How To Create A Brilliant About Me Page For Your Solo Business

How To Create A Brilliant About Me Page For Your Solo Business

As a solopreneur, you’re the face of your business and your about me page is your sales pitch.


The only face, in most cases. This holds true not only for customers but for those in your supply chain, too.

An about me page gives all your stakeholders a clear idea of who you are, what your business goals are, and what you’re aiming to purvey to your target market.

While about me pages come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few rules you can follow to make yours as attractive and effective as possible. This article lists 15 such rules.

About Me Page: The 15 Commandments To Create The Perfect One

1. Include A Good Picture Of Yourself

Obvious, but missed by so many about me pages. Many pages are created in the absence of a picture, while some have badly taken pictures.

The purpose of an about me page is to establish credibility and connections- a professional, classy picture always helps.

If you’d rather not use your own picture, use a picture that communicates your brand voice. The persona, the logo, your products, etc… all these are great alternatives.

2. Stick To Either Third Person Or First Person

Don’t oscillate between the two. And have solid reasoning for why you’re choosing one or the other. If you’re treating your company as a separate entity, stick to the third person.

If you’re marketing yourself, as much as your product/service, stick to the first person.

3. Establish Credibility

Talk about why you’re the person your stakeholders should trust. Your experience in the industry, the research you’ve conducted- all these things help establish your ethos.

4. Keep It Brief & Respectful

No one likes a braggadocious person. The same applies to an about me page. The page is an extension of who you are. Don’t appear as a show-off to others.

5. Show Don’t Tell

Don’t fall for the “I” trap. Rather than telling what you’re good at, talk about what you did–let your experience and work speak for themselves. Plus, stakeholders are more interested in knowing how you’re a good communicator and not just hearing it out loud from you.


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6. Talk About Your Story

Add a personal touch to your page. Talk about your story. How did you end up making this business? What personal and professional experiences prompted you to get to this point. Adding pathos helps form a human connection.

7. Talk About The Need For Your Business

Your about me page should mention the value your product/ service brings to the end consumers. At the end of the day, your stakeholders will want to know if investing in your company or your products is worth it.

8. Create A Separate TL;DR Section

Don’t keep your about me page too long to read, but have a separate sidebar with important information stored up. This includes your business category, founding date, a link to your products, Crowdfunding sites, etc… This just helps the busy readers get to what they want.

9. Create A Purposeful Headline

A good headline does two things. It sets a tone for your about me page. It also gives readers a summary of who you are in one line. Talk about your mission or yourself, or what you’re good at. One very important thing you want readers to know.

10. Talk About The Stage Of Business You’re In

Are you currently selling widely? Are you still manufacturing your first prototype? Are you conducting research? Or are you in the funding stage? Mention this so your readers know what to expect from you and your business.

11. Have An Objective For Your Page

Your about me page needs to have some call to action or objective for your readers to act on. This can be getting them to fund your project, to buy your products/ services, or something completely different.

12. Include Your Contact Information

Or a contact form. Something that can help readers get in touch with you. Don’t expect them to scour your website for your contact information. Over-communicating is always better than under-communicating.

13. Stick To A Consistent Color And Font Scheme

Avoid using gimmicky colors and fonts. This holds true for your entire website, but it is especially important when long-form writing comes into the picture.

14. Proofread Your Content

It not only shows attention to detail but also allows you to see if you’ve missed anything important on your about me page.

15. Keep The Page Evolving

Your about me page should keep changing as you and your business do. Keeping it updated is a good way for your stakeholders to not only know more about you but also how they can interact with your business.


Your about me page acts as a small portal into your life and your journey as a solopreneur. It talks about you, your business, the stage you’re at, and where you’re planning to take it- along with other things.

It may seem like a simple enough task, but in order to stand out from the mold, you’ll need to give your page some time and detailing.

The things you place emphasis on will change with personal preference, your business, and industry, but there are a few things you’ll need to look at to have a solid about me page.

This article lists 15 such things to pay attention to when you begin writing your page. If you’re still not sure whether your page is complete or not, show it to a friend, colleague, or family member and see what they have to say!

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