Giving Forex Trading An Engaging Online Presence Giving Forex Trading An Engaging Online Presence

Forex trading, while interesting and exciting for some, it’s Latin to the others.


interview-with-profx-onlineBased in London, UK, has created an online platform for people from all experience levels to learn and get accustomed to forex trading through engaging and resourceful online classes.

We spoke with Arran Kumar, a Proprietary Trader at on his experience of building a strong online brand.

1. What is the story behind What inspired you to start this business?

Pro FX was established 7 years ago with a goal to help traders simplify their trading journey by providing:

  • Powerful trading tools,
  • Professional education, and
  • Coaching to achieve long term success

Initially, Pro FX started with face to face mentoring where customers would adopt our Proprietary Algo’s to gain a better trading edge.

As more and more people around the world got interested in forex trading, they became fascinated with the Pro FX Algos so we built an online platform where anyone could get access to their unique trading tools.

2. How has online marketing helped you spread the word about your business?

Online marketing played a key role in our growth and it helped spread the word about Pro FX’s expertise in forex trading to a wider audience. We have found some amazing and dedicated students who are serious about becoming consistent traders and expand their forex trading knowledge.

3. What are you doing, as a business, to stay afloat during this global crisis?

In times of uncertainty, people often look for new, creative ways to help their clients and make their business stay afloat. Since has been live for some time, we have been able to get new clients and provide them online coaching through interactive webinars, phone calls, and support chatbox.

4. What are the 3 things an entrepreneur who’s thinking about starting a business now should keep in mind when it comes to building an online brand?

1. Know your audience! It will make your marketing a lot more meaningful, help keep your costs down, and get the most out of the budget that you’re using.

2. Improve your copywriting skills. Create great content for your digital ads that are interesting and engaging to your audience. This will attract the right customers to your website and in turn, will provide potential sales for your business.

3. Keep your business, marketing, and communication simple, clear, and easy to understand.

5. Why did you choose .ONLINE for your domain name?

We chose .ONLINE as our domain extension because it felt like a natural home for our newly created online educational platform. It also helped us create a special and unique identity that is different from our other leg of the business which is funding successful traders that can be found on

Building An Online Brand? Build It On .ONLINE!

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