Getbaked.Online: Serving Delicious Healthy Meals To All

Getbaked.Online: Serving Delicious Healthy Meals To All

Starting a local business takes courage.


We all have a great idea in mind or a talent that can benefit hundreds of people around us. However, turning that talent or idea into a successful business takes effort, intelligence, and a lot of zeal.

We spoke to Teri Haddick, the founder of Get Baked on she turned her lifelong passion for cooking into a profitable local business.

starting-a-local-business1. What inspired you to start Get Baked?

Get Baked is the result of a life long dream of mine, to turn my passion for cooking into a business. I was inspired to use my culinary ability by offering pre-made, home-style meals to busy people in my community. As a working mom, I knew that it was hard to get a nutritious meal, made from scratch, on the dinner table each night. Meals from Get Baked makes life a lot easier, for everyone who loves to eat healthily.

2. What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome during the current COVID-19 crisis?

My biggest challenge, throughout the current and ever-changing situation, has been the availability of certain food ingredients that I need for my recipes. However, I am in touch with my suppliers and we are all working tirelessly to keep things as normal as we can.

3. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a local business?

My advice to someone considering starting a small business would be to check with your local small business development center, or similar organization, to see what services they offer.

I also recommend networking with other local business owners. Even if they are in a completely different specialty than yours, there’s usually some helpful insight that comes from just talking to folks who have been successful in starting a local business.

4. With the current economy in a slump, do you have any cost-saving tips that local businesses could use?

I truly believe that the best thing a person can do right now is to get a thorough understanding of all their expenses. Cut out costs that are not absolutely necessary. Just by being cognizant of your expenses and trimming them a little in several areas of the business can significantly help your business stay afloat. I also prefer to offer fewer products, instead of raising my prices.

5. Why did you choose a .ONLINE domain for your business?

I’ve been cooking up some amazing stuff for my customers at I chose .ONLINE as my domain extension because I want to encourage more online orders and the website name directs customers to do just that. It’s easy to remember and very straightforward and everyone knows what online means.

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