Businesses And Ideas Thriving Online On A .ONLINE Domain Name

Businesses And Ideas Thriving Online On A .ONLINE Domain Name

We’re working towards making the Internet namespace more meaningful and relevant to businesses and individuals.


Read the reviews of .ONLINE domain users to know how a global and meaningful domain name helped them build a strong online brand.

1. “I chose .ONLINE because it’s brandable.”

We wanted to build our unique online presence and so, it made sense to go with a .ONLINEdomain name for our business. It also aligns with our belief of always staying ahead of the curve. We work towards establishing unity in a brand’s overall online and offline presence and nothing better defines “unity” than the word online.

— Alex Pattenden, Founder |



2. “I chose .ONLINE because it’s meaningful to my business.”

I’ve been cooking up some amazing stuff for my customers at Get Baked. I chose .ONLINE as my domain extension because I wanted to encourage more online orders and the website name directs customers to do just that. It’s easy to remember and very straightforward and everyone knows what online means.

— Teri Haddick, Founder |



3.  “I chose .ONLINE because it helps my business stand out.”

We changed our domain name from and to With Louder Online’s large customer base across America, Europe, Australia, and more, .ONLINE is a perfect fit and is very well understood across the globe. The domain name itself gives the global positioning that Louder Online delivers. High recall value and instant customer connect are some of the things that really worked for’s move to a new domain extension. Our customers really like the name of our website and are very supportive of it.

— Aaron Aguis, CEO and Co-founder |




4. “I chose .ONLINE because it is a perfect fit for my brand.”

After I purchased DivaFit, I updated the logo and the brand and thought it was a perfect opportunity to update the website as well. That’s when I came across .ONLINE domain and thought it was a perfect fit. I wanted a distinct online presence and .ONLINE helped me achieve just that.

— Erin Muessig, Owner & Instructor |


5. “I chose .ONLINE because it has a global appeal and helps with my brand recall.”

One of my biggest challenges was that I had too many websites and their domain names were long. It was confusing for my customers who didn’t know what my business was. I chose .ONLINE as my domain extension because it’s perfect. It has a global appeal and it gives me a short, simple, and memorable space on the Internet. In fact, its global appeal makes it even more relevant and helps with my brand recall.

— Pam Moore, CEO |


6. “I chose .ONLINE because it made it easy to build a phenomenal online brand.”

For my Podcast Detail Therapy, I decided to promote it using as it resonates with my podcast name – Detail Therapy. It is a wonderful branding technique. Right now, my domain name is a brand message in itself–www dot detail therapy dot online. New domain extensions such as .ONLINE have made it easier to build a phenomenal brand on the Internet.

— Amy Landino, YouTuber, Author, Entrepreneur |


7. “I chose .ONLINE because the domain name was available.”

We opted for the .ONLINE domain extension for our business because it matched beautifully with our brand name and also helped us communicate our brand message which is to learn FX trading online. .ONLINE’s global appeal helps us with our objective to take our classroom across continents and reach a wider audience. The domain extension is a perfect fit for the brand that we want to build.

— Arran, CEO |


8. “I chose .ONLINE because it’s keyword-rich and helps communicate better.”

When it comes to building a brand, a lot of us get busy focusing on the macro aspects and lose sight of the micro aspects. Your domain name is one detail that can make a significant impact on your overall branding. I went from using a generic short link to using to share my content online. It’s a great branding hack and the keyword-rich link helps communicate what the content is about.

— Jeff Bullas, Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur |



9. “I chose .ONLINE  because it helped me create a unique brand identity.”

Not only using .ONLINE domain name helped me with creating a unique brand identity, but it also played a vital role in building a strong presence on the web. It is keyword-rich and excellent for my branding.

— Gail Gardner, Small Business Marketing Strategist |


10. “I chose .ONLINE is global and descriptive.”

To build a successful online business you have to be mindful about your online branding, which includes choosing a catchy domain name that is easily remembered. I chose a .ONLINE domain because it describes my app concept to potential users and it directs them straight to Menu del dia APP. Its global appeal made it easier to expand; we now have app users in 57 countries.

— Jo Krumlin, Business Owner |


11. “I chose .ONLINE because it’s wonderful and it highlights my brand & work.”

I’ve been managing my business and my personal brand and to be honest, it is no joke. From a generic link, I switched to and this little change has had a phenomenal impact on my overall marketing and branding. This is wonderful because it highlights my brand and my work. 

— Ryan Foland, Personal Branding Expert |



12. “I chose .ONLINE because my domain name became my brand message in itself.”

I chose .ONLINE as the domain extension for my new project, The domain name became a brand message in itself and has helped me establish a unique positioning for my project. It is brandable, contextual, so easy to memorize and fits perfectly with the brand that I’m trying to build.

— Marina Mogilko, Entrepreneur and YouTuber |


13. “I chose .ONLINE because it describes what the website is about.”

I felt a .ONLINE domain name was the right fit for us: The collection itself is not a company or organization and the domain ‘online’ describes just what the website is – Jerwood Collection’s online presence.

— Lara Wardle, Director |


14. “I chose .ONLINE because it fit our brand name perfectly.”

It was good fortune that the .ONLINE domain name came up just at the time when we were redesigning and relaunching a new brand of the DAO journal in 2016. It fit our brand name perfectly because the word ‘online’ was already in our organization’s name. .ONLINE made our organization name relevant again, instead of making it sound a bit dated. It’s also a brilliant match for us because our organization’s name is our entire URL.

— Colin Hambrook, Editor |


15. “I chose .ONLINE because it rolls off the tongue easily and it’s memorable.”

We wanted something simple, yet unique. .ONLINE goes well with our brand name (Remote), rolls off the tongue easily and most importantly, it’s memorable. It reflects the work we do, which is all online. was available and fitted the bill perfectly. There have been times when people have double-checked if they’ve understood it correctly, but once they get it they love it. It’s easy to spell, memorable, and relevant to our business.

— Jeannie McGillivray, Managing Director |


16. “I chose .ONLINE because it provides us with an outstanding online brand presence.”

Besides the word “Online” being relevant to our core business idea, as a website address provides us with an outstanding online brand presence.

— Vikram Gulecha, Co-Founder |

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