Diva Fit: Building A Strong And Fit Online Fitness Brand

Diva Fit: Building A Strong And Fit Online Fitness Brand

Don’t we all want to be a little more fit?

Aerial fitness (including pole, hammocks, and aerial hoop) provides a fun and challenging workout. Not only do you learn new skills but these exercises also have tons of health benefits, both physical and mental such as it:

  • Builds confidence
  • Aids weight loss
  • Relieves stress
  • Builds strength
  • Improves coordination
  • … and many more

interview-with-diva-fitWe spoke with Erin Muessig, owner and instructor at DivaFit and Optimal Fitness on what it takes to build an online fitness brand. Let’s dive in.

1. What inspired you to start divafit.online and optimalfitness.online? Tell us the story.

As a small business, being online is important to interact with our customers. A website is a perfect platform for announcements, showcasing clients’ success, and allowing them to take control of their fitness online. I wanted to help people reach their fitness goals in the most convenient and exciting way possible. That’s how divafit.online and optimalfitness.online were born.

2. What makes your business stand out from the competition?

The atmosphere of DivaFit and Optimal Fitness is what makes us different from the average gym. We create a fun and supportive environment where clients can reach their goals. People come to the studio to take our unique classes and they stay because of the atmosphere our staff and students have created.

As a pole and aerial fitness studio, we offer unique programs for all ages and genders. Focusing on fitness, our instructors are trained to teach proper form and technique so our students can excel in a fun and safe environment.

3. For people who are looking to take up a healthier and fitter lifestyle, what tips would you suggest?

My key fitness tip is to add something new and different in your workout program. Find a workout that you enjoy and help you reach your goals. But most importantly, push yourself out of your comfort zone. True change happens when you’re uncomfortable and pushing your own limits. Try something new with friends, stay with it together to support each other, and be sure to take rest days.

4. How important is it for your business to maintain an efficient online presence?

It’s extremely important. How will people experience what DivaFit and Optimal Fitness have to offer if they don’t know about it? Being online is the best way to advertise to potential clients in tandem with interacting with in person. It is also one of the most effective ways for us to meet potential clients and students.

5. What led you to choose a .ONLINE domain name for both your businesses?

I first found DivaFit followed by Optimal Fitness. As the owner of both the businesses, I wanted to maintain a similar look and feel for both the brands while being distinct. That’s when I came across .ONLINE domain and thought it was a perfect fit for the brand that I’m trying to build and my objective of making fitness accessible to all.

Starting An Online Business? Build It On .ONLINE!

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