefit of new domain extensions is their ability to make the Internet namespace a more organized place. Your website name can help you target a particular audience that is most relevant to you. For example, is the online home for people to experience and order exquisite food items that are available at the physical storefronts. The website name is a message to the entire community of gastro-enthusiasts and thus resonates with them immediately.

Which is the the best new domain extension for my business?

Hearty congratulations for finally planning to create a website for that business idea you’ve been obsessing over! Have you decided what you’re going to name it? Well, choosing a name for your business is as much a fun activity as it is unnerving. What’s trickier is picking the best domain extension for it.

4. Positioning

Imagine if you were to launch a new digital learning platform that encourages students to learn ‘online’. Wouldn’t it be useful to host your website on a .ONLINE domain? This way, your target group would see and comprehend immediately that this is an online learning course. This is how a new domain extension can be used very effectively for successful positioning of your business.

Bonus 5th reason: Websites on new domain extensions such as .ONLINE are memorable because they are meaningful. Let’s say you meet a woman named Amy Mathers who tells you that she is a chef in New York and blogs about her recipe at It’s likely that you will remember her website address as it is short and creative and communicates a lot more than other website names.

So, get innovative and play around with your business name on new domain extensions to find a unique website name that will help your business to blossom into a memorable brand!

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