Learn How To Promote Your Content With Charlie Patel

Learn How To Promote Your Content With Charlie Patel

To get the most out of your content, you have to hustle to get it out there and in front of as many people as possible who can gain value from it.

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If you want your content marketing activities to serve their purpose and help your marketing goals, you need to be proactive with your content promotion.

We spoke with Charlie Patel, CEO of Triberr,  a marketing automation suite for influencers and bloggers about how to promote your content and engage online to build a better brand.

1. What inspired you to start Triberr? Tell us the story.

I like launching startups from the ground up, however, when I saw an opportunity to acquire another startup that was struggling but had potential, I jumped at the chance.

The original founders did a great job of building the foundation, and since then we’ve enhanced the platform into a more robust content marketing suite and influencer marketing platform.

2. Paid tools aside, what are some of the organic ways content marketers can promote their content?

Our platform is built exactly for the purpose of organic growth and content promotion.
Naturally, therefore Triberr should be part of the promotion mix. We allow content marketers to do the following:
1) Create a tribe of like-minded individuals who share each others’ content.
2) Join others’ tribes and be an active tribemate; the more you engage, the more likely others will share your content.
3) Promote your content for a nominal fee to get additional exposure across a category of tribes and individuals on the platform.
Given the amount of time bloggers spend to create amazing content, they should be spending more time promoting said content.
In fact, I’ve written a bit about applying the 80/20 Rule to Content Marketing.
Besides Triberr, there are several other platforms that provide organic promotion of quality content. For example, here are a few examples:
  • Medium for content syndication
  • Use your email list
  • Post in relevant FB groups
  • Share in LinkedIn groups
  • Post in Slack workspaces
  • Post in Quora or Reddit threads (if relevant)

3. What are some of your favorite online communities to engage in?

I prefer Facebook Groups as there’s still a large audience that prefers to get their content curated through fellow peers.

Another channel I like to use are private Slack spaces which are essentially micro-communities of like-minded people, like Triberr’s Tribes.

And lastly, if it’s appropriate and relevant, I find Quora threads where my content may be useful.

4. With all the noise, how can a small business cut through and reach its right social audience?

Stay narrow and stick to what works. it is difficult to be present on every network. Most small businesses make the mistake of trying to attack each that they’re diluting their efforts.

Instead, focus on the 1 or 2 channels that have your target audience and establish authority on those.

For example, I’ve seen several mall businesses create the majority of their pipeline through a single Facebook group filled with their target audience, or a LinkedIn group.

Similarly, I’ve also seen several small businesses generate more than 80% of their revenue from Instagram influencers.

The key is to quickly find what satisfies your objectives and then focus energy towards adding value there.



5. What do you see as the biggest content marketing opportunity that many marketers aren’t taking full advantage of?

Micro-influencers! The biggest, untapped content marketing opportunity is leveraging micro-influencers to share your content or business.

At Triberr, we’re specifically focused on gathering the largest base of micro-influencers who are primarily bloggers, and it’s amazing to see what they can achieve through organic networking.

Couple that with some paid opportunities and the content marketing engine truly demonstrates powerful results.

6. What are your future plans for Triberr?

The team is actively working on massive changes to Triberr for the future. The biggest release will be our influencer marketing platform which should give content creators easier access to brands for monetization opportunities.
Additionally, below are just a handful of other large items on our roadmap:
  • Further enhance our content curation tool
  • Track social mentions
  • Enhance our Tribes functionality with more powerful features for admins to grow larger and more active tribes
  • Overhaul our content scheduling feature so that users no longer require any other social media tool
  • Allow users to create an organized content library
  • Provide more analytics on their content and what users are reading / viewing
Most of these features will be free to Triberr users.
Additionally, we plan on reaching 1 million users by the end of 2020 which would make Triberr one of the largest online communities of content creators, and opt-in network of influencers.

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